People who can carry things often have these abilities.
People who can carry things often have these abilities.
Life is full of difficulties. There is no need to embarrass ourselves.

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in the adult world, there is no easy word.

Bai Yansong once wrote such a paragraph:

there will always be times like this in one's life, when your heart has been turned upside down, but in the eyes of others, you are just a little more silent than usual, no one will find it strange. This kind of war is doomed to go it alone.

No one's life is easy. Everything suffers, but you have no choice but to cross it.

however, those who can carry things will regard the sufferings of life as a ladder to climb up. The deeper the suffering, the closer to success.

Life is like chess, know how to control the game

the beginning of a teenager like chess: winning depends on the pattern

Zeng Guofan said: "for those who seek great things, the most important thing is the pattern."

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We should not confine ourselves to every plant in front of us, but should broaden our horizons and plan for the long term.

Middle age is like the middle game of chess: advance and retreat, such as

the chess game of life is in the middle of the game, and it is only when it comes to the most wonderful stage that a person's details can be fully revealed.

Wang Yangming once said: "it is a kung fu festival to rise and fall together, advance and retreat."

Chess to the middle of the game, often inextricably killed, you enter and I retreat, a lot of changes.

only when people "know how to advance and retreat" can they do something.

achieving prosperity in advance and retreat is the great realm of life.

the end of old age like chess: be cautious from beginning to end

the Buddha system is put on the surface and carefully carved into the heart.

prudence is not timid and conservative, but a kind of mature and prudent wisdom.

know how to compromise, half understand, half complete

not entangling with bad things is not only the understanding of others, but also the perfection of yourself.

Chen Danqing said a sentence:

"I almost never get angry because I don't think it's necessary to solve problems and don't let other people's mistakes affect me."

not entangling with bad people and bad things is the highest level of self-discipline for adults.

it is really wise to spend your time and energy on something more worthwhile and try to make yourself better.

choosing to be quiet is the fulfillment of others and yourself.

with the deepening of experience, I find that not everything is worth competing with.

it is only children who argue about winning or losing everything, while adults' compromise is half understanding and half forget.

Life is full of difficulties, and there is no need to embarrass ourselves.

the wisdom of being familiar with "insensitivity"

there is a group of people in the world who, even if surrounded by the gossip of the people around them, are not shaken by the tedious world, can adapt quickly in any environment, and are like a fish in water.

as Junichi Watanabe said in "insensitive Power": the world has nothing to do with me, move forward generously.

forget unpleasant things quickly

those who walk steadily and far in the workplace must be those who are good at business and blunt in trifles.

identify the target

people's success does not depend entirely on talent.

in some cases, a good attitude is more important than talent.

even if you are facing another sense of frustration, you can still have a firm goal and meet the next challenge with an optimistic attitude and a stable mood.

face up to gossip

insensitivity is like a filter, which automatically shields out indifferent comments and noises, so that you can face it undisturbed.

Don't get carried away

Don't get carried away in the face of praise.

you need to strengthen your faith, get rid of your distractions, and move forward more boldly and confidently.

to be a smart, sophisticated and open-minded person is the best attitude towards life.

May you be "dull" for the rest of your life, filter impurities, enjoy beauty, live calmly and freely.

the running water does not compete first, but the argument goes on and on.

you don't need to have so many advantages to be a human being. To be able to carry things is brilliant.

writer Yu Hua said:

"there are many outstanding people in the younger generation, but few can handle it."

No one is born to be able to carry things in particular. Everyone is in their own life projects, looking for the answer that grows the fastest. It is not until after the social struggle that they understand that a person's greatest ability is to carry things.