People are becoming more and more silent, not lonely, not helpless, but.
People are becoming more and more silent, not lonely, not helpless, but.
Be a quiet adult, be silent, be silent and happy!

above the point

have you ever felt this way?

at a certain age, he talks less and less.

it is clear that there are a lot of friends who can ask out for dinner, and contacts from all over the world have been accumulated in the address book, but there are very few bosom friends who can talk about the truth.

when the emotion is difficult to control, the words are on the tip of the tongue, but they still swallow them back.

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because I know that there is no real empathy in this world, and I don't want to create too much emotional garbage for others.

everything has already learned to digest in silence, not to complain, not to complain, not to show those embarrassment and fragility naked in front of people.

bears the wind and frost sword of life, there are some things, some words, do not need to say, can not say, do not want to say.

see through, it is rare to be confused

there is a saying on the Internet:

"Silence is a person's loudest cry, and it is the most silent cry when the world compromises to reality."

when I was young, I thought it was true. Now I realize that the reason why people are silent is not cowardice or compromise, but because they look down on a lot of things and despise a lot of people.

most of the time, keeping silent and pretending to be confused is the great wisdom of life.

before I became a self-media, I used to run a business in a company.

A colleague who runs business with us has been disliked by everyone all the time.

when I first joined the company, he told me that it was because his performance was so good that he was excluded by everyone.

but it took me a long time to realize that on the surface, he, who is my brother, has been secretly courting the customers I am negotiating with.

this practice greatly reduced my impression of him, but I did not reason with him, nor did I expose the fact that he was unkind. I just slowly alienated him.

compared to tit-for-tat accusations, I chose to pretend to be confused, calm things down, serve my customers more attentively, and make my own reputation.

and later, after robbing other people's big orders several times in a row, he was jointly complained to the headquarters, and the matter was very serious.

later, he resigned and we were completely out of touch.

I think of Zhang Guorong's sentence in "Silence is Golden": "when there is cold wind and rain, Hugh is too serious."

We live in this world and deal with different people every day. If we have more contact, we will understand that the human heart is the most unpredictable.

if you see people too clearly, your heart will get cold; if you talk about things too thoroughly, it will be easy to offend others.

being silent and playing dumb at the right time can make us live a more chic and comfortable life.

when you have sand in your eyes, stop talking about things in your heart, disdain to argue with people, don't quarrel with bad people, and don't argue with fools, you will really grow up.

instead of spending time on haggling, it is better to constantly improve yourself and move towards a better tomorrow.

the three values are different, so there is no need to integrate

as the old saying goes, "Summer worms can't talk about ice."

think carefully, this is indeed the case, cognition is different, it is useless to say more.

when it comes to Lu Buxuan, you may not remember it at all, but I believe many friends have heard of Peking University's top student selling pork.

that year, Lu Buxuan was suddenly rushed to the forefront of the storm by a piece of news that "graduates from Peking University were selling pork."

"it's a shame for a student at Peking University to become a butcher!"

"it's a waste of national resources to go even after graduating from primary school!"

"it's a pity that decades of books have been read in vain!"

not only was there an uproar, but even his ex-wife thought he was humiliated by selling pork and left without looking back.

his life hit rock bottom with his career failure, family breakdown and secular mockery.

after remarriage, for the sake of his wife and children, he began to return to the normal track of life and started selling pork again.

this time, in the face of the ridicule of the vendors around him and the exaggerated reports of various media, he no longer refuted or theoretically, but devoted himself to running his own pork business.

he said: "I have no intention of belittling myself or Peking University. As long as I get rich through hard work, I think it is very honorable."

has been ridiculed for nearly 20 years, and now he has changed from the "worst butcher" to the "best butcher".

in fact, life is like climbing a mountain. Those who stand at the top of the mountain see a sea of rolling clouds; those who stand halfway up the mountain see lush trees; and those who stand at the foot of the mountain see boundless weeds.

you can't just judge who is the right answer, because everyone is at a different height.

in life, when you encounter moments that are misunderstood and denied, you don't have to be disappointed or hesitate. Because those people haven't experienced your life, it's hard to understand what you're doing.

arguing with people who disagree with the three values is both laborious and unflattering, so you might as well learn to shut up and concentrate on the task at hand.

the highest accomplishment of a person is not to speak well, but to know how to be silent at the right time.

the best policy is to disagree with the three values, to communicate without benefit, and to work silently.

learn to please others, but also please yourself

National Cartoon Master Cai Zhizhong once drew a cartoon, which was very interesting:

A mosquito buzzed on the cow's head, which he thought would infuriate the cow, but the cow just grazed with its head down and ignored it.

after a long timeIn between, the mosquito said to the cow, "Hello!" I have to go! "

when the mosquito saw that the cow did not respond, it shouted to the cow, "Hey, I really have to go!"

Niu Tou didn't lift up and said carelessly, "I didn't feel your presence when you came. What does it have to do with me if you go?"

in contrast to the reality, are "cattle" and "mosquitoes" not the true portrayals of most people in life?

living in this mundane world, we used to be as noisy as "mosquitoes" and tried our best to brush our sense of existence.

when he reached a certain age, he began to remain silent like Niu, regardless of right and wrong, kindness and resentment.

as Matsuura Mitaro said:

"anyone who pursues the taste of life should be a self-pleaser. Your hobbies and lifestyle are for pleasing yourself, not for showing off and mating."

We are tired enough just to be ourselves when we are alive. Where do we have the leisure to please others?

A man chooses to be silent, not because he can't understand it, nor because he is used to being alone, but because he hears his inner voice and knows what he really wants.

there is a long way to go in life, and some reasons often take many years to understand.

there is no black-and-white purity in this world. People are complicated and the world is like chess. Very often, we need to see through self-cultivation and wisdom.

Don't care too much about other people's eyes and opinions, just live like yourself.

I treat those who can enter my heart with sincerity; those who do not enter my heart disdain to be perfunctory.

believe that silence has its own power, just as trees have rings, flowers have flowering periods, and silent days are the best value-added period for a person!

for the rest of your life, may you not fight or rob, be humble or arrogant, be a quiet adult, be silent and happy!