People, don't be too idle
People, don't be too idle
A man has a lot of leisure, but he is busy to solve a thousand sorrows.

leisure is a blessing, but too much leisure is not.

as Lin Yutang said, "people are not happy to be idle, it is not to do nothing."

people who are too idle have nothing to do all day, but are apt to worry about gain and loss.

therefore, too much leisure is not a blessing, but a disaster.

if people are too idle, they will have wishful thinking

have seen a "law of tickling":

originally I didn't feel itchy, but when I scratched it idle, it became more and more itchy.

people, once they have nothing to do, are prone to wishful thinking and distractions.

an uncle's restaurant in my hometown closed down.

he, who used to be busy with business every day, suddenly became idle.

his family comforted him and let him take the opportunity to rest for a period of time and adjust himself.

at first, he was very happy and finally could have a rest.

because he is not allowed to travel at will, he can sleep until noon every day, and his wife calls him when the meal is ready.

he is even more unhappy because he either plays with his mobile phone and watches TV or does nothing all day long.

facing the daily expenses of the family, the school fees of the children, and the medical expenses of the parents.

he becomes more and more anxious, insomnia every night, lethargy during the day and frequent headaches.

he told his family that there seemed to be something wrong with his health.

you can go to the hospital for examination, which shows that he is in good health.

when he got home, his aunt said to him, "you are idle. You scare yourself. You do housework for a few days and let me have a rest."

sure enough, after doing housework for a few days, my uncle got rid of his headache and got better in state of mind.

when you are idle, you will have miscellaneous thoughts, and when you are idle, you will have chores.

people are too idle to have time to think about those messy things.

in life, we can often see some people feel sorry for themselves and are very unhappy.

because they are too idle to live up to their ambitions, they are worried.

when you are busy, you don't have the time and energy to think.

being busy is the cure for all troubles and hypocrisy.

too much leisure will destroy a person

Roman Roland said: "the heaviest burden in life is not work, but boredom."

A busy life will make people live a full life; a life that is too idle will make people live a decadent life.

you know, the best way to destroy a person is not to flatter him, but to let him idle and waste his life.

have seen such a story:

Aunt Zhang is a single mother who worked very hard when she was young.

her son is married and she is retired.

Aunt Zhang feels that she has worked hard all her life and should enjoy herself.

she doesn't do housework and takes no grandchildren every day, so she strolls downstairs in the community and goes home for dinner.

it is not easy for my daughter-in-law to think about her. Although she has grievances when she is busy, she does not express them.

but the daughter-in-law's grievances and grievances accumulated so much that she finally couldn't help quarreling with her son and left the child and went back to her mother's house.

when my son has to go to work, the responsibility of taking care of the family falls on Aunt Zhang.

Aunt Zhang, who was accustomed to being comfortable, messed up her hands and feet, and her grandson let her run down several times.

at the end of the day, Aunt Zhang didn't even bother to eat, and she was very frustrated.

she also laughed at herself that she used to pull a child through, but now she has been playing for a period of time, and even the children have a hard time.

after her son got off work, Aunt Zhang asked her son to pick up his daughter-in-law home quickly.

after her daughter-in-law comes home, Aunt Zhang will take the initiative to help share the housework as soon as she changes her usual style.

the family relationship is also more harmonious, and when she is free, her daughter-in-law will also take her out to play and enjoy the family.

that's what people do. Use it, get rid of it.

when you do things for others, if you are idle, you will be wasted, and diligence will lead to success.

there is a saying in Shawshank's Redemption: "Don't be trapped in your comfort."

A life that is too easy will not only wear away people's will, but also deprive them of what they have.

Sublime in their elegance, elegant long sleeve dresses make your appearance regally glittery. Our newest arrivals are waiting for you!

busy, there is always gain; leisure, nothing.

Don't let a moment of comfort ruin the happiness you have.

people, don't be too idle

Hong Yingming said, "if life is too idle, don't try to steal it."

people can't be too idle. If they are idle for a long time, they will think they are working hard for a long time.

in this world, everything everyone wants is clearly priced.

if you want a good job, you must try your best to get it.

if you want to live a good life, you must work hard.

A busy life is full and full; an idle life is empty and boring.

there is a long way to go in life, but it is meaningful to live a full life.

when Qi Baishi, a master painter, was 70 years old, he still kept painting every day.

constantly refine your painting skills and don't let yourself be idle during the day.

when Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, was 90 years old, he still insisted on doing scientific research in the field.

even if he takes part in some commendation activities, he says he can't let go of the rice.

Ji Xianlin, a tenured professor at Peking University, still gets up at four or five o'clock every day when he is 90.

persist in teaching during the day, and spend a few hours reading at nightStudy by books.

they live a full life and have made their own achievements in their respective fields.

it is said in "persuading the people": "We do not see idle people with long energy, but we can see that labourers have strong muscles and bones."

people forget their age when they are busy.

they will live a fuller life, feel happier, and be physically younger and younger.

people should not be too idle or too lazy. A lot of problems come out when they are idle.

if you do nothing to pass the time, you will find that time passes quickly, but in retrospect, there is nothing left.

so, even in your spare time, you should find something you like to do to make your life full.

when you look back on the past, there will be no regrets.

as the old saying goes, "A man has a lot of leisure, but he is busy to solve a thousand worries."

once a person is busy, he will not leave a gap for his troubles.

if you walk in the world, you can be idle to adjust yourself at the right time, but you can't let yourself be idle.

Life is too short to keep yourself busy, so it is possible to see more beautiful scenery and climb higher mountains.

May you and I both have a good taste of busyness, leisure and a better life on the road of life!