No matter who you get angry with, you end up hurting yourself.
No matter who you get angry with, you end up hurting yourself.
Know how to put down, can be free to embrace the present, happy every day.

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Confucius said, "Don't vent your anger, don't make mistakes."

the two most useless things in the world, one is angry, the other is angry.

nine times out of ten things go wrong when you are alive.

is to punish yourself with other people's mistakes. Anger not only does not solve the problem, but also burns your sobriety.

when you are alive, it is better to straighten out your anger than to waste time being angry. Keep an open mind. Happiness is the most important thing in one's life.

Why should people be angry?

Chuang Tzu said, "if there is a gap between heaven and earth, it is just all of a sudden."

people pass quickly after a short life.

Why are you angry?

you know, everything in this world, except life and death, is a small matter.

as the saying goes, "all diseases arise from qi."

when I was young, I was full of blood. When I met something that didn't go well, I was angry and angry.

when you reach middle age, stop being angry and be responsible for yourself.

Rice ears die of drought, camels die of fatigue, and people die of anger.

sometimes, if you take care of too many things, your wisdom will be hurt.

when you argue with a fool, you also become a fool. When something goes wrong with anger, it is cheaper for others.

Life is not easy, their own body, their own care, their own mood, their own care.

everything a little light, a little less troubles in life, trivial things, we forget, ungrateful people, we stay away.

things are changeable, don't be angry, our bodies will be healthier.

the state of mind is not good, to put it bluntly, it is that the heart is too small, the heart is a little bigger, the natural peace of mind and body, all diseases are reduced.

take things lightly and be affectionate to your health.

it's stupid to be angry

Schopenhauer said: "getting angry at other people's behavior is as stupid as losing your temper with a stone."

in fact, in this life, there is joy and anger, anger and sorrow, and the worst thing is to get angry.

not only can anger not solve any problem, but it will often make the event out of control, and it will be easier to deal with it if you calm down.

in the African prairie, there is a kind of bat that crawls on the buttocks of wild horses to suck blood.

some horses disagree, while others are grumpy.

eventually the angry horses died howling and kicking each other.

experts have found that the amount of blood sucking in bats is simply not enough to kill them. The real cause of death was the rage and emotional loss of the Mustang.

most of the time, when you lose your mind for trifles, you don't let go of yourself.

Zhuge Liang three Qi Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu vomited blood to death; Wang Lang fell off his horse in front of the three armies because of "gas" and was angry and died; Yan Jinwu, a famous general of the Jin Dynasty, was rode on him by Niugao, was furious, hummed, and died!

all the bad consequences of uncontrollable rage will eventually come back to you.

anger is essentially anger at one's own incompetence.

Life is better to win than to be angry.

when you are yourself and live a richer and better life, everyone will be kind to you.

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Don't be influenced by anger in the second half of your life.

in life, you can live a happy day and an unhappy day.

when you want to get angry, think about how much time you have left.

if you figure it out, you won't get angry.

in the second half of life, one day is less than one day. What is there to worry about?

when you are alive, it is good to have a good conscience.

on the way to getting old, eat well, sleep well and keep in good health.

people live, as long as they are happy! Just look down on it!

there are some things that should be let go, while others should be forgotten.

those who are not worth it, sad things, please come out of life.

only when you know how to let go can you free your hand to embrace the present and be happy every day.