People who are really lucky have these "three backers", and one of them is great.
People who are really lucky have these "three backers", and one of them is great.
Choose a good backer, follow the right backer, so as not to take detours and go the wrong way.

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as the saying goes, "people have backers and do things calmly."

backers are a good thing, and everyone wants to have backers.

and what kind of backer you choose, you are doomed to take what kind of road.

only by choosing good backers and following the right backers can we avoid detours and evil paths.

people who are really lucky often have these "three backers". They have the same thing and can stand at any time.

the first backer: yourself

"I walked a long way and suffered a lot before I sent this doctoral thesis to you.

22 years of study, the road is muddy, many are not easy. It was like a dream, as if the whole family had just been reunited yesterday. "

recently, a doctoral thesis of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has aroused heated discussion on the Internet.

Thanksgiving for this paper is simple and unadorned, but the words poke people's hearts and move people's feelings.

author Huang Guoping reviewed his more than 20 years of schooling experience:

his mother left home, his father died young, and his mother-in-law, who had taken care of him for 17 years, also died of illness in the year his father died.

his elder brother-like teacher failed to see his university admission notice, and his wife, who took good care of him, passed away in a hurry.

in addition to the life and death of his relatives and teachers, Dr. Huang once trudged through the quagmire of life.

his home is full of walls, and on rainy days he has to use bamboo shoot shell plug seams to prevent rain leakage.

he earns his tuition by catching ricefield eel at night, fishing on weekends, raising piglets and renting buffaloes, but he is still interviewed by the teacher for delinquent tuition fees.

have a wet class on a rainy day, walk barefoot on a hot road in summer, wear shabby clothes and shiver in winter to get an exercise book.

all these may be the last straw to crush the camel, but instead of giving up and holding back, Huang Guoping is thinking about how to "read on and get out of the mountain."

it is because of his efforts and persistence that he has more opportunities than others, and finally walks out of the mountain and has a career to fight for all his life.

there is a saying that happiness is not born, but can be owned by yourself; loneliness is not that no one loves you, but that you love no one.

in this world, everyone is an independent individual, and no one can make us rely on it for a lifetime.

others can help you, but they can help you for a while, but they can't help you forever.

there is always some bitterness, which you have to taste by yourself; there is always something you have to carry on your own; there is always a way to go on your own.

No one's life is easy, and no one is really treated by fate. Behind the life you envy, there may be bitterness that you cannot bear.

instead of pinning your hopes on others, you should be more realistic on your own.

there is a long way to go in life, and only oneself is the most solid backing and the most powerful noble person.

therefore, it is better to ask for help than to beg yourself. Only by holding on to your patron can you go further and live a more peaceful life.

the second backer: character

to ask people in this life, what can be invincible?

feels that character is more important than money and beauty.

No matter how much wealth is spent, no matter how beautiful it is, it always fades away. Only a good character lasts for a long time.

there are two neighbors in my hometown. I heard that they used to get along very well, but later they fell out because of tens of thousands of yuan.

at the beginning, because the store had to be renovated, one family almost borrowed 50,000 yuan from another, and promised to pay it off in full within a year.

without saying a word, the family that borrowed the money withdrew its soon-to-mature deposit and gave it to the other party for emergency use. Out of trust, it did not even write an IOU.

A year later, the borrower did not wait for the repayment, but also understood that the other party may not have turned over, thinking that they were all acquaintances, so they did not ask for the account.

but two years later, the family that took the money did not say anything about returning the money, but a new car was posted in the moments.

at this time, the borrower could no longer contain himself. He took the initiative to ask the other party, "when is it convenient to give it back? my wife is really pressing for it."

the family that took the money reluctantly threw out 20,000 yuan, saying that there was only so much on hand, and then asked him to return the money, either the phone could not get through or pushed three blocks and four said he had no money, and even went missing.

the family that borrowed the money had no evidence, so they had no choice but to suffer a dumb loss if they didn't get the rest of the money back. Since then, the two families have made a scene like enemies.

when the neighbors knew about this, although they did not make any judgments, they gradually refused to patronize his business.

it is said that borrowing money depends on the hearts of the people, and paying back money reflects the character of the people.

the character of the family that opened the shop is so far, presumably the things sold are not much better.

the word-of-mouth in everyone's heart is poor, and the shop, which was originally popular, soon closed.

the hardest thing in the world is to borrow money. The other party lends money to you out of trust in your character.

if you lose your faith and only care about temporary interests, you are doomed to "pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelons".

We may not be a person praised by everyone, but at least we can stick to our bottom line and abide by the way of being a human being.

A person's character can be seen that a person's popularity, people with good character, even if they are trapped in adversity for a while, some people will give help in the snow and snow.

and for people with poor character, even if others do not add fuel to the fire, they will inevitably haveA man falls into a well and a stone is thrown into the ground.

be a man all his life, based on his character.

No matter how smart you are, how capable you are, no matter how capable you are and how highly educated you are, it is useless to talk about anything if you fail in character.

because, at the end of life, it is all about character.

third backer: mentality

if one is mature enough, one will understand:

the best ferryman in life is ourselves, and the most effective oar is actually the state of mind.

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some time ago, a segment of a traffic warning program from ten years ago was posted on a hot search, which was called

# Live in real life #


in the video, the bumpy life experience of an old man transporting wood is eye-catching.

his parents died, his eldest brother died, his wife and children died young, and only his mentally retarded brother and an old dog accompanied him.

Officer Tan asked the old man:

"in your situation, everyone feels particularly painful to put it on.

there have been so many changes at home, but I seem to be very happy to see you just now, and why? "

the old man, wearing sunglasses that could not tell the difference between men and women, calmly replied, "look forward."

Uncle's life is full of suffering, just like Fugui, the protagonist of "alive". Along the way, those who are important to him have left him one by one.

he had more reason to complain about the unfairness of fate than anyone else, but he didn't.

as Officer Tan said,

"he made us believe that there was light in life, and that sentence 'looking forward' still makes me feel the power of being alive."

Ten years later, the uncle in the video is now living well. He has married and had children, and his younger brother is still alive.

although life is not rich, he is very content with such an outcome and hopes that all his friends who care about him will applaud him warmly.

some netizens sighed: "it's good to go through so many hardships, still like a child!"

how hard is it to live?

We always think that our life is a model, but after seeing the rise and fall of others, we find that there is no most difficult thing in this world, only more difficult.

it's just that there are always people who choose to love life after they have experienced human suffering and seen the truth of life.

they know very well that "people live to live themselves, not to live for anything but life."

Life is really not kind enough sometimes, and everyone will go through some difficult times more or less.

but we should remember that the hardest thing in life is not the trough, but the life that is willing to fall after falling into the trough.

writer Da Bing once said: "the heart goes with the mind, the body goes with the fate, people can not live by the mood, but by the state of mind."

if the heart is sunny, there is no fear of sadness.

the sun will still set, the moon will rise as usual, and time will not return just because it is not satisfactory.

since this is the case, it is better to calm down, live positively and optimistically, and live the way you look forward to, so that it is not in vain to come to this world!

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