"people who are too kind will not come to a good end."
"people who are too kind will not come to a good end."
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"I was kind enough to help ta. Why did ta finally bite me back?"

"I've always been patient with ta. Why did ta get so much worse?"

"I'm so nice to ta, why would ta use me?"


We often hear such words in life.

always think that good intentions will be rewarded and that if you give, you will get something. This is a common fault of most people.

after all, the education we received from an early age is: "be kind to others", "good will be rewarded", "good people will be rewarded with blessings".

it seems that if you live in this world, as long as you focus on doing good, you can be blessed.

but the older you grow up, the more you understand: kindness, if you lose the bottom line and break the principles, not only will not help others, but will harm yourself.

people who are too kind basically come to no good end.

all the evil in the world is the result of being too good.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: there is a limit to everything, but it is not enough to go too far.

everything in the world has a certain degree. Keeping it is a blessing; after it is over, it becomes a disaster.

when good is overflowing, it is evil.

I have a friend who supported a mountain out-of-school child after he graduated from his doctorate.

during the holidays and exam holidays, she always wants to send all kinds of gifts to her children.

come and go, the two gradually get to know each other. One day, the child called her and hesitated that she needed a tablet computer for online lessons.

my friend was a little surprised, but thinking that the online class was serious, he bought a tablet of more than 2,000 and sent it the next day.

unexpectedly, when she went to the mountains to visit her children, she found her tablet computer left in the corner as soon as she entered the room.

at first, she thought that the child did not know how to operate. She just wanted to teach him, but a word from the other person blocked her mouth:

"Sister, the computer you bought is not the latest model. I don't like it. I'm grown up now. You can give me the money directly in the future. Can I choose it myself? "

my friend was stupefied and did not agree to him. Later, the child asked for money several times, but she resolutely refused.

one day, when a friend was at work, she was called to the office by the leader and said that someone had written to report her.

she gasped after reading the letter. The handwriting was so familiar-wasn't it written by the child who had been asking her sister for five years to write it?

my friend's heartache: "the human heart is as fierce as a wolf!" I helped him in front of him, but he wanted to stab me in the back! "

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there is a line in the Big Bang Theory: "if you are too kind, the world will eat you to the bone."

Yes, it is true to be kind, but without edge, you will be black and blue in the end.

there is such a plot in the hit drama Yu Huanshui:

when his friend asked Yu Huanshui to borrow money, he readily agreed. At the appointed time, my friend didn't say anything about paying back the money.

even when something happened to his family and he was in urgent need of money, he could not get in touch with each other.

finally, I finally got in touch, but the other party prevaricated with the crappy excuse of "I am on a business trip abroad" and then drove around in a high-end car.

it is true that they all say, "if you are blindly kind, the other person will dare to be presumptuous to the end."

the human heart is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant. If you allow others to trample on your bottom line and consume your goodness, they will wantonly do evil and return evil for good.

you know: all the evil in the world is the result of too much goodness.

all greed in the world is the poison planted by repeated tolerance

Cheng Hao, a philosopher of the Northern Song Dynasty, once wrote in his collection er Cheng Quan Shu:

"he is so greedy that he forgets courtesy and righteousness; if he is extremely patient, he strives for it and leads to resentment."

tolerate one cent and make two greedy. All greed in the world is the poison planted by repeated tolerance.

some time ago, my best friend came to tell me that she had been blocked by a neighbor because of a skirt.

I wonder: my best friend is the most humble and patient, how can she be blocked by her neighbors?

"soon after I moved to my new home, I met my neighbor Sister Lin. She's not a bad person, but she just likes to borrow something from me. "

"first I borrowed the best purple sand pot in my family, and then I borrowed the electric glass cleaner I bought, and this loan was never returned. I thought we were all neighbors, so I didn't ask for it. "

"as a result, the day before yesterday, she came to borrow my dress again, saying that her daughter would wear it when she took part in the school performance."

"because I wanted to wear that skirt myself, I politely refused. Unexpectedly, she scolded unexpectedly, 'isn't it just a skirt? Children can't wear out all day. Why are you so stingy?'"


and then blocked my best friend.

I was furious after hearing this--

how many people, you help ta several times, ta may not remember your good, but if you refuse ta once, ta will certainly read your bad;

how many people are there? the more you tolerate and tolerate ta, the more ta will be greedy.

the more you grow up, the more you find that patience is not a good medicine to calm things down, let alone a medical prescription to solve problems, but a sharp knife to encourage greed.

Fan Shengmei's brother gambled in debt again and again, and she tried to settle it for him again and again.

later, she really couldn't handle it, so she let it go. As a result, her mother cried and her brother made a scene, as if she owed the whole world.

in economics, there is a word called "diminishing marginal returns" to the effect that when your investment crosses the line, the return will decline rapidly.

We always think that "patience is calm for a while", but we ignore the matter of "patience", which is a knife in our hearts.

put up with it for a while, but it breaks your heart after 03:00.

your indulgence will only become an excuse for others to bully you.

the best life: kindness and tolerance

the relationship between people has always been mutual.

if you put in a peach, I will return the favor; if you give charcoal in the snow, I will add icing on the cake.

and if you break the boundary between Chu and Han, then I can only meet you with the sword.

at the beginning, Sanmao remembered what his mother said and treated others with patience.

but she soon found that she had become a real "bargain": not only did she have to clean the tables and take out the trash for her roommates, but even her wardrobe became a free "fashion store" for her roommates.

later, she couldn't stand it any longer, so she rebelled. As a result, instead of losing friends, she got everyone's respect.

as she wrote in "the West Wind doesn't know each other":

"if blindly giving is kind, then we would rather not have this kind of kindness." The goodness we think is actually a kind of cowardice. "

Yes, kindness needs a ruler and tolerance needs a degree.

when goodness has a scale, it is goodness--

comedian Wu Mengda once borrowed money from Chow Yun-fat because he owed a huge gambling debt. Brother Fa refused without saying a word, but gave Uncle Da a chance to act in a movie.

later, Uncle Da often talked about it with a tone of gratitude.

many people think that kindness is to satisfy others, but they do not realize that kindness without measure is more terrible than direct indulgence of evil.

similarly, when there is a limit to tolerance, it is called giving--

famous actress Ye Xuan once exposed that she had been forced to drink at dinner. She refused for more than an hour, but the other party refused to give up.

so she stood up, turned around and left-"if you don't know how to lift up, why should I put up with you again and again?"

she told us in action:

your kindness and patience should be left to those who deserve it.

and the best life is to be kind and patient.

there is a line in the movie Godfather:

"softness without boundaries will only make the other party gain an inch; kindness without principles will only let the other party do as he pleases."

in this life, everything is won by a ruler and destroyed by extravagance--

if you try too hard to be kind, you will lose your boundaries and make it difficult to distinguish between good and evil.

too much forbearance will break the principle and make you suffer the consequences.

, be a kind and tolerant person and live the best life.

encourage each other.