People who really love you never post Wechat like this.
People who really love you never post Wechat like this.
The world is big, don't wronge yourself for someone who has never loved you.

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We often say that Wechat chat is the most beautiful love letter between two people, because it will witness the process from acquaintance to love between two people.

but there are also a lot of people, in the details of the chat notes, understand that the other person does not regard themselves as that important.

Wechat chat is a sharp tool to tell whether someone cares about you. The person who really loves you will never post Wechat like this.

the first kind: perfunctory, cold response to you

as the saying goes: perfunctory means that the lie has begun, indifference means that the relationship is over.

take it for granted that when two people get along with each other, emotional omens have already appeared in each other's chatting attitude.

at the beginning of a relationship, you always have endless words, and the chat notes are dozens of pages every day.

but later, the other person began to become impatient, you sent ten words, in exchange for a meme, or a casual "Oh", "good" and "mm-hmm".

these words are extremely perfunctory and indifferent, and the other person's precious and impersonal attitude shows that he doesn't really take you to heart.

the person who is perfunctory with you has never been the one who can walk with you.

We will always meet another person who knows how to cherish you. Maybe only then will you know what true happiness is. Every payment, there must be someone who knows how to cherish it, which will have its unique meaning.

for the person who is perfunctory to you, perhaps not to disturb each other is the best choice.

second: never contact you actively

in a relationship, the person who loves you is always more active than you.

if a person really loves you, he must have the kind of missing that "one day is like three years apart".

there is the kind of sweetness after saying good night or reluctantly saying goodbye, and the hope that I want to know you bit by bit.

so he will take the initiative to open the chatterbox, take the initiative to chat with you, will not easily snub you.

on the contrary, if the other person is always pretending to be above you and ignoring you, you will be cautious in chatting with Ta.

think twice about every word you say, lest it bore him, then this unequal relationship will eventually come to an end.

ufeff people who really care about you, as soon as they are free, wonder what you are doing. Send a message to ask.

the person who really cares will not disrelish you for being verbose, let alone be mean to you, because he knows you love him.

people who really care about you will cherish the time they spend with you. I will look for you immediately when I have time, and I will accompany you.

people who really care about you will throw everything away and won't make you cry.

the person who really cares about you will know that you are kind to him, and he will put you at the bottom of his heart.

third: find all kinds of excuses to stop chatting

A netizen once said:

"the only thing I can do is that every time I say goodbye, I'm the one who ends the chat. Because, I don't have the heart to let her face the empty messages alone, or hang up the phone cold. "

this message is very touching. In feelings, I would rather be at the bottom of the list and let you know that someone is always with you. Such a person is really dear to you.

Zhang ailing once said:

"No matter how hard you are hit, no matter how sad the situation you encounter, it is also depravity under an excuse; the more you don't love yourself, the more no one loves you."

it is true that people who often snub you, over time, you also know that you will no longer make fun of yourself.

people who never take the initiative to chat with you, stop trying to please and be stupid across the screen.

people who always take the initiative to cut off the topic, since Ta refuses to continue the topic, why bother to maintain the relationship?

the world is big, so don't wronge yourself for someone who has never loved you.

you have more worthy people to love, more important things to do, and cherish yourself.

good news, I believe there is always a voice that warms you.