No matter what age you reach, there are seven bottom lines to keep.
No matter what age you reach, there are seven bottom lines to keep.
Everyone has to have their own bottom line.

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A person's life is always full of ups and downs, full of all kinds of twists and turns.

or lose the original heart because of gaining power, or lose the struggle because of losing power, the only thing that can't be lost is the bottom line of being a man.

what is the bottom line?

the bottom line is our dignity, and we can't lower ourselves or touch it easily.

the bottom line is our arrogance, we should not belittle ourselves, nor can we throw it away casually.

the bottom line is our character, which cannot be sheltered or destroyed at will.

No matter what happens, one must achieve the following seven bottom lines:


No matter how difficult it is, you don't owe money and don't pay it back

everyone will encounter some financial difficulties. The people who can lend you money at this time are all people who care about you and are really kind to you.

be grateful for the thoughtfulness of others, and keep in mind that others help you.

when it comes to the agreed repayment period, the promise must be fulfilled on time.

character is built by yourself, trust is given by yourself.

Don't let his cold heart go away, don't hurt those who are sincere for your good.

if you get hurt, you will never recover.


No matter how tired you are, you won't cheat.

there is a saying like this: if you cheat on your work, work will fool you.

if it's a job, you have to do it in a down-to-earth manner, and don't always think about taking shortcuts and taking advantage.

take your own bowl and eat your own food.

if you work harder and tired, you will eventually benefit from the improvement of your working ability.

those with strong skills have experienced thousands of hammers and thousands of blows before they have achieved what they are today.

cheating and deceiving others, although it is of temporary benefit, in the long run, deceiving others will be exposed sooner or later, and in the end, you will be fooled and fooled.


No matter how bitter it is, you don't count your friends

some people say that a person without friends is like living without sunshine.

A photo of the word "friend" and "February".

Friends take light from each other, care for and support each other.

A person's strength is weak and incomplete, and one's achievements cannot be achieved without the support of friends.

when you are in trouble, a friend will always come forward. Even if it is not a great help, the comfort of a friend is the greatest support.

Friends are umbrellas in wind and rain, and friends are companions in times of adversity.

calculating friends is tantamount to breaking their own back and failing friends, is tantamount to making things difficult for themselves!


No matter how poor you are, you don't blame your family

there is a familiar saying: people only care about whether you fly high or not, and only your family cares whether you are tired or not.

everyone has encountered bad things in their work and life:

some people, when they encounter emotional setbacks, blame their family members for not giving them enough love when they are young.

some people, when they don't get along well with others, complain that their family's mode of getting along with each other has a negative impact on him.

some people feel resentful when they are treated unfairly by fate and complain about their families: "if they could make more money, I wouldn't have to live so hard now."

it seems that all the shortcomings and injustices encountered are the fault of the family.

you know, nothing is absolutely fair. If you want to have more, you have to give more. So do we, and so do our families.

parents are the most grateful, they give us life; parents' feelings are the most true, and they do their best for us!

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there is a sentence that has been retweeted countless times in moments:

my parents are so ordinary that they can't give me anything, but they give me everything.

Don't blame your parents, they are not easy, how filial to your parents, don't break their hearts.


No matter how much you like it, you will never break up a family

as the saying goes, it is better to tear down ten temples than to break a marriage.

A gentleman can do something and not do something, but he can't do anything immoral.

people cannot live without character; when dealing with feelings, they cannot do without virtue. Love is a good thing. Don't let it become a bad thing that everyone spurns.

I will not ask for those who do not want to help us;

We will not disturb those who do not like us;

We don't touch money that doesn't belong to us;

does not belong to our fate, we will not stay!

feelings seized by unscrupulous means will inevitably lead to emotional retribution.


No matter how hard it is, don't lose your backbone

it is said in the Outlaws of the Marsh that people do not have rigid bones and do not settle down firmly.

it is difficult for a man to stand on his feet if he does not have a strong backbone.

Bone is a person's bone, lost the bone will be out of shape!

Poor, not afraid; bitter, not afraid. Don't eat the food you give away. Don't do anything heartless.

is wrong, I will change it; if I say it, I will do it. Don't go back on your word and don't shirk your responsibility.

be a man with backbone:

will not have both sides, so be down-to-earth;

Don't flatter, then be frank;

won't be opportunistic, so do your share;

NoIf the wind drives the helm, then be aggressive.

if you have backbone, you will have the capital to be respected. If you have no backbone, you will really be looked down upon by others.


No matter how rich you are, you are not arrogant.

as the saying goes: if the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and if the man is crazy, there will be disaster.

Life has a long way to go, so don't be arrogant. If you are crazy for a while, you can't be crazy for a lifetime.

there are people in the world, but there are days outside the sky.

there is always someone better than you, so no one has the right to look down upon each other.

Ten years east of the river, ten years of Hexi, people you once looked down on may now be rich and powerful.

A man is not as good as a thousand days, and a flower without a hundred days of red, so no matter how rich you are, don't be too arrogant.

it is the natural fragrance of the flowers, so there is no need to blow in the wind; the tiger has its own power, and there is no need to shout everywhere.

what is the bottom line of being a man?

when you do good deeds, you can't change your conscience, be upright, don't forget your benefactor, be affectionate and righteous, never lose your heart, keep your word, and never lose your integrity.

bottom line, although can not be seen, can not be touched, but everyone must have their own bottom line.

Don't deceive the sincerity of others, sacrifice your dignity, or touch other people's bottom line.

have the bottom line, do not shake all your life, and be yourself with good conduct;

keep the bottom line, have no resentment all my life, and be a true and honest self.