No matter how good the relationship is, if you have these three qualities, you should cut off your relationship.
No matter how good the relationship is, if you have these three qualities, you should cut off your relationship.
Learn to reduce your circle and stay away from the people who consume you.

the ancients said: "with good human settlements, such as into the room of Zhilan, do not hear its incense for a long time; and poor human settlements, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, for a long time but do not smell its stench."

in life, you will become the kind of person you get along with.

getting along with the right people can nourish each other and make each other better people, while getting along with the wrong people brings nothing but consumption and endless destruction.

Life is like a journey, with all kinds of people you meet. If you meet these three kinds of people in your life, no matter how good the relationship is, you should cut off the relationship.

people full of negative energy

once read such a sentence: "Don't be with those who consume you, and don't be the one who consumes others."

this is true. For some people who emit negative energy all the time, the best way is to stay away, because they will not only consume you, but also try to turn you into people of the same kind.

give me an example of your own experience.

Xiao An and I signed up on the same day. She is very quiet and has a lovely smile.

so we added Wechat and encouraged each other to get through the internship.

during the internship, we will have a chat when we have something to do, and we will also make an appointment to have dinner together when we are free.

I thought she was new to the company and didn't get used to it, so I would comfort her and encourage her to stick to it.

but for a long time, I found that her work is not bad, but "bereavement" has become a habit in her life.

every morning I always receive crazy complaints from Xiao An on time:

"I'm so annoyed. I have to hand in the manuscript again today. I haven't written many big characters yet!"

"New media are really not done by people. They work overtime until late at night, and their wages are so low that they can't afford to be hurt, so they don't want to do it."

"the department leader doesn't know anything, so why should he tell me what to do? it's really exasperating!"


even if you comfort and advise her with a positive attitude, she always has a hundred reasons to deny you.

under such negative emotions, my heart was also affected by her negative energy, and I also had some negative emotions about my work, such as slow writing speed, poor quality, and difficult to improve my work ability.

so I began to learn to stay away from Xiao An and ignore each other's negative energy.

getting along with people who are full of negative energy will one day slowly drain your energy.

so don't waste your time and energy on such people, because you can't save them, and you may be unwittingly influenced by them, or even distort your values and make you lose confidence in yourself.

writer Li Shanglong once said:

"negative energy is flogging the bad of others and scolding the injustice of society.

positive energy is to tell you that no matter how bitter it is, I can still try to change some of it.



for those who are full of negative energy, we must learn to stay away. Only when we know how to cherish the small luck in life, our life will be full of strength.

May you be a positive energy person and your own sun for the rest of your life. May you be firm and soft, confident and humble, sunny and thorough.

Don't see the good people of others

Keigo Higano once said, "there are two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at, one is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

I think so.

I believe everyone has seen the news that a woman in Henan has been replaced by her educational background.

at the beginning of the incident, the protagonist Huang Haixia cried to the media that she had scored 498 points in the exam, but was impersonated by cousin Huang Fengling.

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facing the media camera, she burst into tears and said: "she stole my life."

as soon as the incident came out, it immediately aroused the great concern of the society and the school.

the results of the investigation soon confirmed that Huang Haixia's statement was true, and it was not long before my cousin was suspended.

what is astonishing is that just when the public thought that the storm ended because of Huang Fengling's suspension, the incident took a startling turn.

it turns out that Huang Fengling did borrow the student status of her cousin Huang Haixia, but she got her own score of 498 and filled in every question on the answer paper.

after going to college, Huang Fengling studied hard in the cold window and used her own knowledge in exchange for being able to be assigned work.

Huang Haixia wrote and acted in this matter from beginning to end.

because Huang Haixia has not been doing very well these years, she is much older than her cousin in terms of appearance.

and my cousin has a stable job, a good income and a happy family.

the huge gap in living standards has made Huang Haixia jealous. Because of this terrible "jealousy," Huang Haixia, holding a mentality that I am not good and you don't want to be good, insists that her cousin is "replacing under a false name."

there is a classic line in the movie "Evil from the East and the West":

"anyone can be vicious, as long as you try what jealousy is.


there is a common disease in society-"pinkeye disease". People who suffer from this disease are narrow-minded and cannot see that others are better off than themselves.

because you are better off than I am, I will stab you in the back;

because I am not as good as you, I will destroy you.

getting along with such a person will not only make you feel the ugliness of the human heart, but will be secretly calculated by him, stab you in the back, gossip, damage your reputation, and bring you endless trouble and blow.

the rest of my life is very expensive, so you must stay away from people who don't like others. No matter how good the relationship is, you should cut off contact with such people as soon as possible. This is the wise choice.

people who are ungrateful

once upon a time, Wang er and Li Si were neighbors.

Wang er is industrious and capable, and his family has plenty of food, while Li Si is gluttonous and lazy. He has no spare grain at home, and his life is tight.

coincided with a year of severe drought and no harvest of crops, many villagers lost their food, and the Li family had no choice but to stay at home and wait for heavy rain.

Wang er prepared enough food early and was not affected by the drought.

seeing Li Si in such a situation, Wang er decided to send them some food to help them tide over the difficulties.

when Li Si and his family received the grain, they were very grateful.

after going through the most difficult time, Li Si went to Wang er's house to thank him.

during the conversation, Li Si talked about the seed for next year, and Wang er said generously:

"I'll tell you what, I still have a lot of grain here, so take another fight.


Li four thousand went home with a bucket of rice thankfully.

after going home, the family said:

"what can this bucket of rice do? Apart from eating, there are not enough seeds in the field next year. They have gone too far. Since they are so rich, why not send more food and money for such a little? they are really not good people! "

this spread to Li er's ear, he was very angry, thought: "I gave you so much food for nothing, you not only do not know how to be grateful, but also hold a grudge as if I were an enemy."

as a result, the two families, who had a good relationship, have since become enemies and have no contact with each other.

this is "Shengmien, Doumifeud".

people who do not know how to be grateful are like being covered with dust in their hearts. They only see their own interests but do not see the goodwill of others.

once others can not satisfy themselves, it breaks out fierce malice.

British writer Thackeray said:

"if a person, after receiving great kindness, turns against his benefactor, he must take care of his own dignity and must be more vicious than an unrelated stranger, and he must prove the other person's guilt in order to explain his heartless."

Please stay away from an ungrateful person for the rest of your life, and don't cover an inhumane heart with your warm blood.

Tseng Kuo-fan said: "success or failure in life depends on whether a friend is good or not, and one must be careful."

the communication between people affects each other. If a person is in a bad social environment for a long time, with the passage of time, he is bound to be affected by this environment.

We should learn to reduce our circle, stay away from the people who consume you, and spend our limited time doing more meaningful things. Your life will get better and better.

encourage each other!