No matter how good you are with others, don't reveal these three secrets, it's not good for you!
No matter how good you are with others, don't reveal these three secrets, it's not good for you!
There are always some untold secrets that we need to cherish for the rest of our lives.





if the machine is not secret, disaster comes first.

there are always some untold secrets in life that we need to cherish for the rest of our lives.

Tibet is a kind of great wisdom in dealing with the world!

Zengguang Xianwen warns us that if you talk to everyone, you can't throw your heart away.

my past repentance

the most painful thing in life is the repentance you have done, because you can never go back to the past, so you can't get it back, and it has become an eternal regret.

repentance that happens in life is often the biggest secret in a person's heart. every time he thinks about it, he sprinkles salt on his wound, so he is the least willing to face it.

but the secret is hidden too deep, so the greater the pressure, always want to talk to someone.

many people just endure it so hard that they tell people who feel trustworthy about what they have done.

tell the secret, originally want to be relieved and relieved, but other people talk about keeping it a secret for you, but in a twinkling of an eye they share your secret with others.

hide repentance in your heart, it's just your own pain, once you say it, more people will make you miserable and cause more harm to yourself.

when a person experiences repentance, the best way is to lick his own wounds, heal himself, and gain wisdom and experience from suffering, rather than telling others.

because there is no "empathy" in the world, even if it wins the sympathy of others, it will not help.

as Zeng Guofan said in his letter to home, "A good man takes his teeth out and swallows with blood, and Xu Tu strengthens himself." This is the best way to strengthen yourself.

moreover, when you have come out of repentance and failure, there is no need to tell others about your sufferings and sins.

suffering becomes a kind of strength in the heart.

if you tell others, they will feel that you are showing off, envious and disobedient.

even, they will look down on you, make some sarcastic remarks, and think that you are no more than that.

therefore, no matter how good the relationship is, you can't easily tell others about your regrets. If you say so, it's easy to get into trouble.

that's why Nan Huaijin said: "everyone has their own loneliness. They can't tell others. It's not that they don't want to, but they can't."

try not to reveal your regrets, even if you are in a good relationship. A secret is a secret only if it is hidden in your heart, so that you can really protect yourself.

ambition set by oneself

We must be kind and sincere to people, but we should also be on guard when dealing with others.

for example, if you set an ambition in your heart, it's best not to tell others.

it is not that we deliberately deceive others, but that when we live in the world, we should be on guard against unknown risks.

this is why Zeng Guofan said, "We must not do harm to others, but we must guard against others."

sometimes many people from slightly cold origins, because the starting point is not as good as others, life has a lot of unsatisfactory, so eager to change their own life, so made a grand wish.

Get ready to shop a fantastic ivory flower girl dresses and display natural sense of beauty? You’ll be proud of your glamorous look.

when there is a big gap between this ambition and your own situation, you often don't get support when you say it to others, but you will be laughed at and hit hard by others.

even some people with ulterior motives will deliberately make trouble for themselves and do not want to succeed.

Zeng Guofan said: "the ambition of a gentleman should not be easily known."

this is why it is easier for people to keep a low profile.

so try not to tell others about your ambition, work hard silently and wait for the opportunity to come, so that you will succeed sooner or later.

your own financial situation

from ancient times to the present, money is a very sensitive topic, and human nature often cannot stand the test in front of money.

how many relatives finally lost their feelings because of money, and how many friends finally became enemies because of money.

therefore, people often say, "talking about money hurts feelings", which is also very reasonable.

once others find out how much money you have, it will not do you any good.

if you know that you have made more money, you will be bent on borrowing money from you. At that time, you are afraid that they will not return it, and if you do not borrow it, you will be embarrassed. Anyway, you are in a dilemma.

if you are in distress, don't tell others about your financial situation at this time, because the economy will directly expose your current situation and let those snobs take advantage of the danger.

if others know that you make little money, they will look down on you; if you make more money, they will envy you, or even drag you down.

the more you get to know each other, the more jealous you will be. One can allow a stranger to prosper, but he cannot forgive the rise of a person around him.

so, no matter how good the relationship is, don't tell others the secret about money. It's better to be vague and quiet.

to be a man, you must not show off your wealth, be modest and keep a low profile, and strive to make yourself strong and keep it. This is the king's way!

money is not exposed, everyone will have their own financial situation, but the financial situation belongs to their own privacy, so try not to disclose it.

Nan Huaijin said: "how many secrets a person has to hide in order to spend his life skillfully."

put the things you regret in life and your ambitionsTo hide your own economic situation is not a matter of helplessness, but a wise choice.

as "the constant words of awakening the World" said: "if the machine is not secret, disaster comes first." The tongue is the source of harm, and the mouth is the door of misfortune and good fortune. "

everyone has his own secret, and since it is a secret, it only belongs to himself.

Don't get yourself into trouble because of your magnanimity, don't get into trouble because you don't care!



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