No matter how good the relationship between members of the opposite sex is, as soon as they are past middle age, they are only aimed at two aspects.
No matter how good the relationship between members of the opposite sex is, as soon as they are past middle age, they are only aimed at two aspects.
The beauty of life always comes when you least expect it.


No matter how good the relationship between members of the opposite sex is, after middle age, it is only aimed at two aspects:

spiritual needs

in the eyes of people after middle age, having a soul mate is more important than like-minded people. This relationship can span the emotions between men and women and is a tree hole where they can pour out their emotions without scruples.

physiological needs

there is no need to bring too many people into life.

if they can't get into your heart, they will only disturb your life.

being alone is not that you have no friends around you, but that you have no company in your heart.

the city is full of lively and lonely souls, pedestrians come and go, but hit tourists, the more lively the more deserted.

Life doesn't need too much foil, all it needs is a kind of companionship.

Don't expect others to heal your pain. Only by persuading yourself and letting yourself figure it out can you completely cure heart disease.

do not want to have pain, nor can you be afraid of pain. Only those who conquer themselves have the ability to conquer everything.

Personality is like gold, the higher the purity, the higher the grade.

to be a man for a lifetime, you should take your character as your foundation. Morality can make up for the defects of wisdom, but wisdom can never make up for the defects of morality.

the two forces of man are the most attractive, one is the power of personality, the other is the power of thought.

character is a person's connotation, reputation is a person's appearance. Put morality first, treat others with sincerity first, and do things with diligence first.

A thing is no matter how beautiful it is, once there is no result, don't pester it any more. You will be tired and tired after a long time. If you can't hold on to a person, you should let go at the right time. After a long time, you will be hurt and heartbroken.

sometimes, giving up is another kind of persistence. If you miss the splendor of summer flowers, you will walk into Akiba Jingmei.

anything, anyone, will be a thing of the past. Don't mess with it. No matter how difficult it is, we must learn to get away from it.

Life is not easy, don't laugh at others. Every family has its own troubles, and everyone has its own songs.

No matter how beautiful people are, there is cold pain behind them; no matter how happy they are, they also have helplessness in their hearts.

No one's life is easy. To laugh at others is to laugh at yourself, and to respect others is to respect yourself.

the poorest is nothing more than begging, and he will always stand out if he does not die. Whose life is perfect, whose life is not cool, who can guarantee that he will always be proud of his life. Every man has his faults.

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Life is a constant choice, the heart is the director of life drama, and Nian is the negative film of life.

the best way to walk in life is to understand while walking.

if you can't squeeze into the world, don't squeeze it, making it difficult for others and belittling yourself; don't take what you can't get, even if you get it for a while, you will lose it.

either endure suffering for life, or temper yourself to be strong and powerful.

the two have to bear the same price. It is by no means easy to live a suffocated life, and it may be more laborious than struggling day and night.

there is no such thing as endurance in this world. All opponents who bully the weak and fear the hard are knocked down, and the probability of making peace with a conscientious shake is not high.

there must be a magnetic field between people, radiating outward along the three values. Some people still can't get closer after saying a thousand words, and it's not awkward for some people to sit on the other side without talking.

with one look in your eyes, he will probably understand. People with similar frequencies will come together naturally, and people with different magnetic fields will say a few words like crossing mountains and mountains, and you can't get there all the time.

reason is a word that makes people love and hate. It is full of wisdom and lack of temperature.

but most of the time, as Tagore said, "all rational people are like a knife with a blade that makes the hands of those who use it bleed."

all things end in peace, including the hearts of the people.

later, you walked correctly and lived such a foolproof life that teenagers called it a "boring adult".

when I reach middle age, I have some more reserved weight. I watch my children jump about in front of my knees and often recall my bitter childhood, which is far away.

when I reach middle age, I have more self-discipline when I mature. I watch my parents grow old day by day, and sometimes I often lament why I can't stay more love with them.

when people reach middle age, they want to make money more, not for showing off, but for their families to enjoy food and clothing and parents to rely on.

Don't rush life to give you all the answers. Sometimes, you have to be patient and so on.

even if you shout to Konggu, you will have to wait a while before you hear a long reply.

that is to say, life will always give you the answer, but it won't tell you everything right away.

, only

if you are willing to wait, the beauty of life will always come when you least expect it.

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