Please pour out the trash in your heart
Please pour out the trash in your heart
Have what you want and let go of what you can't get.

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Don't think too much and don't want too much to live in the world.

because everything is empty and silent, and when the human heart is always empty and silent, it can dissolve more matter like clear water.

only by constantly clearing the heart, can people naturally reach a state of happiness.

it is not easy to be born a human being, so do not wronge yourself, embarrass yourself, unburden yourself, let go of the past, travel light, and you will move forward bravely.

Don't hide everything in your heart

Don't mess with life, and don't mess with yourself.

Adult life is never easy to speak of. Work is endless and grievances cannot be expressed.

but in front of people, everyone can only be invincible, swallow the pain and force out an ugly smile.

No one is made of iron. Although we can no longer cry or make trouble like children, we can still talk about the bitterness in our hearts and vent our pressure.

as long as you don't let yourself be so tired, even a little bit, it's worth talking about.

in the fate of Life, Kong Xu, who is in his 30s, makes countless people feel distressed.

there are four old people in the family and one at the bottom, so life is already strapped for money.

just after the New year, my mother and mother-in-law were hospitalized one after another, when suddenly a phone call and Grandpa was gone.

it's only been a week when my father is ill again. Facing his father, who had had two cardiovascular surgeries, Kong Xu was told that it was an operation that "may or may not come back".

facing the reporter's camera, the strong man couldn't stand it any longer. he covered his face and sobbed, and big tears fell on the meal.

when the meal is over, the "bitterness" is clean. Although he knows that the future is still very difficult, Sun Xu said:

"it's really easy to cry."

when adults are faced with a "bad life", they tend to adopt the way of self-digestion, mute, and not disturb others. Some people call this method "mature".

it is precisely because of the pressure of "maturity" that we always feel that we can bear everything, that we are trying to overexert ourselves to carry everything, and often say to ourselves:

"it's no big deal. I'm an indestructible Xiaoqiang."

but only you know how bitter and difficult the taste is.

Why should you embarrass yourself when you are born a human being?

the emotions and stresses that you are not aware of are draining your energy and emptying your mind.

therefore, we must always learn to release the pressure step by step, and never ignore the small uneasiness. When they accumulate, they will also crush the spirit.

put it down and make life easier

put it down, it's easy to say, but too difficult to do.

the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon says:

"when you clench your hands, there is nothing in them; when you open them, the world is in your hands."

nothing is really impossible to let go of fame and wealth, work, love and everything you can't get. The reason why you can't let go is just your obsession.

things change. I want too much, I can't get it, I pursue it hard, and I never forget what I've lost.

but there is so much in my heart that there is no room for beauty.

A sad, unhappy young man went to the temple to consult the master.

the master said, "forget."

the young man was puzzled, so he asked him, "then what am I supposed to do?"

so the master gave him a bag of sand and asked him to put the sand in front of his house and write all the things he couldn't put down in his heart on the sand.

when he got home, with reference to the master's instructions, he wrote down on the sand all the things that had happened in the past.

over time, the burden of depression in his heart disappeared, and he became happy.

A favorite sentence before is:

"for a long time, if there is no hope, then change the direction;

one thing, if you think about it for a long time and still struggle with it, choose to let it go. "

there are shackles in the heart, there will be some burden, break it, life is bound to see the light again.

learn to laugh it off and treat it with detachment. After all, everyone owns, loses, chooses and gives up.

A simple heart makes life simple

You can only be guaranteed of better things when in our elegant evening dresses for tall ladies. Our collections come in a variety of sublime materials.

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

you should know that the greatest wealth in life is not material possession, but spiritual wealth.

only if we let go of our obsession with material pursuit and look down on everything, then there will be less and less troubles and more happiness.

therefore, only when the heart is simple, the world can be simple, and everything you see is happiness; only when the heart is at ease, life can be free, and everywhere there is happiness.

Mr. Yu Youren had ups and downs in his life and experienced many vicissitudes, but he enjoyed a long life.

posterity talked about his longevity and health preservation.I can't do without the couplet he hung in the living room.

the upper couplet is: do not think 89

the next couplet is: often think of one or two

horizontal batch: Ruyi

nine times out of ten, unsatisfactory things in life are ridiculous to people, but only one or two.

if you want to live a happy life, you must learn to think less about the "eight or nine" and think more about the "one or two".

Bing Xin once said: "if your heart is simple, then the world is also simple."

what people often can't control is their own thoughts, and the things that make you miserable are often the things that make you feel out of nothing.

therefore, it is better to live sober in the present.

Don't be disturbed by the past, don't worry about the future, and be willing to do a good job in the present. This is the best life.

, may you and I have a simple soul in this complicated world.

have what you want, let go of what you can't get, be capricious about what you love, do what you want, and live for yourself.