Never underestimate a good-looking woman
Never underestimate a good-looking woman
May we all be a good-looking woman.

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it is often said that a woman's face represents her feng shui.

it not only contains a woman's skin, but also shows a woman's temperament and past.

A good-looking woman, others are more willing to get in touch with and help, such a person almost everything goes well;

for a woman with a bad face, no one wants to stop for her. Most of such people are frustrated and frustrated.

as Zhang Jiajia wrote in passing through your World:

"your appearance determines other people's attitude towards you, other people's attitude towards you determines your character, and your character determines the road of your life."

A woman's face affects her whole life.

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A woman's face hides her past

writer Zhou Guoping once said:

"over a long period of time, a person's usual state of mind and behavior are always accompanied by expressions that he is not aware of.

in life, every woman has a different face.

but if you look closely, it is not difficult to find that there is one thing in common behind hundreds of millions of faces-

what kind of life a woman chooses, what kind of face she has.

saw a story on the Internet.

Junnan, a girl in her twenties, was born in an ordinary family in Hunan.

because in their village, most girls are in high school, or even after graduating from junior high school, they choose to find a job, get married and have children, and spend the rest of their lives.

therefore, she is faced with a difficult choice to become an "outsider" to go out to study, or to stay at home like everyone else.

that day, Xiao Zihan came to chat with her after dinner.

when she talked about her troubles about whether to continue studying, Zihan said to her in a playful tone:

"what are you hesitating about? what's so good about reading? you see, I don't have to do my homework. I can still work and make money."

after hearing this, Junnan looked at the girl in front of her, who was about her age and had dropped out of junior high school, dressed in splendor, with heavy makeup on her face and colorful hair dyed.

for some reason, she thinks that if she doesn't go to school, her future life will be terrible.

two months later, Junnan went to school in Hainan, from a remote countryside to a prosperous city.

when she was in school, she spent all her time doing part-time jobs except studying hard. She seldom went home on holidays and always stayed there to work to earn her living expenses.

every time she goes home, she hears the most words from her neighbors:

"the big city is just different from our small place, ha. You see, Junnan is outside, looking whiter and prettier."

while she was away to school, Xiao Zi Han hastily married a carpenter. Soon after, they quarreled and quarreled because of her husband's affair, and finally divorced, and she lived with a daughter.

with the blow of marriage and the pressure of life, Zi Han has experienced a lot of vicissitudes. A girl in her twenties is full of gloom and low spirits.

after reading it, I can't help feeling that two girls of the same age have changed dramatically in just three or four years. One looks better and the other gets worse.

the reason has something to do with each other's choice.

one is positive and studies hard; the other is self-depraved and confused.

as there is a saying: "people's heart will show up in the face because of the influence of the external environment."

A positive life will make a woman feel bright and refreshed as a result of her continuous progress.

A decadent life will make women depressed and depressed because of the bad environment.

A woman's face is a mirror that clearly shows what kind of life you choose.

Reading is the best cosmetics for women

writer Tian Wei wrote in "half an acre of Flower Field"

"not reading makes us look disgusting, but people are usually ignorant

when I feel this face, I think it can be as beautiful as flowers if I smear it with foundation and draw eye shadow. "

you know, no matter how expensive rouge gouache can not fill the vacancy of a woman with no connotation, it is just a temporary whitewash.

A truly beautiful woman is a charm emitted from the inside out with self-cultivation and temperament as the basis.

and the only source of self-cultivation and temperament is reading.

Lin Qingxuan told a story in the make-up of Life.

once, he chatted with a famous makeup artist in the industry.

he asked:

"you've been studying makeup for so many years, what kind of person can wear makeup? What is the highest state of makeup? "

I thought that the other person would explain some superb make-up skills to her in detail.

I never thought that the makeup artist smiled and told him that the highest state of makeup was no makeup.

after hearing this answer, Lin Qingxuan was stunned.

then, without waiting for him to ask, the makeup artist gave an explanation:

the makeup on the face is actually only the last level, and it can change very little.

A deeper layer of makeup should be to change the physique, it is a person to change their own lifestyle, including adequate sleep, pay attention to exercise and nutritional balance, and so on.

the most advanced make-up is to change your temperament, read more, think more, enrich yourself with knowledge and arm yourself with knowledge. such people are not so ugly even if they don't wear makeup.

in fact, makeup is not limited to simple painting and powdering.

third-rate makeup is the makeup on the face, while the more advanced makeup is the makeup of spirit and life.

just like Lin Qingxuan said later:

"all the appearances in this world do not exist independently, and must have its profound inner meaning, so the best way to change the appearance is not to work on the appearance, but to change it from within."

Reading is one of the inner changes.

A woman who loves to read books, through the accumulation of knowledge, her knowledge will be broader, her thinking will be more mature, and she will do things more steadily and calmly, and the whole person will exude a kind of charm of "poetic and book-like".

this charm will not only be hidden in her temperament, engraved in her bones, but also externalized in her appearance, becoming a nourishment that can not be surpassed by any expensive cosmetics.

as Sanmao said:

"if you read more, your appearance will change naturally. Many times, you may think that many of the books you have read have become fleeting and can no longer be remembered.

Reading allows women to use a wealth of knowledge as a springboard, cross the age gap, and retain enduring charm.

Reading is a woman's best and most expensive cosmetics.

Women are born from the heart, and their lives are made by themselves

the appearance of a woman includes physical appearance and spiritual appearance.

physical appearance is determined by congenital genes and given by parents, while spiritual appearance is determined by personal temperament and charm, which is self-made.

it is precisely this reason that everything on the inside must be shaped on the outside.

at that time, the secular concept was extremely firm, and the idea that "a woman without talent is virtue" prevailed. The fate of most women in their lives was to stay at home with their husbands and teach their children.

so she told her grandmother what she thought.

when she learned of this, her grandmother severely criticized her and told her that reading is a man's business, and women don't have to read.

she began to secretly follow her brothers to the school to "sit in", borrow their books in private, and slowly teach themselves.

later, as she moved out with her father and left her grandmother's care, her father reluctantly agreed to send her to primary school when he saw that his daughter was so studious.

who thought that she had finally won the opportunity, but only half a year later, she was asked by her family to go back to live in her hometown.

by this time, she had grown up. Facing the "imprisonment" of her grandmother, she cried and ran away from home for a time.

even in a fit of anger, he almost committed suicide.

seeing this situation, my grandmother had no choice but to agree to her request to study.

in 1915, she successfully entered the women's normal school and received the guidance of many famous people.

she is Su Xuelin, a beautiful writer and one of the top ten talented women.

she has created many immortal works for us and has become a glamorous woman who is praised by the world.

it is often said that a woman's appearance is decided by her parents before the age of 30 and practiced by herself after the age of 30.

as long as your heart is determined to change, the environment, magnetic field and energy around you will change accordingly, and the face will naturally change for the better.

as the philosopher Schopenhauer once said:

"A person's appearance is a picture of the heart, and appearance expresses and reveals a person's overall character."

so, to some extent, a woman's face is her own imagination.

as long as you have the determination to change your life against heaven, your appearance will be shaped by yourself.

the British writer Maugham once said: "there are no ugly women in the world, only some women who don't know how to look beautiful."

I think so.

the face of a woman is never immutable, no matter how beautiful the skin is, it is difficult to withstand the destruction of the world, and no matter how expensive rouge is difficult to cover the tribulations of the years.

only by starting from the inside, loving reading, completing a deeper spiritual transformation, and putting on the makeup of life, can we have indestructible beauty.

believe that no matter what the current situation is, when you pick up the book, your fate is quietly changing.

your face will eventually get better with every book you read.

, may we all be a good-looking woman.