No matter husband and wife or lover, the more they like to do these three "movements", the more likely they are to have an affair.
No matter husband and wife or lover, the more they like to do these three "movements", the more likely they are to have an affair.
Fight less for right and wrong and talk more about love; let go of comparisons and be content.


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A good marriage turns a man into a child, while a bad marriage makes a man mad.

No matter husband and wife or lover, as long as one person in a relationship likes to do these three "actions", the relationship will break down sooner or later.

often complain

Love and marriage are different in nature.

Love is the romance between you and me, while marriage is the reality of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea.

every day, we have to face food, clothing, housing, transportation, care about money and expenses, and we will grumble if we fail to make ends meet.

Yi Shu once wrote:

"one person can be poor, but two people can't, because they can't help blaming each other for their poverty."

No matter husband and wife or lovers, when two people live together, they must work together, work hard in the same place, and face all kinds of wind and rain together.

you can complain occasionally, but you can't complain all day long, just complaining without facing reality, which is passing the buck.

in fact, it is better to change than complain. Spend more time on progress and try to improve your life.

Life can only be sweet if you find more ways and less excuses.

but if there is a person in the relationship, sighing all day long, habitually complaining about everything around him, instead of looking for change.

for a long time, no one wants to live with such a negative energy person, which makes people feel depressed and out of breath.

love to fight for right and wrong

when I see a sentence in moments, it makes sense:

"fighting for right or wrong in chicken and dog scraps and winning or losing in details is the most likely to produce grievances and exhaust enthusiasm."

Home is not a reasonable place to win or lose. If everything is high and low, then there is no temperature to speak of.

home makes people feel warm and happy is that families are tolerant of each other, can think of others, understand and understand each other's difficulties.

A lot of emotional things, there is no right or wrong at all. Instead of swords and tit-for-tat, it is better to take it calmly and let time speak.

in marriage, if there is a person who likes to argue about right or wrong and cares about winning or losing, the last loss must be the relationship between two people.

A quarrel always hurts both sides, even if the quarrel wins the truth, it will break the lover's heart.

whether husband and wife or lovers, if only fight for right or wrong, meaningless mind, how day and night, how can hearts depend on each other?

likes to keep up with others

in the first half of my Life, Luo Zijun, who was reborn after Nirvana, once said, "as long as you are satisfied in your heart, you don't have to compare it with other people's standards."

Life is tiring, half from survival and half from comparison.

in life, everyone's path is different, and there is no need to follow in the footsteps of others.

most of the time, people's anxiety stems from paying too much attention to the pace of the people around them.

I am complacent to see that others are not as good as their own. I resent seeing that others are better off than I am.

Marriage is a matter for two people, and there is one person who likes to keep up with others, that is, giving each other chains, internal friction, torturing each other, and making people miserable.

Happiness is the thing most afraid of keeping up with others. Don't compare yourself with others at will, because the more happiness you compare, the cheaper it is.

do not envy others, do not compare life, can be safe and happy.

Marriage is between two people. If one is good, marriage may not be good. If a person is bad, his marriage must be bad.

whether husband and wife or lover, if one partner often complains, likes to fight for right or wrong, and likes to compare, the other half will escape sooner or later.

A good marriage is a sense of happiness between you and me, equal to each other, give to each other, be grateful to each other, and grow up with each other.

in life, instead of complaining, it is better to change, fight less for right and wrong, and talk more about love; let go of comparison and be content.

only in this way can we achieve a beautiful marriage, holding hands and growing old together, the happier and sweeter we are.