Please be a happy fool for the rest of your life
Please be a happy fool for the rest of your life
No matter how bitter life is, there is always a sweet time.

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people, stop thinking all the time

the thought of kindness leads to heaven, the thought of nausea leads to hell, and all sentient beings are motivated by wishful thinking.

protect the thoughts of the present, break the persistence, and be happy without wishful thinking.

there is an eminent monk who loves pottery pots so much that he is willing to pay as much as he likes.

among the many teapots he has collected, one of the dragon's head teapots is his favorite.

one day, a good friend whom he had not seen for a long time came to visit, and he used this leading pot to make tea for him.

my friends are full of praise for this teapot. When I was watching the handle, I accidentally dropped it to the ground, and the teapot broke.

the eminent monk squatted down, picked up the fragments silently, then took out another teapot and continued to make tea and joke, paying no attention to what had just happened.

afterwards, someone asked him, "your favorite pot is broken. Why aren't you sad?"

the eminent monk said, "what's the use of nostalgia for a broken pot?" You might as well look for it again, and maybe you can find something better! "

where does pain come from? It's caused by your own thoughts.

people and things in the past clung to it, and the other person may have only hurt him once, but he thought again and again in his heart as if he had been hurt thousands of times.

how can these pains continue to exist without the support of their own emotions and without their own energy to the pain in the body?

Life, ups and downs, living is not easy for anyone, life is bitter or happy, it all depends on ourselves.

be a man, don't always think about it.

when we encounter suffering, we always think uncontrollably. The more we think about it, the more tired we feel.

the more you think about it, the more confused you are, and your troubles can only follow you all the time.

Life is actually very simple, nothing more than food, clothing, housing and transportation.

troubles and responsibilities may be tiring, but that's what life is like, having fun in bitterness and knowing bitterness in joy.

Happiness is that I am here and you happen to be there.

gain and loss, doomed

there is a sentence in Bodhi Dharma's Theory of two elements and four elements:

"gain and loss follow the fate, the heart does not increase or decrease; the happy wind is motionless, obedient to the Tao."

Don't care too much about gain and loss, everything goes with fate.

one day, a very rich middle-aged woman came to the temple on the outskirts of the city.

she said that she had insomnia and no appetite, was weak and had no passion, and wanted to get rid of her fate and escape into Buddhism.... After hearing this, the abbot said:

"not busy, how about waiting for the old man to feel the pulse of the donor first?"

the woman nodded and agreed.

after cutting the pulse and watching the tongue coating, the abbot smiled and said, "there is deficiency fire in the body, and it's all right."

when the woman saw the abbot's words to the point, she sighed miraculously in her heart and explained her annoyance to the abbot one by one.

the abbot chatted with her casually: "how is the relationship between the donor and your family?"

the woman smiled and said, "the relationship is very good. I have never blushed for more than ten years."

the abbot asked, "do you have any children under the donor's knee?"

the woman's eyes sparkled and said, "A little girl is very smart and sensible."

the abbot asked again, "how is the cloth business at home?"

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Women are brisk

said: "very good, the life at home can be regarded as the rich family in the town."... "

as the abbot asked and wrote, he saw that the paper was divided into left and right sides, with her troubles on the left and her happiness on the right.

then put the piece of paper full of words in front of the woman and said to her:

"this is your prescription. You only look at your troubles and ignore the happiness around you."

with that, the abbot dropped a drop of bile into the basin, and the thick green bile faded in the water and soon disappeared.

the abbot said, "when bile enters the water, the taste becomes lighter." Why not do this in life? Donor, it is not that you have suffered too much, but that you are not good at diluting the bitterness with the water of happiness.


the distress in my heart is just a kind of persistence, and it is only myself who can extricate myself.

No matter how bitter life is, there is always a sweet time.

look down on gains and losses, everything goes with fate, and the joys and sorrows of life are in the heart.

gain and loss are only relative; when you think you get, you may be losing; when you feel lost, you may be getting.

Don't think so much, the gain and loss is regarded as a providence, what you lose may be greeting a better happiness.

for the rest of my life, happiness comes first

three thousand is extremely prosperous, but in an instant, after a hundred years of clouds and smoke, there is only a handful of yellow sand.

what you can't let go is pain, what you can't let go is happiness.

once upon a time, there was a man who heard that there was immortal water in a foreign country. if he drank it, he would become an immortal, so he looked to a foreign country for it.

after searching for a long time, there is still no trace, but he is not discouraged, he is still looking for it with great sincerity.

on the way, stay in one house at a time.

the master asked him, "where are you going?"

he replied, "I want to be an immortal."

when the host saw that he was a little silly, he wanted to play a trick and told him:

"We have a fairy tree here. If you work hard for me for a year, I will tell you where the fairy tree is. Then you can become an immortal immediately, and you don't have to look for fairy water any more."

so the man stayed and worked hard for his master for a year.

A year later, the man asked the owner where the fairy tree was.

the owner is coaxing, there is no fairy tree. So he was led up the hill first.

found a tree at the edge of the cliff, the owner pointed out to him: "this is the fairy tree, you climb up, listen to my cry 'fly!'" You will leap and become an immortal. "

the guest has been sincere for a long time and believed it.

so he really jumped out of the tree, only to fly into the air and become an immortal.

the owner wanted him to fall into the valley and die, but the tree was really a fairy tree.

so he went home and called his son, explained the reason, and discussed that father and son would become immortals together.

who would have thought that the father would still jump and touch the rock and break himself to death.

the guest was ridiculed as a fool and teased, but he was blessed.

people who are simple and unique in heart put everything down, their state of mind is simple, and happiness follows.

Life is like a dream, years are ruthless, suddenly look back, only to find that people are alive, is a kind of mood.

even if on the way of life, a porridge and a meal are warm and cool, there are worries day and night, and there are gains and losses when we ask for something, we still have to keep our inner peace.

Wind or rain, rough and muddy, grievance and sadness, loneliness and pain, joy and melancholy.

smile to face, belong to their own scenery, do not miss it.

is not your own scenery, you just need to pass by calmly.

Life is not a journey of blindly harvesting. If you want to be happy with everything, you will be stuck in the quagmire of haggling.

if you have a good state of mind, happiness lasts forever.

Please be a happy fool for the rest of your life.

Don't worry about gains and losses, don't ask for trouble, live up to yourself, and give yourself a little more happiness.

how much happiness you can have in life depends on what you think.

Happiness comes first for the rest of my life.

in life, it's really good to be stupid sometimes.