No heart, no heart, no tiredness to live.
No heart, no heart, no tiredness to live.
For the rest of my life, may you and I be a heartless, simple and happy person.


Zeng Guofan once said:

"there is no cleverness, things come to adapt, the future does not welcome, at that time is not miscellaneous, neither love nor love."

this is the best way to live.

Don't worry about everything, look down on everything, be heartless and heartless, so that you can live without tiredness.

worry too much, lose more

have seen such a story:

A camel was walking in the desert when it was suddenly hit by a small piece of glass.

the camel was so angry that he raised his foot and kicked the piece of glass out, only to make a deep cut in the soles of his foot, leaving him bleeding.

the angry and painful camel had to limp, with blood dripping from his feet on the desert.

the strong smell of blood attracted vultures and wolves to chase. In order to escape, the camel had to drag its injured foot and run wildly, only to slip into the vicinity of the man-eating ant nest and was finally eaten as a delicacy by a mass of dark man-eating ants.

the camel regretted it very much before he died, so why should he argue with a small piece of glass?

in life, many people will, like this camel, haggle over trifles and end up losing more.

they don't want to suffer at all, and they have to get the upper hand everywhere when they get along with others.

has been said by others, no matter what, you have to take it back; if you give a little, you want to pay back.

my eyes are full of trifles, always haggling over little things.

in fact, if you haggle with your leader, you will lose the opportunity for promotion; if you haggle with your friends, you will lose your pure friendship; if you haggle with your lover, you will lose the temperature of love.

Cai Gentan has a saying: "if you sleep eight feet at night and eat two liters a day, there is no need to worry about it in every way."

when you live a lifetime, you will inevitably encounter some unpleasant things. If you care about it blindly, you will only lose more.

instead of haggling over everything, try to be tolerant.

people who know how to be tolerant seem to suffer losses, but in fact, they are the real winners.

as the saying goes, "leave a line in everything so that we can meet again in the future."

to leave room for others is to accumulate popularity for yourself. People who are really wise know how to ignore them.

think too much and work hard

there are always some people who are particularly sensitive. A casual look, a word, or an action of others can make them restless and wishful thinking.

the mood goes up and down every day, and I can't calm down.

think of a cartoon by Wu Zhihong, in which the heroine Ah Hua is a sensitive girl.

when she was reporting to her boss at the meeting, she accidentally saw her boss frowning and began to feel uneasy.

she thought, is it because she said something wrong and upset her boss?

Ah Hua was very upset about this until her boss said to her, "this week's data is very good. Keep going." She was relieved.

when she saw her colleagues drinking milk tea, she felt that her colleagues did not like her, and that she was isolated and felt very uncomfortable.

but after work, my colleague asked her to eat her favorite hot pot.

the material that Sister Zhang asked her to help translate, she forgot for a moment and didn't finish it in time, so she offered to apologize.

when Sister Zhang said, "it's all right, no need." She was even more frightened. She thought Sister Zhang must be disappointed in her.

after struggling for a long time, she sent Sister Zhang a Wechat explanation and apology.

unexpectedly, Sister Zhang told her that she had recently recruited an intern and handed over the translation work to the intern.

is there such a person around you?

when you see others whispering, they wonder if they are speaking ill of themselves;

if other people don't reply in time, they guess whether they don't take themselves seriously.

others take one more look at themselves and wonder if there is dirt on their faces.

people who are too sensitive tend to think too much and make themselves very tired.

other people's scratching the surface can put them in deep trouble and can't extricate themselves.

there is a kind of tiredness called thinking too much.

people are inherently small, and once too many things are stuffed, they will naturally be unable to bear it.

only by putting aside the distractions in your mind can you be relaxed and happy.

because all happiness comes from our hearts.

too many desires, more troubles

Aristotle said, "A slave is a man whose desire prevails over reason."

when one has too many desires, troubles will follow.

the greatest sorrow in life is not to get too little, but to want too much.

there was a rich man who was restless and restless all day long. He felt that he was seriously ill. Took a lot of medicine, but to no avail.

after learning about his symptoms, the famous doctor said, "it's easy to treat the disease. All you have to do is go to a quiet beach every day and lie down for 30 minutes for a month."

the rich man is usually very busy and has never been so relaxed. He closed his eyes and listened to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.The sound, the song of seagulls one after another.

seems to be in Xanadu, completely let go of the intrigues of the mall, no longer have any desire. He felt comfortable all over, and all his restlessness and restlessness were swept away.

A month later, the rich man's illness was really cured.

in fact, the illness of a rich man is a heart disease, a panic tortured by desire.

in the end, the more you get, the more you want.

do you have moments like this?

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when you have no money, you just want to be rich. When you have money, you want more money.

when you don't have a house, you want to buy a house. When you buy a house, you want a big house. When you have a big house, you want a bigger one.

then, more troubles fill my heart and make me out of breath.

our desires are proportional to our troubles. As the desire expands, so does the worry.

with less desire, happiness in the world is full of stars; with more desires, troubles are like sand on the earth, everywhere.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: "A thousand hectares of fertile land is but three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha only sleeps three feet."

people seem to have a lot of things in this life, but not many things that are really useful.

learn to subtract from life, and life will be better.

when the heart is simple, the world will be simpler, the troubles will be less, and people will be happy.

No heart, no heart, no tiredness to live

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

most of the time, we feel too tired because we find it ourselves.

have read such a sentence:

"Don't live too complicated, laugh when you're happy, go to bed when you're tired, be heartless and double your happiness."

people who are heartless and heartless are not really confused, but live thoroughly.

will not haggle, understand to take a step back; not wishful thinking, know that everything is easy; not controlled by desire, know how to cherish the present.

have a good mentality, look down on everything, be calm and calm, so that you can not be tired.

, for the rest of my life, may you and I be a heartless, simple and happy person, who can see the stars and the sea.