People, why are you not happy? Every sentence touches the heart
People, why are you not happy? Every sentence touches the heart
The more life goes down, the more you have to raise the corners of your mouth.

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Gu Qinglin


"Life is an annoying cage."

as Chekov said, in the cage of life, there is always a lot of helplessness, repression and resentment.

you and I are trapped in it. The older we grow, the lonelier we get, and the more we struggle, the more sad we feel.

in the past, I always cried and laughed, but now I cry with a smile.

think about it, why are people unhappy?

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I think it is nothing more than being born as a human being, so much that I have no choice but to do nothing about it. After experiencing the cruelty of reality, I gradually forget the essential meaning of living.

in the end, I only suffered for myself.

think too much

writer Lin Qingxuan once said:

"after sweeping today's fallen leaves, tomorrow's leaves will not fall today. Don't worry about tomorrow, try to live at this moment today."

but many people can't do it.

people always worry about what doesn't happen and worry about what doesn't exist.

Why didn't he reply to my message today? does he not love me?

what does that look in her eyes mean today? did I do something wrong?

if the resume is sent out, what if the other party doesn't see it? what if he refuses me?

it is obviously just a very simple thing, but I have to worry about the sky and fall into endless reverie.

as a result, I fell into negative emotions when I thought about it, and it was hard to let it go.

in life, the reason why you are tired and unhappy is mostly because you think too much.

it is meaningless to ponder over some things all day long, except to add annoyance to yourself.

there is an old saying: "the human heart is quiet and wants to lead it, if it can send its desire and the heart is quiet."

all things in the world, if you put down your thoughts, you will be at ease.

learn to live in the present, let nature take its course, and make the complicated life simple, and you will be much happier.

Don't let it go

"True peace is not to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart.

although the past is like the past, the sound of the waves remains the same every day, as long as we get rid of our obsession, we will be silent and quiet. "

A sentence by the writer Bai Luomei reveals a truth: as soon as the thought moves, everything is obsessed with it.

after seeing through, the clouds are light and the wind is light, penetrating the fog; if you can't see through it, your heart is complicated and you lose your happiness.

once read a story.

the master asked his apprentice, "do you remember when the former host said a song in Dawu?"

"of course."

the apprentice said confidently, "I have a pearl, which has been locked by dust for a long time. Once the dust is full of light, it will break thousands of mountains and rivers."

unexpectedly, the master laughed several times and left without saying a word.

, the disciple was so depressed that he couldn't understand it for several days, and he couldn't figure out why master laughed.

as a result, the master said, "it seems that you still have an obsession in your heart. You are sad because of other people's laughter. It all comes from that you can't let it go." In fact, if you let it go, you won't be so miserable. "

when the disciple heard this, he was suddenly enlightened.

the so-called life is just a contest between yourself and yourself.

if we give up our obsession and follow our hearts on everything, regardless of the hustle and bustle of China's entry into the WTO, we can still have peace of mind and everything will be safe.

otherwise, you will only draw a circle on the ground as a prison.

cannot be asked

born to be a human being, each has his own needs.

some people ask for fame, some ask for profit, and some ask for mercy.

however, things in the world, like the bright moon in the sky, are always cloudy and sunny.

like the TV series The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils, everyone is striving for it, but in the end it is in vain.

Duan praised for love, but the beauty already had something in her heart, so she was depressed and could not be relieved.

Xuzhu sought Tao, but it was a pity that God loved to fool people, so he was forced to break the precepts all the time and was finally expelled from Shaolin.

Qiao Feng asks for the truth, but revenge is not available after knowing the truth. In the end, he can't hurt others or himself.

if you can't ask for it, it's the norm in the world.

as Zeng Guofan said: "there is a certain amount of gain and loss, and there are many people who ask for it but do not get it. Even if they ask for it, it is their destiny to get it."

the reason why people feel tired in this life is not because they encounter many tribulations on the way of life, but because they desire too much and pursue too many things.

is also true and illusory, only to find out that life is nothing but an illusion.

so, why be too persistent? why ask for more? sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

We can not go to the end with everyone, no matter friendship, love, or family, we should be prepared to bind us for life, and at the same time we should have the courage to lose calmly.

for the rest of my life, only by relaxing our hearts and learning to let nature take its course, can we face the joys and sorrows calmly.

can't afford to lose

since ancient times, winners and losers have been defeated.

if you win, reputation will pour in; if you lose, you will lose ten years of meritorious service.I like you.

so, everyone wants to win, even if they are exhausted, even if the heart is no longer happy, still refuse to let go, still cling to the ending.

however, too much winning or losing will be superfluous anxiety and will only add unnecessary pressure to yourself.

I remember a very dramatic scene in the variety show "the strongest brain":

in the process of competitor Andre, contestant Li Yunlong thought he had lost and burst into tears on the spot. No matter how the guests could not stop, the audience was surprised.

We always think that only by winning can we get flowers and applause.

but we don't know that winning or losing is only external, and the most important thing is to fix our hearts.

win, it is life; lose, it is life.

only if you don't care about winning or losing and manage your every step, can you really win your life.

Tagore once said:

"the road of the world is not covered with flowers, every step has thorns, but you must walk that thorny road, happy, smile!"

Life is a mixture of mud and sand, flowers and thorns coexist.

No one can easily reach the other shore.

however, the lower life is, the more you have to raise the corners of your mouth.

only by cheering up can we go to every test and win in the end.

, I hope you and I can accept this dusty life, in this cool world, happy, naughty smile, and then live affectionately.