Only a man who loves you to the bone will reach such a state.
Only a man who loves you to the bone will reach such a state.
Because I love you, I am invincible to everything, but I am all weak to you.

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some people say,

falling in love with someone is like a sunflower:

"there is no one else in my eyes, but you are everywhere. When there is you, you are the sun, and I can't take my eyes off; without you, I bow my head and see no one. "

I think so!

Love a person is so "stubborn": do not enter to all people in life, but different to you; cold and mean to all people, but deeply affectionate to you.

as the saying goes:

"you are my world, and my world is only you."

in short, a man who loves you to the bone has a "enchanted" difference between you and others.

is gentle to you and indifferent to others

on a certain program, Cai Kangyong said:

"my indifference comes from things that have nothing to do with me and don't bother me. I have to stay and solve the things that are important to me. "

what is the most important thing for a person? About the one you love in your heart.

it can be seen that indifference is due to lack of love, while gentleness comes from loving too much.

Love, there is an "exclusive": a man loves you, a frown makes him care about you, and every move is gentle to you.

in fact, no man is born gentle, and no man is born strong.

only when he meets the woman he really loves will he become very tender.

as Maugham said:

Love requires a feeling of weakness, a need for thoughtfulness and care, and a passion to help and please others.

is generous to you and stingy to yourself

there is a message on Weibo:

"A man is like an iron rooster. It is only when you meet the one you love that you pull yourself clean. "

as a woman, meeting such an "iron rooster" is a lifetime of luck.

I have a friend who has a mediocre family, but works very hard.

in order to make more money, he applied to the unit to work in remote mountainous areas.

although the environment is difficult, the income there is considerable.

although he earns more, people can't help teasing him: "Iron Rooster, not a penny."

because every time he goes out, he will bring his own cup of water, and even if he is thirsty, he is reluctant to buy a bottle of water.

three years later, he bought a new house for marriage in the downtown area where his girlfriend is located. The new house is more than 100 square meters and more than 2 million, and the down payment will be put in place in one step.

people did not expect that he, who has always been thrifty and stingy, unexpectedly acted so arrogantly that he was not soft-hearted at all when he bought a house for love.

is this still the "iron rooster" of the past?

someone once said:

"the simplest man is the sober man in the world."

in my opinion, the greatest sobriety in the world is that a man is "minimalist" to others and "extremely" in love with his sweetheart.

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A man is willing to spend money for you, which is a kind of generosity, because he loves you and worries about not giving you enough. A man is even more generous when he is willing to pay for you, because he loves you and wants to give you enough happiness.

I have no temper with you, but I am very aloof to others

there is a story in the brief book: a female boss went out of town on a business trip. At the hotel, she received a call from her husband.

my husband said he was buying sunshade curtains and needed her to make a decision. So she and her husband opened the video.

at this time, her "choice phobia" has happened again.

so, after her husband measured the size, she couldn't decide on the style.

so my husband held up his cell phone and turned around the curtains again and again.

my husband smiled helplessly: "that is, I have a good temper and let you toss about casually."


be kind to you because of love;

if you have a good temper, you are willing to be "tossed about" by you.

because I love you, I am invincible to everything, but all to you.

the so-called "aloof and cold" is only because it is difficult to warm up to those who do not love.

this reminds me of that sentence:

"many people who are aloof on the outside are fanatics on the inside. It's just that they like to hide their true selves with false appearances. "

only to the one you love deeply will a man take off his disguise and open his heart: he smiles at you and has no temper; he speaks freely to you and is defenseless.

be tolerant of you and impatient with others

"Love is a momentary mood, but love is a lifetime tolerance. A man loves you, even if your small temper and small shortcomings, in his eyes are 'cute'. "

I think so!

watched a video: there is an elderly couple.

Grandma is careless and always misses things.

however, the old man has a very good temper: he wrote a post-it note and stuck it in a conspicuous place, so that the old woman would not forget things; he quietly put away the hair card and took it out when the grandmother used it.

someone asked Grandpa:

what do you like about her?

he said: "I like her carelessness. I like that she has no bad intentions and can bear hardships." That's the problem of losing things. I'm afraid it won't get better. "

In many cases, tolerating each other's shortcomings is not softness and cowardice. But, do not want to lose each other, can not bear to see each other sad.

if you love someone shallowly, no one is willing to make do with each other, but if you love someone deeply, you will choose to accommodate each other.

how much tolerance and concession a person has to a person is how deep his love for her is.

therefore, the feelings that can help each other for a lifetime must have a deep feeling called tolerance and accommodation.

in the TV series "Love apartment", there was a scene: Zeng Xiaoxian was addicted to cleanliness and never ate the food in other people's hands.


because subconsciously, he has fallen in love with Hu Yifei.

falling in love with someone is like this: "in any case, no one can get to my heart, only you can."

this may be the realm of a man who loves you to the bone.

, good night.