Poisonous words in life (every sentence goes to the bone)
Poisonous words in life (every sentence goes to the bone)
Sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

there is a saying: "horses are apt to stumble on soft and muddy roads; people are apt to fall in situations of sweet talk."

take it seriously, sweet talk, everyone likes to hear it, but it is unreliable;

straightforward words are unlikable, and no one wants to listen, but they are very reasonable.

there are some poisonous words in life, and when you think about it, you will find that every sentence is the truth.

people who live in confusion are more likely to be happy

people who live sober are apt to worry

born a human being, everyone wants to be plain sailing, but life will not be as you wish.

in the face of chicken feathers in life, if you take it seriously everywhere, annoyed with this and that, you are bound to make your life a mess.

Why bother yourself?

people, in this life, it is rare to be confused.

in the Tang Dynasty, there was a man named Lou Shide who had a very wise attitude towards others.

once, when he was walking in the street, someone called him an animal. He pretended not to hear him and walked straight by.

his entourage asked, "Sir, someone scolded you, but you didn't hear it, huh?"

Lou Shide said, "you heard me wrong."

the entourage said, "No, he scolded your name clearly."

Lou Shide still ignored it and said, "there are too many people with the same name in this world. He must be scolding another Lou Shide."

I can't help thinking: "if cleverness is a gift, then confusion is a skill."

in this world, there are countless helpless things that no one can avoid.

the more sober you live, the better you understand, and you tend to add sorrow to yourself.

being a man, being confused occasionally makes you feel more comfortable.

those who live sober are apt to worry, while those who live muddled are apt to be happy.

when people are alive, they just want to be at ease, and you can throw away anything that upsets you.

above people, treat people like people

under others, think of yourself as a person

I believe everyone is familiar with the story of Liu Bei's three visits to the cottage.

at that time, Liu Bei was thirsty for talents. When he heard that Zhuge Liang had outstanding ability, he disregarded the respect of his uncle and put down his posture and personally asked Zhuge Liang to come out of the mountain to help him.

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Unfortunately, Zhuge Liang happened to be absent from the first two visits.

even if he closed the door twice in a row, Liu Bei still didn't give up.

when I went for the third time, Zhuge Liang was sleeping. He dared not be disturbed, so he quietly waited for Zhuge Liang to wake up.

with this sincerity and humility, Liu Bei finally moved Zhuge Liang.

I can't help remembering a sentence that Zhuge Liang once said: "Don't be a bitch by your wealth."

the more excellent people are, the more they respect others and never hold themselves above and despise others because of their status.

there is a good saying: "above people, treat people like people; under people, think of yourself as people."

above others, not pretentious, we should know how to keep a low profile and be humble to others;

under others, do not improperly belittle yourself, do not blindly look up at others and despise yourself.

the greatest stupidity of a man is not to put himself in the right place.

either overestimate yourself, take yourself too seriously, and be contemptuous;

either despise yourself too much, don't take yourself seriously, and be timid.

I don't know, how can a person who even despises himself be favored by others?

when a person is unsuccessful, don't feel inferior to others and respect yourself in order to win the respect of others.

as the TV series "the third-rate Road" says:

"just because he despises me doesn't mean that I will really become small, as long as I don't underestimate myself."

No matter how capable one is, he can't be beautiful forever; no matter how bad he is, he may make a comeback.

whenever you want to find your own position, you should neither indulge in weakness, domineering others, nor improperly belittle yourself in the light of others.

if the heart has nothing to ask for, there will be no harm

in the past, I always thought that the more things I had, the happier I would be, so I pursued everything desperately and wanted to grasp everything.

but he is often unhappy because of this. There are too many things to ask for in this world, and when you can't get them, you will inevitably feel lost.

sometimes, the more you think about it, the more painful it will be.

the reason why people suffer is because they can't let go and can't ask for it.

it took me half my life to understand that sentence:

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

things in this world are like the bright moon in the sky, there are sunny and sunny, no one can control.

pursue this, chase that, busy for decades, but in the end it is nothing.

if you can't get it, it's the norm in the world.

so, why beg, why persist?

Don't forget that those who are really happy never have more, but ask for less.

if the heart has nothing to ask for, there is no trouble; the heart has nothing to rely on, and it is at peace with the situation.

Song Dandan once said: "when people grow up and experience more things, they will more and more know how to go with fate."

the more you care about what you care about, the more you will be tortured. Don't ask for too much. Just follow your heart.Peace of mind.

A lifetime, just a few years of spring and autumn, how can we be happy?

as soon as you put it down, you are at ease.

everything goes with fate, while you are happy to get it, you are happy to lose it.


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