One step is magnanimity, and one point width is magnanimity.
One step is magnanimity, and one point width is magnanimity.
Be kind to others and tolerate people in an atmosphere.

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when you are alive, you can't have everything you want. There will always be all kinds of things that upset you and make you angry.

everyone has a temper, but losing one's temper wantonly won't solve anything. It will only make things worse.

as the saying goes:

it is easy to be friendly in doing things, not to grind one's temper when something happens, and the sea accepts all rivers to nourish the atmosphere.

Life is like a spiritual practice. we cannot predict the way ahead. What we can do is to adjust our mindset, be more friendly, have more atmosphere, and have less temper, so that things will develop in the direction we expect, and life will be colorful.

Life, win in harmony

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: the qi of heaven and earth is born when it is warm and killed when it is cold. Therefore, if the nature is cold, the enjoyment is also cold and thin. Only those who are kind and warm-hearted are blessed and their luster is long.

when dealing with people, only by treating others with tenderness and humility can we resolve all contradictions and conflicts and get along well with others.

Master Dream window was an eminent monk. Once he crossed the river by boat, and as soon as the boat was not far from the river bank, he saw a general on the bank coming in a hurry and shouted, "wait a minute, the boatman will take me there."

seeing the ferocious face of the general and the fear of the people on board, they all said, "the ship has sailed and there is no turning back."

the boatman should also say, "Please wait for the next boat!"

only Zen Master Dream window said, "Boatman, the boat is not long off shore. It's convenient to take him across the river later."

as soon as the boatman saw that Zen Master Mengchuan asked for mercy, he sailed the boat back and let the general get on board.

as soon as he got on board, the general angrily picked up a whip and whipped the Zen master Mengchuan, and scolded, "the monk goes away and gives up his seat to me."

the whip hit the Dream window Zen master right on the head, the blood ran down his cheek, and the Zen master gave up his seat to the general without saying a word.

when the boat docked on the shore, if nothing had happened to the Zen master in Dream window, he went to the river and quietly washed the blood off his head.

when the overbearing general saw that Master Mengchuan was so calm and indifferent, he immediately felt remorse and sincerely apologized to Mengchuan Zen master.

Master Mengguang not only accepted his apology, but also said calmly:

"it doesn't matter, everyone will be upset when they are away from home!"

when everyone is alive, everyone has his own mood and temper. We should learn to face up to other people's emotions and tolerate others' temper.

in many cases, tolerance does not mean indulgence, kindness does not mean weakness, and greeting people with kindness is also a kind of wisdom of life.

as the saying goes: there are few disputes when dealing with things in a friendly way, but there are many friends when you smile.

A lot of fearless disputes and quarrels will be avoided if one-third is not harmful to friendship.

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be friendly and kind, good luck will come uninvited, and life will become more and more comfortable.

Life is defeated by temper

as Zhang Xiaoxian said:

everything is not going well, because I still have a temper. If you have a temper, you will suffer not only others but also yourself.

when people are angry and angry, they tend to lose their minds and do something impulsive, but they regret it afterwards.

remember that there is such a plot in the movie Wild Story:

male master Corey drove his beloved car on the desolate highway when he met a road bully and deliberately changed lanes, but did not give way.

Corey was not reconciled to being suppressed by him all the time, accelerated to overtake, scolded the other party, and walked away.

didn't want to drive very far, but Corey's car suddenly had a flat tire, so he had to get out of the car and change the tire.

Corey couldn't stand it and wanted to crash the road bully's car into the river and tried to kill the road bully.

in this way, the battle between the two men became more and more fierce. finally, the fuel tank of the car was detonated and both were killed in the fire.

the beginning of the matter is only a small matter, but because of mutual anger, resulting in a car crash and death.

you know, losing your temper not only doesn't solve any problem, but anger can also have a terrible impact on your life.

so please be sure to control your temper.

in the face of bad people and bad things, let yourself keep three points of calmness and seven points of reason, take a light view of everything, say less hurtful words, and do less regrets, so as to avoid causing harm to both sides.

Don't get angry and don't lose your temper.

only by learning to put down your temper can you be the master of life and meet a better future.

Life is accomplished in the atmosphere

once read such a story:

Boo Hoover is a famous test pilot who often needs to perform in aviation exhibitions.

because of his skill, he controlled the plane to land safely, although the plane was seriously damaged, but fortunately there were no casualties.

after the forced landing, Hoover began to check the cause of the failure, and as he expected, the cause of the accident was the wrong type of fuel added.

back at the airport, Hoover asked to see the mechanic who maintained the plane. The young mechanic realized that he had made a mistake, felt guilty and ashamed, and was ready to accept Hoover's reproach and punishment.

Hoover had every reason to condemn the mechanic in the face of such a big mistake. But he didn't. Instead, he hugged him gently and said:

"to show that I believe you won't make mistakes again, I want you to continue to maintain the plane for me tomorrow."

since then, he has never made any mistakes at work, and he has become Hoover's most tacit partner.

A man who is not a sage is infallible. Hoover is well aware of each other's annoyed feelings, knows how to understand and accommodate others, and treats things with a sudden attitude, which is exactly the kind of person who will be more respected by others.

as the saying goes: the sky is big enough to hold the vast sea of stars; the earth is big enough to support all living things; the sea is big enough to accept the flow of rivers and rivers; if people have an atmosphere, the sea is in the heart.

atmosphere is not only a kind of bearing, pattern, but also a kind of self-restraint in dealing with people and doing things.

only such people can accumulate more luck, have more opportunities, and make the road of life wider and wider.

Please believe that great things can only be achieved by being a man in the atmosphere.

Life is short and things change.

instead of haggling, it is better to be a little more atmospheric and be at ease.

Caigen Tan says:

"Let one step be high in the world, and retrogression is the Zhang Ben of progress; treating others with leniency is the foundation of benefiting others and benefiting others and self-interest."

Let one step be magnanimous, and one point wide is magnanimous. Only in this way can you make your life less unnecessary trouble and more beautiful colors.

, for the rest of your life, may you be kind to others, tolerate people in atmosphere, and walk out of the bright scenery with your own footsteps.