Not taking advantage is the greatest shrewdness.
Not taking advantage is the greatest shrewdness.
Leniency and good character is the right way in the world.

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as the saying goes, "he who has no advantage is a fool."

A simple sentence fits the mentality of too many people who are greedy for petty gain, and is regarded as the truth of life by more and more people.

but if you think about it, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

God has secretly priced everything that is free, and the present bargain may charge a high fee in the future.

people who are always addicted to taking advantage are not stingy or stingy, but they just have a sense of luck in their hearts.

they are always pleased with the slight advantage they have, but they do not know that they have lost their character and pattern and ruined their lives in a series of flukes.

it is a blessing to suffer losses, and sometimes it seems to be a loss if you are not greedy for a little bit of petty profit, but you do not realize that this is the greatest shrewdness.

people who want to take advantage

always take advantage of greed

people who want to take advantage often don't get it.

after all, there is no such thing as pie in the sky in this world. Every kind of gain that does not seem to need to be paid needs to be repaid by something other than money.

No one in the world is a fool, and no one is willing to do business at a loss.

No hard work, no gain, is not what you deserve, more than what you get, if it is not a test, it is a trap.

read a short story:

an old man went for a walk in the street and accidentally saw a lot of people surrounded by a place in the street.

I came forward and found that it was a vendor peddling dishwashing knives. In addition to spitting and promoting high quality, the key point was to buy kitchen knives and send a lot of things, which was very cost-effective.

the old man calculated carefully that if the free prize was included, it far exceeded the value of the kitchen knife, so he decided to do it.

the peddler looked at the old man's heart and went on to say that if he bought two kitchen knives to send more things, and more cost-effective, and said bluntly, "after this village, there is no such shop," he asked him to place an order as soon as possible.

when the old man's children went home, they found that the old man had been deceived.

the kitchen knife can not be used properly at all. The prizes given are all bargains from the street "1 yuan store", which are not cost-effective at all.

as soon as the old man got angry and fell ill, he spent a few days in hospital and spent a lot of money on medical expenses.

people who want to take advantage sometimes not only fail to take advantage, but pay a hundredfold price for "taking advantage".

as the writer Ma de said:

Our trumpet wedding dresses are defined by gorgeous tailoring concinnity . Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

"No one in the world likes people who like to take advantage, but all people like people who like to lose. When you think about losing, you will win others. "

all the acts of taking advantage in life are actually creating suffering for themselves.

after all, people's blessings are limited. if you take advantage of others, you will be less blessed.

therefore, those who do not take advantage will not suffer losses, and those who take advantage must suffer losses.

Love to take advantage is never a trivial matter

but a sign of ill-breeding

the more educated a man is, the more willing he is to suffer.

people always take "money" so seriously that they forget that there are so many things in this world that money cannot be measured.

it is often said, "whatever you can solve with money, you will not call it a problem."

that's true. Money is just a tool for us to live a better life.

but if we give up a happy life, or even our own upbringing, for this tool, then the existence of money is meaningless.

once read such a story on the Internet:

said that there was a young man who looked for a job locally after graduation, but no company dared to take him.

in an interview, he still didn't get in, so he asked the interviewer why he wasn't hired.

however, the ending was unexpected to him.

"to be honest, in terms of working ability, you are the person we are looking for. But we checked your credit history and found that you have been punished three times for evading a ticket by bus. First of all, you don't respect the rules; second, you can't be trusted. "

the young man is really smart and good at discovering loopholes in life.

but it was this cleverness that ruined his future.

people who want to take advantage have a bit of luck in their hearts, and they often feel blessed and lucky to be "successful".

in fact, shuttling back and forth in one fluke after another will eventually make yourself punished by fluke and unable to turn back.

the original purpose of every rule and law is to be abided by, and if you still want to take advantage of it, you will only lose the big because of the small.

A person's style of behavior, what is hidden in his speech and behavior is his upbringing and his invisible business card.

and a person who does not take advantage of life will never let him suffer.

not taking advantage is the greatest shrewdness

there is nothing wrong with having desires.

can be born a human being, the most valuable energyStrength is to control one's desires.

A person who can control his desires will naturally have better control over his life, while a person who cannot control his desires will often be reckless in order to achieve his goals.

greed is everyone's inborn desire, but in the face of small bargains that no one cares about, many people's greed will prevail.

in the minds of these people, taking advantage shows that they are a shrewd person.

do not know that a little makes a Mickle, and the petty profit in your eyes will one day ruin your life.

in an interview with Ma Weidu, it was interesting to talk about his nanny.

the babysitter often sneaks into his house's things and doesn't take anything valuable.

Today, if she is short of garlic in cooking at home, she will have a head of garlic; tomorrow she may have two slices of ginger.

Shun things are also fastidious, do not touch all the things that have not been opened, and take only those that have been unsealed.

after Ma Weidu found out, he said to the babysitter:

it's useless, the babysitter turns a deaf ear, and the things that should be obeyed still go quietly.

this bothers Ma Weidu very much. everyone knows that he is engaged in cultural relics.

the babysitter is a small piece now, in case one day she is interested in cultural relics, teacher Ma will stumble.

so I had no choice but to dismiss.

Trust between people is rare. Although the act of taking advantage of one person is harmless in one's own eyes, it is an expression that is not worthy of trust in the eyes of others.

after all, as the old saying goes, "steal needles when you are young, steal gold when you are big".

all bad habits are not formed in one day or two, but accumulated over time without thinking about improvement.

people who love to take advantage of petty gains will become big greed and huge greed over the years, and eventually harm themselves and harm society.

A person who understands this truth will never take advantage of others, because he knows that he will pay an even more terrible price in the future because of the present advantage.

therefore, people's vision should last a little longer, and don't be blinded by the small profits in front of them because of taking advantage. Not taking advantage is really shrewd.

if you are too smart, you are a fool.

there is a good saying:

Life is like a long river into the sea, and it is never the gains and losses of one pass and one place, but the Hongpei gathered by all rivers, that determines the outcome.

in this world, only 1% of people can seize the opportunity to take advantage of small losses, while 99% of people take advantage of small gains.

so smart people will never resist losses, let alone indulge themselves to be cheap, because they know that the small bargains at present will have to pay a more terrible price in the future.

leniency and good character is the right way in the world.

May we not focus on personal gains and losses, and be smart people who look up at the scenery, with a broad heart and a wider road.