Never quarrel on Wechat
Never quarrel on Wechat
If it's important, say it to your face; if you care about it, meet with you.

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Boya Nan Lang



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once saw a vote on the Internet and selected

# the last thing you want your Wechat friends to do #


there are many options below, and the higher ones are:

Don't ask "are you there" immediately;

do not send voice messages for more than 50 seconds continuously;

Don't send "friend cleanup" frequently.

to everyone's surprise, the final result of the vote was just a simple sentence--

Don't quarrel on Wechat.

when modern communication has almost monopolized our lives, people are used to working online, falling in love on mobile phones, and communicating everything on Wechat.

but as Bernard Shaw said, "the biggest problem with communication is to think that communication has taken place."

across the screen, moving love words will be cut by 3 points, and even the slightest evil words will be magnified 10 times.

in the adult world, no matter how urgent it is, no matter how big it is, never quarrel on Wechat.

there is a good online saying: "Don't spend hours arguing about things that can be solved with a hug."

across the screen, I can't see the expression and hear the tone clearly.

under the cold words, no matter how gentle the words are, they may be made up by the brain into indifference and perfunctory; no matter how sweet the sentences are, they may be imagined as irritable and distant.

two people of different frequencies, because of a little misunderstanding, affect their mood, delay their work, and the loss outweighs the gain.

as Kimura said, "face to face, don't be stingy with time." Sometimes the most inefficient method actually achieves the greatest efficiency. "

even if you are angry, you will wait until you meet.

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Don't let a good relationship fail by the words on Wechat.

Venus shared a heart-wrenching experience on a talk show.

she accidentally learned that her old friend for many years had said a lot of "bad things" to humiliate herself in the WeChat group.

and once a group of friends agree, that person is like beating chicken blood, more and more vicious, more and more no lower limit.

Venus does not understand, plus that person's Wechat, ask each other: "We have no enemies, why do you belittle me so much?"

who knows that person does not show weakness, relying on himself hiding behind the screen, thousands of miles away from Venus, cynically sent a long speech, counting all kinds of bad comments on her by netizens.

"even if you become a woman, there is still no place to release male hormones, right?"

"you never make people who know you proud."


with all this, even Venus, which has already seen through the cold and warm feelings of human feelings, can not help feeling cold.

as the old saying goes, "good words keep warm in three winters, while bad words hurt people in June."

when a person is hiding in a dialog box, he will never know how bad what he is saying.

Wechat sent can be withdrawn within 2 minutes, but cruel words can never be withdrawn.

in the variety show "Love Defense", there is such a little couple.

every time a girl quarrels with her boyfriend, she is like a machine gun. What is difficult to hear, she disagrees with each other, and she has to delete and block her boyfriend.

in order to coax her, the boy has to make numerous phone calls back, like a humble stray dog, begging for his girlfriend's forgiveness.

but for a long time, girls block, release, block and release again and again.

the boy is finally tired, he does not want to continue to "serve", deleted all the girls' contact information, and this time, it is finally the girl's turn to be dumbfounded.

in this day and age, blocking deletion is the cheapest way to "break the relationship".

it's like a knife. It won't kill you with a single blow, but it will cut your flesh bit by bit until you give up on the relationship completely.

as Cai Kangyong said:

"everyone has an emotional ledger.

when you say a hurtful word and do something angry, there will be less money in your account.

when the balance is zero, that's when you can't get it back. "

regardless of cruel words or blocking, when the wounded bullet hits more times, it will only be yourself who will suffer in the end.

"what is the one thing you regret most?"

in "Strange talk", contestant Fan Fengyi gives the answer that she quarreled and broke up with her ex on Wechat for several years, but didn't even miss a face-to-face farewell.

she said sadly, "if I knew that the last time we met was the last time we saw each other, I wish I could dress nicely, wear makeup and wear nice clothes."

"I hope we can say goodbye to each other, instead of scribbling down a few lines with our mobile phone, sending out a goodbye expression and never seeing each other again."

sometimes when I think about it, the rest of my life is actually very long, and there is no need to rush to make a decision about things that seem to be burning.

take a few kilometers to see the scenery and the problems hidden in your heart. Let's wait until we meet.

like the quotation on the Internet: "my heart softens when I meet, but I fall when I hug."

when you look into the other person's eyes and put things on the tableOnce we have said it and explained it clearly, there may be room for relaxation.

No matter how bad it is, at least we can draw an end seriously, and the days of working together in the past have not been disappointed.

"there are not many truths in this world. A woman's blush is better than a long dialogue."

if you can, put down your phone and meet the person you want.

whether the result is good or bad, it is always better than being alone across the screen.

writer Jenny Joe once said, "quarrels themselves don't make life better or worse."

what really affects a person's quality of life is the way and purpose of quarreling. "

instead of their respective battalions, in the midst of muddled anger and misunderstanding, they are cut off; it is better to have a quarrel in front of the gong and the opposite drum and understand each other.

as the old saying goes, "people fall in love with each other."

important words, say it face to face; those who care, meet and talk.