Open and shut up is "thank you", often these three kinds of people, meet please make a deep acquaintance!
Open and shut up is "thank you", often these three kinds of people, meet please make a deep acquaintance!
Your words and deeds show your character.

everyone has their own mantra.

some people are full of grievances and always emit negative energy;

some people are full of nonsense and have no nutritional value and significance;

some people say "thank you" when they open their mouth and are comfortable with others.

those who open their mouth and shut up are all "thank you", often these three kinds of people, please have a deep acquaintance!

A delicate person

there are always such people around us:

they have low EQ, but they embellish their own stupidity into bluntness; they have no discretion, but they always think that others are narrow-minded.

in life, they often offend others with a few words without knowing it, and never look for reasons in themselves.

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in their work, they have no sense of rigor and responsibility, and they have a good name for being informal.

do not realize that they have already engraved the words "unreliable" in the hearts of others and will never be entrusted with an important task.

on the contrary, those with high EQ are mostly delicate and good at insight into the world.

they have a ruler in their words and a degree in their deeds, making people feel like a spring breeze.

A person with a delicate mind may not be bold enough to do things, but it must be a well-considered result in the end.

A person with a delicate mind may be cautious and sensitive, but he is considerate and considerate and can think of others.

when you are with someone with a delicate mind, there will be unexpected surprises.

No matter how familiar they are with each other, they will still talk about "thank you" and will not ignore the sense of distance between people because of the improvement of familiarity.

with such a person, conflicts will never happen.

people who know how to change positions

the Master said, "do not do to others what you do not want."

A cultured person will never impose on others what he does not want to bear.

the saddest thing about dealing with people is that you don't know how to think of others.

Communication without consideration for others is always ineffective;

there is no point in being kind without comparing your heart to heart.

agrees with the saying: "you can never understand a person unless you walk around in his shoes and think from his point of view."

just like the problem in many families:

the son wants his father to stop nagging, and the father wants his son to make people feel at ease.

the husband wants his wife to be gentle and virtuous, and the wife wants her husband to hold up for a long time.

everyone is reasonable, but the position is different.

most people who look at things from their own point of view find it difficult to convince others.

in life, some people do not know how to think of others, so even if they receive favors from others, they will not say thank you and often take it for granted.

makes people unhappy and unwilling to lend a helping hand.

if you accept a small favor, you will thank you; if you commit a small mistake, you will apologize.

our world will be easier if we get to know such people deeply.

people who are grateful

there are always people who think that "no thanks are given", and there is no need to say words of gratitude.

they ignore their parents' efforts and do not understand filial piety;

they ignore their friends' help and are ungrateful.

the so-called "wolves in human clothing" is the most appropriate to describe them.

people, once they are used to taking palms upward, they will not learn to give palms downwards.

those who do not know how to be grateful will never be content with their blessings.

even if it is successful, it will not return to society; even if it has the ability, it will not be used in the right way.

Wang Fu said: "Life needs a grateful heart to create, a grateful heart needs life to nourish."

most of the people who say "thank you" are grateful.

even in the face of adversity, they can accept the test of life with gratitude and smile.

positive energy is their label, and being positive is their habit.

if we are lucky enough to have a deep acquaintance with such people, we will be one step closer to happiness.

who we spend with is really important and may determine our fate for the rest of our lives.

all your words and deeds show your character.

those who say "thank you" see beautiful things and hear them pleasing to the ear, so they are delicate, transpositional and grateful.

you can live up to this life by walking hand in hand with the one who is always grateful and who deserves it.