No matter who you associate with, remember these 10 hidden social rules
No matter who you associate with, remember these 10 hidden social rules
Do not consume others, do not delay others, is a kind of true kindness.

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"are you there"

when many people are looking for someone on Wechat, they are used to asking "are you there?"

although this is to be polite, no one really likes such opening remarks.

Adult time is precious. If you don't have time, I'll go back 800 times.

you have to say something before the other person can decide whether you are here or not.

so, after greeting, get down to business. If the other person doesn't reply for a long time, it means it can't be done.

if the other person replies "I'm sorry, I was busy" a long time later, you don't have to repeat it.

put aside this matter to have a chat, give each other a step, and keep thoughtfulness and face.


"I'll go back and think about it"


how are you thinking about cooperation in this project? " "I'll discuss it with my wife."

"it's a real bargain to sign up for the gym now." "I'll go back and think about it."

"would you like to go out for dinner this weekend?" "I'll see if I have time."

in fact, everyone knows the meaning behind this reply, and it's basically hopeless.

in the adult world, without a quick answer is an euphemistic refusal.

so stop asking questions, forcing others to come up with an excuse to reject you and cut off the infinite possibility of cooperation in the future?


"it's hard to do"

when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter the time of asking for help.

although sometimes they are either perfunctory or receive an ambiguous answer, "it's not easy to do this."

but congratulations, at least it means it can be done.

the greatest rule of interpersonal communication is mutual benefit.

to put it more colloquially, what to do with this matter depends on how much value you can give in exchange.

there is no free lunch, and no one will help you for no reason.

when you meet someone who is willing to help you, he is an honorable person.

if not, let's find a way to be strong and ask for help less.


"I'm doing this for your own good"

in life, there are too many people who kidnap others morally and guide others' lives under the banner of "for your own good".

"I am a man of experience. You have to listen to me. I care about you. It must be right to listen to me." How can you be so ungrateful and waste my kindness? "

but in most cases, these words are either addicted to their own mouth or have a hidden selfishness.

A friend who is really nice to you won't make you feel uncomfortable.

A friend who is really nice to you always does more than he says.


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"I don't like to bother others"

I don't know when the people around me became more and more independent.

they follow the principle of "I don't like to bother others" and take matters into their own hands.

some people think this mode of getting along is very comfortable, but most people don't realize that there is another meaning of this sentence:

"I don't bother others, and I don't want them to bother me."

in fact, this is quite normal. In the adult world, everyone is very busy and there is no room to help others without solving their own affairs.

therefore, one of the adult's self-cultivation is not to disturb and trouble others casually.

but more importantly, don't squander the kindness and kindness of others.

you should know that it is duty for others to help you, but it is duty not to help you.


"in principle"

"in principle" is a very skillful and coquettish art of speech.

for people who are not familiar with it, "yes in principle" is equivalent to a disguised refusal.

to put it bluntly, we can do this in principle, but because we don't know each other well, or because I don't want to benefit you, why should I help you?

"not allowed in principle".

that's what the rules say, but I'm willing to help you. There's room for flexibility in this matter.



"what's wrong"

when people are hurt, sad or in trouble, they always hope that there will be someone around them to accompany them.

but some people come to ask "what's wrong with you" whenever you have something? they don't really care, but simply satisfy their curiosity or gossip.

so, don't talk to others from the bottom of your heart as soon as they are nice. Tell the truth to those who deserve it.

but you should know that life is long, no one will always accompany you, you always have to go through a period of time of your own.

Learning to be silent is the beginning of strength.


"have dinner together next time"

everyone has heard the scene of "have dinner together next time", but no one cares about it.

he said that he would make another appointment next time, and he would have time to have dinner together later, and there would be no more news.

it's a bit of a pity, but in fact, we all know that good-byes for adults are forever.

but life is short, and some people really miss it if they don't get in touch. So take advantage of the bright spring, go and see those you want to see.


"are you busy now?"

there is a suggestion on Weibo:

"when someone asks you if you are busy, you should say you are busy anyway."

because according to experience, if you say you are not busy, nine times out of ten the other person will keep you busy. "

indeed, "whether you are busy or not" is a very frequently used code word in the workplace.

usually the people who ask this sentence don't really care whether you are busy or not, they just want a signal from you that they can help.

and you never know how troublesome it will be to be imposed on you, so don't rush to say yes.

but if the boss asks, it's a different story.


"what are you doing"

some people say that by searching the words "what are you doing" in the Wechat chat log, you will know who is secretly in love with you.

I just think it's funny at first, but it's true when I think about it.

No one will be idle to care about you, and people who like you will not often say "I love you".

they put thousands of words of concern and heartfelt love, in the dialog box, type and delete, delete and type, and finally become a cautious greeting:

"what are you doing?"

quietly express the ups and downs of yearning as restrained and moving.

Wechat search for "what are you doing" to see who appears the most, whether it's a friend or lover, please cherish it.

well, these 10 hidden social rules are not clearly stated, but they are very important. I hope you and I both understand.

, good night.