Peace of mind, pure mind, state of mind
Peace of mind, pure mind, state of mind
All kinds of troubles in the world are tied to the heart.

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Yan Jiaolang

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I have heard a saying: "Life is a spiritual practice, and what you practice is a heart."

all kinds of troubles in the world are tied to the heart.

if the heart is anxious, there are always dark clouds in life; if the heart is peaceful, there is beauty everywhere in the world.

if one wants to live a good life, one needs to practice these three kinds of mind.

peace of mind: people have serenity, elegance comes from

everyone walks in a hurry and panic when walking in the earthly world.

some people pursue fame and fortune, and their hearts are filled with anxiety; some people have a lot on their minds and suffer all the time.

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No matter how noisy the outside world is, only by learning to calm down can we feel the beauty in life that we haven't seen for a long time.

after reading such a short story, I have a lot of feelings.

an old farmer was driving an ox cart home. In the middle of the journey, one of the wheels suddenly fell off.

it was a hot summer afternoon, and it was so muggy that he found the nearest car repair shop to repair the ox cart, but was told to wait two hours.

the old farmer felt that two hours was an ordeal, so he began to get irritable.

when he was going to pass the time to walk around, he accidentally found a small jungle.

when he went to enjoy the cool under the trees in the jungle, he felt much better. Slowly, he observed that the surrounding scenery was very pleasant.

in this way, the fire in his heart was gradually extinguished and the whole man quieted down.

when he returned with all his pleasure, the car had been repaired.

the old farmer sang happily all the way home, blowing the evening wind at dusk.

when he got home, his wife scolded him for coming back too late, but instead of being angry, he gladly said, "what a pleasant short trip!"

I don't know if you have found that there are a lot of troubles in life, all from the impetuous heart.

when we can calm down and look at things, whether it's quietly waiting for a flower to bloom, listening to a drop of rain, or attentively reading a page of a book and drinking a cup of tea, we will find that life is full of luck.

Bai Luomei said:

"in this noisy world, we all need a place suitable for ourselves to put our souls.

maybe it's a quiet house, maybe it's a wordless book, maybe it's a maze path.

as long as it is the desire of my heart, it is a post station, so that I will not be so lost in order to start in the future. "

the pace of life is often in such a hurry, so we should learn to stop and laugh at the wind and clouds, sit down and watch the flowers bloom, sink down and be calm as the sea, and settle down to be at ease.

A pure heart: if the heart is clean and dust-free, there is no fear of floating life

once read such a story in a magazine.

A businessman bought a rare diamond at a high price.

with his beloved diamonds, the businessman found a famous diamond cutter for help.

the cutter told him:

"if you can successfully cut into two pieces along the crack, then the value of each diamond will exceed the original one, but if the cutting fails, the diamond will fall apart and its value will be greatly reduced. I don't want to take the risk, so I can't help you. "

later, the businessman went to several countries and visited a number of diamond cutters, all of whom were rejected.

when a friend learned of the situation, he recommended him to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to find an old cutter. It is said that the cutting master is skillful, skillful and experienced.

the businessman came to Amsterdam and found the master.

to his surprise, after seeing the diamond, the master did not refuse him, but also offered to help, and immediately quoted the cost, and the businessman agreed to the offer.

while they were talking, the little apprentice sat far away at his console, his back to them and busy with the work in his hand.

the little apprentice took the diamond, raised the hammer in his hand, and immediately broke the priceless diamond into two pieces. Without looking at it, the little apprentice returned the diamond to master and went on to do his job.

the businessman was dumbfounded and asked the master, "has he been working with you for a long time?"

the master replied, "No, it's only been three days. But it is because he does not know the value of this diamond that his hands do not tremble and his movements are accurate and decisive. "

in real life, isn't that the case?

it is difficult for people with distractions to do the task at hand.

only those who have nothing to worry about can get rid of all interference.

A person with a pure heart can face everything with an indifferent state of mind.

A person who thinks too much and thinks too far will only bind himself with shackles.

sometimes people have to learn to jump out and look at the difficulties in front of them with a pure heart.

you will find that many things are not as complicated as we thought.

mood: things in the world are like falling flowers, and the state of mind is clear from the sky

in this life, it is impossible to have everything going well and everything goes well.

it's just that different moods can make different people.Born.

once upon a time, there lived an old abbot and a young monk in a temple.

one day, the old abbot gave the little monk some flowers and asked him to plant them in his yard.

the young monk was walking into the yard with flowers when he suddenly tripped over the threshold, fell, and spilled flowers all over the floor.

then the abbot said "casual encounter" in the house.

the young monk saw that the flowers had been spilled and hurriedly went to sweep. When he brought the broom, there was a sudden gust of wind, which blew the flowers scattered on the ground all over the yard.

the abbot said "follow the fate" at this time.

the little monk looked anxious and hurriedly tried to sweep the flowers in the yard. At this time, it began to rain cats and dogs. The little monk ran back to the house and cried, saying that he had accidentally scattered all the flowers.

however, the old abbot smiled and said, "Sui an".

from winter to spring, one morning, the little monk suddenly found the yard full of flowers, and he bounced and told master.

the old abbot said at this time, "do as you please."

there is a good saying: "things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart."

in our lives, everyone we meet and everything that happens to us has its own reason.

sometimes, what you think is bad is precisely the foreshadowing of good things.

therefore, there is no need to feel frustrated because things have backfired, nor do you need to be ecstatic because your wishes have come true.

at all times, maintain a peaceful state of mind and live a life of peace of mind.

in this way, it is true great wisdom.

I have heard a saying: every state of mind in life is a feeling after being tempered by life.

if the mind is quiet, even if the outside world is noisy and impetuous, you can build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart.

with a clear mind, even if there are many difficulties in life, it can be easily solved bit by bit.

with a broad mind and a broad world, even if there are dark clouds in front of you, there will always be a sunny day.

May I have an indifferent heart in this life.

despite the wind and rain, I walk on my own.