No matter how nice you are, what's the use? (that's so good.)
No matter how nice you are, what's the use? (that's so good.)
When you are alive, you don't want everyone to be satisfied, but you want to have a clear conscience.


in life, there is a kind of person who lives the most tiring.

they care too much about other people's opinions and always worry too much to show their dissatisfaction.

they are too considerate of other people's feelings and don't know how to refuse other people's requests.

in order to cater to others, he answered everything he asked for, thinking that as long as he was good enough, he would be praised by others.

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I don't know, no matter how nice you are, what's the use?

No matter how nice you are, not everyone is satisfied with you.

when I was young, I always thought that as long as I was really kind to others, I would certainly receive genuine feedback from others.

so always get used to giving, in order to meet the needs of others, often wronged themselves, tolerated again and again.

the more you can experience, the more you understand: no matter how good you are, it's no use. There will always be people who hate you.

No matter how much we cater to it, it is impossible to satisfy everyone and get everyone's love.

I believe everyone is very familiar with the story of father and son riding donkeys.

Father and son led a donkey into the city. When the father rode the donkey, he was said to be cruel, while the son rode the donkey and was said to be unfilial.

when two people ride a donkey together, they are said to be cruel to the donkey.

as a result, the two men had no choice but to ride and lead the donkey, but they were still accused of being stupid.

Life is like this, there is too much helplessness.

No matter how well you do, there will be accusations;

No matter how thoughtful you are, there are people who refute you.

No matter how good a person is, he can't be recognized by everyone.

some people, even if you think of him everywhere, they still don't like you;

some people find fault with you even if you think of him in everything.

whether you are good or not, there are always people who misunderstand you; whether you are true or not, there are always people who are ungrateful.

it is said that it is difficult to be a person in this life, but it is more difficult to be a good person.

it is extremely difficult to make everyone satisfied with you.

after all, there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people.

if you have seen "Strange words", you will certainly have an impression of Ma Weiwei.

she has always been strong, but she burst into tears when she mentioned her mental journey on the show.

Ma Weiwei said that she had lost herself for a time, because no matter what she did, there would always be people who were dissatisfied with her.

in the first season, netizens laughed at her for being mean and sharp.

so in the second season, Ma Weiwei changed her sharp debate style and tried to look softer.

but netizens are still dissatisfied, saying that she has no edge and is in poor condition.

in order to meet netizens' expectations, Ma Weiwei once again catered to their ideas and changed the style of debate.

No matter how Ma Weiwei changed herself, netizens still didn't buy it, but questioned her:

"Ma Weiwei, why don't you look like yourself?"

there are thousands of people in this world, and no matter how good you are, you can't meet everyone's needs.

No matter how good you are, you will say that you are wrong when you meet someone who hates you.

No matter how sincere you are, you will talk about your words and deeds when you meet hypocritical people.

No matter how sincere you are to others, you will still ignore your efforts if you meet people who don't cherish you.

people who don't understand you are bound to dislike you and point fingers at you.

those who understand you will naturally understand you and respond to your sincerity and kindness.

before, I was naive and believed that as long as I did well enough, I could win the approval of others.

now I am over it. I no longer take into account everyone's feelings and other people's opinions. I don't care.

how big the world is, some people like you, some people don't like you, some people envy you, and some people will envy you.

if that's the case, why care about what other people think?

We are all ordinary people, we can't make everyone like it, we can't make everyone happy.

saw a question on the Internet:

"how to live a good life.


there is an answer, very good:

"when you reach a certain age, you must learn to live in peace with everything around you."

Let go of bad things, don't think about them all the time, and break up if you don't agree with them.

Don't cater to the opinions of others and ignore your own wishes. "

Yes, there are too many things in this world that are not satisfactory, so you don't have to put yourself in a dilemma because of the gossip.

as the saying goes, although the sheep soup is delicious, it is difficult to tune.

one dish, no matter how delicious it is, can't satisfy everyone's taste.

A cup of tea, no matter how mellow, can not be praised by everyone.

people. No matter how good you are, it is impossible to satisfy everyone.

the person who does not cherish you, you are no good to him, he will only take it for granted;

the person who hates you will be in vain no matter how kind you are to him. He will only think you are hypocritical.

after half a lifetime, people finally understand that life is their own after all.

there are not many people in this world who deserve to be wronged and accommodated by ourselves.

sometimes if you are not kind to him, he will understand your good intentions;

NoIf you think about him everywhere, he will know how to repay your heart.

sacrificing yourself to satisfy others like this will often make your life miserable.

people are alive, in the final analysis, it is most important to be happy.

when you are alive, you don't want everyone to be satisfied, but you want to have a clear conscience.