People fail because of madness, things fail because of greed, and family failures all because of resentment!
People fail because of madness, things fail because of greed, and family failures all because of resentment!
If you can't do it, you can't do it.

as the saying goes, "to the extreme of emptiness, to keep tranquility, and to do all things at the same time, I will observe and reply."

only by calming your heart can you gain insight into the root of everything.

the same is true of being a human being. Most of the time, it is not others but ourselves who are bothering us with restrictions.

if you can't do it, you can't do it.

it is a person's highest self-cultivation to calm down and reflect on himself and find a reason from himself.

people fail because of madness

as the old saying goes, "the reason why Jiang Hai can be the king of a hundred valleys is that he can be the king of a hundred valleys because of his goodness."

Jianghai can gather all the rivers because it is in a low position, so it can become the king of all rivers.

people often say: to be a man, you should be "good".

but in life, there are many people who act in the opposite direction and are arrogant and unruly.

do not know: heaven is crazy, there is rain, people are crazy, there is disaster.

during the Northern Expedition of the three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang decided to capture the street pavilion.

Ma Fu is a proud student of Zhuge Liang, and he has been familiar with the art of war since childhood and often gives Zhuge Liang advice.

so Zhuge Liang ordered Ma Kui to be in the vanguard and led the troops to guard the street pavilion.

but who would have thought that as soon as Ma Jing arrived at the street pavilion, he would arrange his troops according to his own tactics and leave Zhuge Liang's deployment behind.

after seeing this, Vice General Wang Ping reminded: "the Prime Minister told us about the deployment of troops in the street pavilion before he set out, and you should have allocated your troops in accordance with the orders of the Prime Minister."

how can I know that Ma Jing didn't pay any attention to it at all. Relying on his own reading of some military books, he arrogantly said, "I am familiar with the art of war, and the prime minister will come to me for advice when there is something wrong. What do you know?"

but Ma Fu, who can only talk on paper, had no actual combat experience and was cut off from the mountain water by the Wei army.

and Ma Jing paid the price of his life for his arrogance.

Wood is more beautiful than the forest, and the wind will destroy it; if you walk higher than man, you must be wrong.

as a man, you must not overestimate yourself. If you are too arrogant, you will certainly bring disaster to yourself.

"full of losses, modest benefits", cautious words and deeds, humble and low-key, is the real way of life.

failure is all due to greed

people often say, "if you hold it and make a profit, it is not as good as it has already been; if you have something sharp, you cannot protect it for a long time."

if you take too much, you might as well stop enough and show your edge, and it will be difficult to last long.

desire is the driving force of success, while greed is the source of failure.

know that in many cases, the failure of things is not a matter of your ability and method, but the result of too much greed.

at that time, the kingdom of Shu was relatively rich, and King Hui of Qin was already salivating.

but the road from Qin to Shu was so winding that the army of Qin could not get through at all.

one day, a minister met with the King of Qin Hui and said, "I have learned that the King of Shu is greedy. The king can start here."

after hearing this, the king of Qin came from his heart.

the king of Qin called a stonemason and ordered him to make a stone cow and put some gold in its mouth.

, he ordered someone to spread the news that the king of Qin had got a stone cow that could spit out gold.

soon, the news reached the king of Shu. The king of Shu couldn't wait to get the stone cow, so he sent an envoy to Qin to buy the stone cow.

after seeing the emissary, the king of Qin pretended to be embarrassed and said, "I just got this stone cow, but since the king of Shu likes it, I'll give it to him." It's just that the stone cow is extremely heavy, and the road to Shu is so tortuous that it would be bad if it was bumped during transportation. "

upon hearing this, the King of Shu immediately ordered someone to repair the road to the State of Qin.

but I never thought that after the road was repaired, the army of Qin attacked along the road. Soon, the kingdom of Shu perished.

the king of Shu in order to satisfy his

greed ruined the future of Shu.

"the bird that flies high dies of gluttony. The fish in the deep pool died of the bait. "

excessive greed will only make people more and more miserable, become slaves to desire, and bring disaster to themselves and those around them.

know how to be contented. If you can't get it, just let it go. Contentment is joy, and less desire is bliss.

cherish what you already have and live well in the present in order to live a good life.

Family failure is all due to resentment

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "how big or small is, return evil with virtue."

Are you ready to buy a magnificent turquoise prom dresses that will make you stand out in any crowd? There is no better place to buy the perfect dress from than

to deal with small matters with the attitude of dealing with big things, and to dispel complaints and disputes with the virtue of the right way.

this is especially true in family life.

if a family complains and hates each other, then the family is not a warm harbor, but a battlefield filled with gunpowder, doomed to become fragmented.

once upon a time, there was a man named Li Da who grew up poor and worked as a coolie in the landlord's house all the year round.

finally married a wife, but his wife has a problem, like to complain: "Why are you so useless, when can I have a good life with you?"

such complaints and accusations are like three meals a day, and Li Da has no choice but to put up with them.

soon, Li Da was delighted to have a son, and the whole family was overjoyed and had great hopes for the child.

and the boy lived up to expectations, Cold window studied hard and finally became famous and became the local county magistrate.

but due to years of osmosis at homeDye, the boy is as complaining as his mother, and his character is extremely irritable.

after becoming a county magistrate, he became more rampant, and his government officers would be doubly punished by him if they made any mistakes.

once, when a government official was pouring water for him, he accidentally spilled it on the table, and he said angrily, "Don't you have eyes?" Drag it down and hit 50 big boards. "

the government officer was beaten and couldn't stand it, so he colluded with several other people to kill him while the county magistrate was sleeping.

Ten years of cold window, should have been successful, but because of complaints, lost their lives, but also let their own family fall apart.

you know, complaining won't solve the problem, it will only intensify the contradiction.

stop complaining in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and find the beauty of life.

as the old saying goes, "Gou Rixin, every day is new, and every day is new."

people who often reflect on themselves will constantly improve themselves and cultivate themselves in the process of self-reflection.

those who are blindly arrogant, greedy and hateful will only fall in failure and cannot extricate themselves.

only those who really know how to reflect can walk more and more smoothly on the road of life.