No matter husband and wife or lover, do not take the initiative to do these three things. If you take the initiative, you will lose.
No matter husband and wife or lover, do not take the initiative to do these three things. If you take the initiative, you will lose.
Seven points for a lover is enough, leaving three points to love yourself.

Love can be fascinating and easy to get lost.

especially for women, when they throw themselves into a relationship, they give wholeheartedly just to be with their loved ones.

however, there is always a gap between reality and ideal.

sometimes, if you pay and sacrifice blindly, you may not be able to win the ideal love, but it will make the other person more indifferent and uncherished.

as Eason Chan sang in Red Rose: "those who can't get are always in commotion, and those who are favored are fearless."

there is nothing wrong with being a true lover, but there are limits to love.

so, no matter how much you love someone, you have to keep these three "bottom lines" and don't touch them.

Don't be humble and please no more.

if you hold an unequal love and get hurt all over, are you willing to continue?

the answer is no.

in any relationship, if only one person is working hard, he will eventually be disappointed.

Lin Lin's boyfriend, she took the initiative to pursue, she really loves him miserably.

every time I chat with everyone, I can't leave him for three words.

boyfriend's moments have been updated, and Lin Lin is always the first to like and comment.

when her boyfriend complains that the food in the canteen is bad, Lin Lin specializes in looking for recipes on the Internet, just for a long time to give him a delicious bento.

when it comes to the rest day, Lin Lin will sit in the car for several hours to wash her boyfriend's dirty clothes for days.

having been preparing a birthday surprise for her boyfriend for a long time, Lin Lin just said faintly, "as long as he is happy."

but these efforts did not get a little gratitude from his boyfriend. he even took it for granted and did not take Lin Lin's feelings into account.

Lin Lin was blamed for half an hour because she had an emergency and did not pick up the express delivery for him.

when Lin Lin was sick and didn't have time to deliver food to him who played games, he scolded him on the phone.

not only that, he often mentions embarrassing things about Lin Lin in front of his friends, which makes people laugh.

Lin Lin finally understands that love without dignity has finally become an abyss.

this caring love brought endless despair to Lin Lin. She carefully presented her heart and was discarded by others.

because he will not be moved by you, but will only enjoy your humility and get used to your giving.

at that time, the appearance of perfection may be maintained temporarily, but it cannot be fooled by the verification of time.

good love is never an one-man show, much less an one-man show, but a two-way trip between you and me.

so don't love the person who makes you chase.

the person who can't give you anything in return and will only make you sad, then "forget it".

Life is very short, to love the right person, it is worth the time, live up to this life.

Don't rely too much on love anymore

Love is like a taut rope. The tighter it is, the easier it is to break.

when I first fell in love, I desperately wanted to hold on to each other for fear of losing, even wanting to stick together 24 hours a day.

but people are like this, the more they get entangled, the more they want to break free and escape.

Kuang Meibao, innocent and overbearing in the movie "born Love Mania", makes every effort to rely on her boyfriend Zhang Tailin to get love sense of security.

once, my boyfriend and relatives went out for a drink and dared not say it directly, so they told a lie.

she went straight to the bar by following the GPS location on her boyfriend's phone, and the two men quarreled.

whether her boyfriend is working or socializing, she always checks the post on the phone regardless of the occasion and asks him, "where is it?" What? With whom? "

even harass the friends around her boyfriend.

in order to be able to commute with her boyfriend every day, she did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to rent a unit downstairs from her boyfriend's company.

this kind of love is so suffocating that my boyfriend thinks he is out of breath and just wants to run away.

Love just wants to be bored together, which is understandable, but there must be a limit to everything.

moderate dependence can bring us closer to each other, but once it goes too far, it is slowly eroding each other's love.

Missy said: "everyone needs independent space to digest love. Sticking together will only make love stagnant and eventually stillborn."

in a relationship, learn to reduce your desire for dependence, and don't always think about asking for dependence in love.

good love should be affectionate but not entangled, close but not dependent.

so, no matter how much you love, please be independent and mature, and don't regard each other as your whole life.

giving each other more freedom can promote the relationship between them and keep happiness in their hands all the time.

Don't lose yourself if you love again

in a relationship, women are always emotional, especially when they meet love.

but no matter how much you love each other, remember not to build a relationship by losing yourself.

Last year, a song called "Red High heels" went viral, bringing actor Liu Mintao back into public view.

but few people know that it took 37 years for Liu Mintao to transform into what he is now confident, free and easy.

3At the age of 0, she chose to take a break to get married during the rising period, resolutely gave up her career and became her husband's "good wife".

however, life is not a fairy tale.

seven years of marriage seems to be happy, but in fact there are hidden dangers.

she revolves around her husband and daughter all day, so busy with firewood, rice and salt that she has already lost herself before she knows it, but she can't even get a loving hug.

after the divorce, she lived more and more sober and clear, no longer need to bind herself for others, but also found her own rainbow sky.

acting, variety shows, return to the screen, with long-lost earnestness and persistence, gradually shine and shine.

in her spare time, she spends time with her family, as well as reading, drawing and traveling. Live a good life.

all of Liu Mintao's release and rebellion is to jump out of the world and live his own splendor.

in fact, it is dangerous to give up yourself for love at any time.

because once love changes in quality, you will not only lose love, but even be abandoned, and you have no room to fight back.

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so, don't rely entirely on the breath of love, you should have the ability to get out at any time, and the courage to be free and easy.

We are not born to belong to anyone, and we always have to fight for it on our own.

if you want to love for a long time, don't break your wings easily.

strive to improve yourself all the time and make yourself attractive all the time.

you will eventually understand that love is just the icing on the cake of life. It's fine without it. It's better to have it.

then, please welcome the new scenery with the best posture and live out your brilliance.

Seven points for a lover is enough, leaving three points to love yourself.

just listen to some sweet words, don't take them seriously; just be moved by some vows, don't believe them all.

the freshness of love is limited happiness, independent and confident oneself is the eternal arrangement.

May you always keep your principles in love, don't lose yourself, and then meet the one who makes you palpitate, cure all your regrets and helplessness, and go to the stars and sea hand in hand.

, good night.