People with noble spirits in their lives all have these four characteristics.
People with noble spirits in their lives all have these four characteristics.
Life is a process of self-growth.


Rousseau once said: "the nobility of blood can only be envied, and the nobility of thought can be moving."

Noble spirit is not determined by illustrious birth and proud wealth, but by the pattern of one's conduct.

people who are really noble often have the following four characteristics.

keep your strength

Wang Yangming said in a poem: "everyone has his own fixed needle, and the root of Wanhua is always in his heart."

for those who have achieved great things in ancient and modern times, they can't do without determination as a support.

only when things are calm and calm can things be solved satisfactorily.

there is such a story in Jin Shu:

before the Battle of Guishui, people in the Eastern Jin Dynasty were in a panic, from aristocratic scholar-officials to civilian pawn, and almost no one had the confidence to defeat the enemy.

in front of the enemy's millions of troops, even Xie Xuan, a famous general of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, was uneasy.

so Xie Xuan hurriedly found his uncle Xie an and asked the plan.

Xie an is the prime minister of the dynasty and holds the military and political power of a country.

but unlike Xie Xuan, Xie an not only showed no fear, but also went to the villa on the outskirts of the city to play chess.

after some sightseeing, Xie an summoned Xie Xuan and other generals to explain the opportunistic affairs face to face.

under the careful deployment of Xie an, the officers and men of the Eastern Jin Dynasty worked together and finally defeated the strong enemy.

when the good news reached Xie'an House, Xie an was playing chess with the guests. after reading the good news, he said leisurely, "Let's keep playing."

the guest could not help asking, "but the war report from the front?"

Xie an said with a smile, "it's no big deal. The soldiers have won the battle."

taking his time and being in command, Xie an stabilized the situation and defeated the strong enemy with his strong determination, and the world praised him for having "the quantity of temples and halls."

Su Fu has a saying: "Mount Tai collapses in front and the heart is not frightened, and the Milu deer thrives on the left but does not blink."

Life is changing rapidly, the most important thing is to be calm and calm.

if we are anxious when something happens, we will not only be unable to solve the problem, but will cause trouble in vain.

three thousand people in the world of mortals are full of thoughts, guarding time and laughing at the east wind.

people with determination are more able to take into account the overall situation and take a long-term view of things. In this way, life meets Guiqi unexpectedly.

do things from beginning to end

Zhu Xi once said, "if you are not determined, it will not help you in the end."

success does not belong to those who give up casually, but to those who have a beginning and an end.

Chaplin became a master comedian because he always remembered his goal of being an actor.

Chaplin's parents are both actors. Under the imperceptible influence of his parents, he fell in love with acting when he was young.

with the help of his father, he became a young actor at the age of ten.

Chaplin, who lost his parents' shelter, became an orphan.

in order to survive, Chaplin did all kinds of jobs: flower boy, barber shop clerk, doctor's handyman, and newsboy.

this warm and cold experience did not frustrate Chaplin's dream of acting.

in this kind of life, he really feels the life style and psychological state of the general public, which is why his performances are very delicate and real.

in order to realize his dream of acting, Chaplin came to an amusement park to sweep the floor to do chores, while silently learning the performances of other actors.

he believes that he will perform on the stage one day.

on one occasion, a major comedian in the theater was unable to play because of illness.

when the theater manager was worried that he could not find a substitute, he suddenly remembered Chaplin, who usually imitated the actors.

the original actor was burly, his clothes on Chaplin were fat and big, like a sack on him, a pair of big leather shoes stumbled, and the bowler hat was too small.

such a costume made Chaplin look like a little tramp, and the audience laughed as soon as he appeared on the stage.

this impromptu performance let everyone see Chaplin's performance strength, he also began to become the focus of attention in the performance world.

because of this chance, Chaplin started his acting career.

slowly he had more and more opportunities to take the stage and toured the United States, where he was chosen by American director Senat, and officially opened his legendary art road.

if there is no temporary substitute, seize the opportunity to be perfect, and there will not be a show of strength in the future; if you do not have the patience to the end, there will not be more and more audience to support and like him.

Chaplin cherished the hard-won opportunity until the last minute of the stage, allowing himself to do his best and make the best of the performance.

the moral Classic says: "when the people are engaged in, they often fail in the course of success. If they are cautious in the end, there will be no failure."

Water can wear through stones because of perseverance; rope saws break because of perseverance.

only the word "constant" can achieve greatness in an ordinary life.

We don't want to be 100% perfect, but we want to have a beginning and an end.

Why is life so expensive? Everything that is expensive has its beginning.

No matter what troughs and troubles you go through, it is the most graceful to stick to the same..

be able to empathize with others

Heaven and earth will be forgiven if anyone, anything, sympathizes with them.


the Family language of Confucius: Confucius and his disciples often travel to other countries to study.

on the way to study, the sky was cloudy and heavy rain was coming.

when everyone was at a loss, Zilu suddenly said, "Sir, Zi Xia's house is nearby. Let's go to his house to borrow an umbrella."

on hearing this, Confucius shook his head and said, "Don't go!" Don't go! "

Zilu said anxiously, "Sir, Zi Xia is your disciple. I'm sure you can borrow it."

Confucius stroked his beard, smiled and said, "Let's go to another house to borrow it."

with that, Confucius led Zi Lu to continue to the next family.

afterwards, Zilu asked Confucius, and Confucius said with emotion:

"Zi Xia is a money protector. If he sees that the teacher has come to borrow an umbrella, he will reluctantly lend it to me, but he will be in pain.


if he doesn't borrow it, he will be accused of being stingy and disrespectful to his teachers.

if I don't borrow an umbrella, I can save him from pain and preserve his reputation. Why not?


after hearing this, Zilu suddenly realized.

the well-known psychologist Joe Ramikali once said:

"only when we can truly understand the feelings of others will our hearts reap the harmonious happiness we have been looking for."

A person who knows how to think of others will walk more smoothly on the road of life.

the world is knowledgeable and knowledgeable, and human skill is an article.

the greatest charm of a person is not the ability to talk, but the ability to compare one's heart to heart.

will drive itself

Hugo once said: "Progress is the phenomenon that a person should have."

A low starting point does not limit your progress or prevent you from becoming a noble person.

how high a person's level is depends on whether he has the mind to catch up with himself.

Kazuo Inamori, a world-famous industrialist, was born in a poor family and lived a poor and simple life.

when it was a problem to have enough food and clothing when I was a child, Kazuo Inamori was like a tenacious grass that broke through the soil and thrived.

in order to support his family after graduating from college, Kazuo Inamori soon stepped into society to make money.

at first, he and his classmates were employed in a factory, but due to poor management, the factory closed down later, and the two faced unemployment.

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he once complained about "why he was so unlucky".

then Kazuo Inamori joined a company as a small technician in charge of the development of precision ceramics.

at that time, he was determined to change his current situation, but he thought that "no matter how much he complained about others, it would be better to hold a glimmer of hope that there would be a bright future." from then on, he devoted himself to his research work.

in the process of constantly improving his skills and self-improvement, Kazuo Inamori developed precision ceramics.

technological advances inspired Kazuo Inamori to be more enterprising, and then he deployed to start his own company.

the newly founded company has generated 26 million yen in sales in one year.

with the prosperity of his career, Kazuo Inamori successfully established an amoeba management system with his own experience, and eventually led the company to become one of the top 500 companies in the world.

later, when Kyocera became strong, Kazuo Inamori, 52, did not stop there. He kept urging and driving himself to create greater achievements.

he found that the national telephone cost is much higher than the international level, so he decided to do something for the national, so he founded KDDI (telecommunications service provider).

one person has become two of the world's top 500 companies, and Kazuo Inamori's life is legendary.

he says this in his autobiography:

"when you keep a strong will in your heart, you will be full of faith, full of strength, and you will gain something."

the people who have won applause and applause are those who take steps one step at a time and keep moving in the direction of success. Their hearts seem to be burning a fire, and they can actively complete self-improvement and renewal.

what kind of mindset a person has, he will have the corresponding way of living.

at any time, one should not lose the desire to make progress, but should keep making a little progress every day.

because this kind of life will not be disappointed.

Wang Anshi wrote in "Dengjing de Pagoda"

"each thing has its own self, who is virtuous and stubborn? Cheap gas is easy to linger, expensive gas is difficult to reach. "

Life is a process of self-growth.

the true nobility of a person is not born, but acquired by accumulation.

there are often difficulties in life, but only by constantly surpassing yourself, the sense of achievement will be much higher than the sense of frustration.

and everyone who has lived like this, even if he was born ordinary, must have a noble temperament.

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