Never say these three words in your moments.
Never say these three words in your moments.
May there be light in my eyes and love in my heart.


as the old saying goes:

"Don't talk about human affairs to everyone

, that is, there are no accidents in the world.


in our lives, the most difficult thing is not to learn to speak, but to know how to be silent.

many troubles in the world are sometimes in the process of talking or not.

everyone should keep a little mystery at all times, have something to say and something unspeakable.

when a man can keep his mouth shut, he can keep his heart and his life.

boast of one's words

Li Changling said in "Taishang sensation": "do not highlight the shortness of others, do not show off their own strengths."

Don't uncover other people's weaknesses and don't show off your strengths.

because fullness leads to losses, while modesty benefits. The more you show off, the easier it is to lose.

Su Shi has been called a child prodigy since he was a child. he has visited many schools in his teens and has been admitted to Jinshi at the age of 20, which is "the first in a hundred years".

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he boasted that he was knowledgeable and intelligent, so with a stroke of his pen, he wrote a couplet on the door of the study:

"know all the words in the world and read all the books in the world."

one day, an old man came to visit.

after seeing the couplet on the study door, the old man took a book out of his sleeve and humbly asked Su Shi for advice.

this is an ancient book, not to mention that Su Shi has never read it, and he doesn't even know many of the words in it. He can't help blushing.

the old man smiled and said:

"there are so many books in the world, maybe there are some that the Childe hasn't seen before. I'll ask others for advice, and it won't be difficult for you."

Su Shi suddenly felt like an awn on his back, ashamed.

after the old man left, he tore the couplet to pieces and went back to the study to rewrite one:

"know all the characters in the world angrily and make up your mind to read all the books in the world."

is tall without boasting, high but not arrogant, even if he has the ability to be arrogant, he should keep a low profile.

Ji Xianlin said that there are ten taboos in life, one of which is "easy to mention courage in those days."

because the more you cling to the past, the more you set off the unhappiness of the present.

just like

in the True Story of Ah Q, whenever A Q quarreled with others, he would stare and say:

"We were-- much richer than you!

what are you!


the trapped beast is still fighting, which adds a little bitterness.

there were all kinds of things in the past, such as death yesterday, and things after that, such as life today.

the good and the bad are a thing of the past, and living in the present is the right way.

complain about life

Liu Zhenyun said: "everything in the world cannot stand scrutiny. Once deliberated, there are grievances hidden in each one."

but he also said, "Life is the future, not the past."

I think so.

in the adult world, life is not satisfactory, and everyone is moving forward with a heavy load.

when people live in the world, they all have their own mission and life, and they all have to bear the hardships and difficulties that belong to you.

there is always a way to walk by yourself, and there is always a period of time that you persist in tears.

instead of complaining about the bitterness of life, it is better to adjust your mindset and grit your teeth.

Sister Xianglin in Lu Xun's novel Blessing said to everyone after she lost her son, "I am so stupid, really."

at first, everyone was willing to listen, weep and sigh with her.

but after talking too much, everyone has become familiar with it, and even the most compassionate old ladies who recite Buddhism can no longer see any trace of tears in their eyes.

later, whenever she tried to open her mouth again, people would immediately interrupt her and walk away.

the book says:

"her sorrow has been chewed and appreciated for many days, and it has already become scum, which is only worthy of annoyance and spitting."

there is pain in my heart, so there is no need to complain to everyone. If you are not in it, how can you empathize with it?

the ancients said: "the Pure Land is not elsewhere, hell is not elsewhere, it is all in your own heart."

Life is really hard, people all like the warm sunshine, will not chase the dark clouds.

complaining won't solve any problems, but will destroy your will, reduce your enthusiasm, interfere with your life, and affect your relationships.

people respect those who suffer in the end.

he who does not complain will eventually prosper because he has won people's respect.

wise people never complain, because they know that only when they are strong can they win respect and dignity.

words that hurt others

Lu Xun once wrote an article entitled "words on people are awesome", in which there is a saying: "there is Longquan on the tongue, killing does not see blood."

speech is a medium for us to communicate with the world, but it should not be a sharp weapon to hurt others.

as the saying goes: good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June.

sometimes a casual remark from you may spoil others' fun and hurt other people's hearts.

everyone has his own life, has nothing to do with others, and should not make cynical comments on other people's lives.

you can spit roses and thistles in your mouth.

as Heine said in the status quo of France:

"the power of words is so great that it can awaken the dead from graves, bury the living alive, and turn dwarfs into dwarfs.Big Mac, bring the giant down completely. "

words sometimes hurt more than a sharp blade. Speak with moderation, but also with temperature.

all things should be told in a certain degree, think more, don't let words hurt people, and don't regret your whole life because of bad words.

Zhu Ziqing said: "your words should be like the stars in the night, not the firecrackers on New year's Eve, because no one wants people who talk a lot."

it is also said in the motto to receive things: "to cultivate oneself is to clear one's mind, and to be cautious in dealing with the world."

means that the cleanliness of the mind is the most important in self-cultivation, and caution in words is the most important thing in the world.

never feel that talking is an unimportant thing.

words are like swords, which can save and hurt people. Remember to be moderate.

May you and I have light in our eyes, love in our hearts, and words that warm our hearts.

Lin Jing is a radio host who graduated from the Chinese Department. Wish that after many years, the story will no longer hurt people, the sun is still warm, you are so charming. Let my voice and other people's stories accompany