People who have no skills often post these four developments in moments, but people with abilities never post them!
People who have no skills often post these four developments in moments, but people with abilities never post them!
Know the world but not sophisticated, sleek and naive.

the existence of moments shortens the distance between people, and it has become a business card to the outside world.

but as Cai Kangyong said, "there are not always friends in the circle of friends."

if you want to know whether a person is really capable or just brag, just look at his moments.

people who are really capable will never post these four developments in WeChat moments, only those who have no skills will!

habitual complaint, full screen of negative energy

in life, there is no shortage of people who like to moan without illness and often post negative energy trends in their moments, either complaining about work tiredness or scolding life is bitter.

it is as if the sufferings of the whole world are tilted towards his life.

such people only care about venting their own anger and never consider the feelings of others, not only uncovering their own scars, but also causing obstruction to others.

two days ago, I blocked a Wechat friend.

she and I were classmates in junior high school, and we added Wechat as a greeting when we attended the wedding of our mutual friend.

at the beginning, her moments updates will also like, comment, see her life is not going well, will go to care, comfort.

but gradually, I found that complaining was the norm in her life.

"Today's bus was so rubbish that I was late for work, and today the fund suffered a loss of blood. Am I too miserable?"

"A man really has two faces, one before marriage and one after marriage. I advise all sisters not to get married!"

"what is the food of the property in the broken community? I have complained several times that it has not been solved for me. This is really extremely efficient."


I don't think anyone wants to turn on their cell phone when they take a break every day, and there are all kinds of depressing negative emotions.

I can't stop her from spreading negative energy in her moments, and I don't want my good mood to be taken away, so I can only choose to block her in the end.

Sanmao said a sentence that won my heart:

"complaining about life once in a while may be a catharsis of some kind of emotion. But people who habitually complain without seeking change are not smart people. "

indeed, if you are not satisfied with your work, you will find a way to improve yourself. If your husband does not understand, you will sit down and have a good chat. If your life is not going well, you will worry less about it.

Adult life is not easy, but who doesn't fall and rely on a little bit of positive energy in life to move on?

those "complaining personalities" are full of negative energy, and your life will get worse when you are with them.

excess vanity and love to show off

it is understandable that many people like to share their lives in moments.

but there are always some people who feel superior to others and are complacent in their moments when they have a little achievement. If they wear a famous brand, they have to show off.

do not realize that this will only bring hatred and annoyance to yourself.

some time ago, a post went viral on the Internet.

it turns out that some Internet celebrities specially went to sign in at the Italian restaurant at the Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai.

I didn't expect to see a big brother in vest underpants and slippers eating there when I was taking a picture, and I was suddenly in a bad mood:

"Oh, you can get your vest and underpants, too. I think you have to give free orders to other guests in the restaurant."

the words are full of showing off their sense of self-superiority and mocking the untidy eldest brother.

however, Internet celebrities simply do not know that the eldest brother, who wears goods on the floor, is just coming downstairs to have a light meal.

in life, there is no shortage of people who always like to show off in a high profile and are self-righteous. Such people may be envied and desired by everyone at first, but once the publicity of their appearance is exposed, it will become a joke in the eyes of others.

there is a good saying: "the water is deep and slow, expensive and late."

A really rich person does not need to show off to anyone, because his inner abundance will give others a satisfactory answer.

when people reach middle age, whether they are rich or down, they are all their own lives, and there is no need to put them out with great fanfare for people to judge.

if you are complacent about your achievements, you are bound to fail in the end.

Let us not be deceived by the dazzling "moments", let alone blindly envy other people's lives.

people who are really capable will never care what others think of them, let alone live in comparison.

have no respect and expose other people's privacy at will

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when I was visiting Zhihu, I saw a hot topic:

# what broke you up with your best friend #


some people say that the other party has never repaid the money borrowed, while others say that she didn't even invite me to get married.

in a high-praise answer, the story of the blogger is not very sad.

the blogger has been in love for five years, but in the end, fate is not enough to separate.

she said it took her almost half a year to heal. She thought she had come out. She didn't want to see a figure very much like her ex at the intersection. She didn't stop and got drunk again.

although her best friend accompanied her all the time, she unexpectedly photographed her awkward appearance when she was unconscious and posted it to her moments with an article:

"it's really promising to drink like this for a man!"

because it is the mostGood friends, bloggers did not worry about their own state at that time, only to be shared as a joke.

that day was not only a day for her to say goodbye to her ex, but also a day for her to break with her friends.

in life, many people have encountered such a situation, chatting with friends here, and seeing screenshots of your chat records on moments over there.

although most of the time it is innocuous, it is inevitable that the other party's approach without warning is a bit of a response.

it is everyone's freedom to share what is happening around them in moments, but as Goethe said:

"there is some inconvenient element in everyone's nature, and if it is made public, it will certainly offend others."

people are willing to tell you their privacy out of trust in you. If you turn your head and post a circle of friends, it will not only embarrass others, but also trample on your own character.

A person with good character will not reveal the privacy of others at will, even if he or she shares the circle of friends, it will be agreed by the other person.

on the contrary, no one will be willing to have a heart-to-heart relationship with people who take other people's pain points as laughs.

insinuate, refer to mulberry and scold in moments

to ask, what is the most offensive behavior in moments?

in my opinion, it is probably pointing fingers in the circle of friends.

this kind of swearing, which does not dare to identify the situation face to face, but does not name names in the circle of friends, is really tasteless.

chatting with friends, she talked about one of her new colleagues, often hurting people in secret words in the circle of friends.

because I feel that it has nothing to do with me, I don't care about it.

Unfortunately, my friend happened to have a little friction with this colleague that day, and I saw him post a moments in the evening.

to the effect that so-and-so relies on himself as an old employee, relies on the old to sell the old, and bullies the newcomer. A discerning person knows who he is talking about at a glance.

my friend said that he was really angry at first, but he felt that it was not worth being angry with such a person, so he was simply shielded from him.

indeed, a person's "deeds" depends on the heart, while "words" comes from the heart, and every development you send reveals your character invisibly.

people who are abusive and insinuated in the circle of friends are either mean or narrow-minded.

A circle of friends who thinks they are relieving their anger does not realize that they are pushing themselves into the "abyss" of ignorance.

We often say that we should speak appropriately and do things with a bottom line. in fact, it is the same in WeChat moments.

if you regard your moments as an outlet for self-spam, then your social circle will only get smaller and smaller, and eventually everyone will avoid it.

in today's "micro product is character", we should learn to look at circles and know people.

A person who is full of grievances should not have a deep acquaintance;

A person with reserved skills should not make a deep acquaintance.

those who take criticism as straight, do not have a deep acquaintance;

people who criticize and scold should not have a deep acquaintance.

May you strive to be a capable person, knowing the world but not the world, and being slick and naive.

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