"never marry a divorced woman."
"never marry a divorced woman."
Marriage is not the yoke of life, but the icing on the cake.

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recently, the Civil Affairs Bureau announced that the number of marriage registrations in 2020 decreased by 12.2% compared with the same period last year.

and the national average divorce rate is nearly 40%.

the divorce rate has become higher, followed by more social and family problems.

Women have divorced and given birth to children

No one wants it?

recently, a variety show "exciting again" has aroused heated discussion, inviting single female guests such as Huang Yi, Bai Bing, Wang Ziwen and Cai Zhuoyi to start a new "exciting" journey.

some time ago, Wang Ziwen and her date confessed that they had a 7-year-old child, and posted a photo of themselves and their son on Weibo, which immediately became the No. 1 hot search.

in the program, Wang Ziwen told Wu Yong-en over dinner that she might have been crazier than he thought, just as the media said: she has a child.

Wu Yong-en was shocked at the news that she had a child, so he left his seat for a while. After he had calmed down, he returned to his seat, hugged Wang Ziwen and said, "I care about you very much."

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in an interview after the program, Wu Yung-en also said: "it's not a big deal to have a child."

Wang Ziwen said that at the beginning, feelings still need to be clear about their own background, otherwise they will have no respect for other people's feelings.

but in recent episodes, their relationship is getting closer and closer, and in playing games, they both admit that they like each other.

Wang Ziwen showed Wu Yongen photos and videos of her children, and he also followed praise and approval.

recently, the two of them were photographed traveling in Sanya, and many netizens said: too sweet! We have to be together.

but there is also a group of people leaving messages saying:

"if you have the children of your ex, you have no right to be with an unmarried man."

"if a woman has a child, no one dares to have it."

A woman who has divorced and given birth to a child cannot have it?

everyone has the right to pursue happiness, in a relationship, if the pain makes you can no longer stay, why let each other get hurt?

as Cai Zhuoyi declared on Weibo:

"divorce is my experience, but not my definition.

I would like to tell you, especially those girls who demean themselves because of divorce, must be themselves and love themselves, our lives are in our own hands, and it is more important to take every step now.

if you want to do what you want, do it boldly. No moment or experience can stop us from starting all over again.


divorce is not a drop in price, but a timely departure when you are disappointed and have saved enough.

leave in time

is to stop suffering

Fangfang has been married for 6 years and has a 3-year-old son.

Fangfang works while taking care of the children. Because she has her own future plans and is very enterprising.

but my husband lives a life of muddling along. When he gets home, he stays up late to play games, never takes care of the children or does not do housework. He is also getting more and more perfunctory in his work and making no progress at all.

the most fatal thing is that her husband was later fired, stayed at home to do nothing, and often lost his temper with her.

she felt that the life was becoming more and more boring and deviated from the original pursuit of happiness.

but after she asked her friends, someone advised her: "Don't divorce. Divorce is a stain on women. If you bring your children to another house, others will dislike it."

I think deeply that women should not be prejudiced so much.

I have seen a Douyin video in which a woman marries to Beijing with a partner her parents like.

the man has a decent job in Beijing, as well as a house and a car, but after getting married, she said she was not happy at all.

because her husband often helps his mother to say that she is wrong and does not understand her hard work, she feels like a free babysitter.

she has been struggling to make a living at home, and she has complained to her parents several times, but her parents have advised her not to leave, because it is too humiliating to say so, and she thinks that the man's family is very respectable, so that their family will have face.

until one day, she couldn't stand it any longer and divorced her husband.

she said: "on the day of divorce, I felt really free and free. The life I want is just beginning. "

living with people who are not good to you is not as good as living on your own.

divorce doesn't mean the price goes down, love yourself well, and someone will love you.

in reality, there are indeed many women who are tortured at home because their children are afraid to leave because of the eyes of others.

it is not marriage that makes you tired, but making do with it.

when you start to ask yourself if your life is happy and doubt whether you want it or notWhen you leave, he doesn't love you, or you can't feel love.

leaving in time is a choice to love yourself.

pursue happiness

is our ultimate goal

Zhang Xianyi once experienced a marriage, but the marriage did not last long and divorced because of work and personality differences.

Zhang Xianyi once said on the "Golden Star Show" that her father said to her:

"as a divorced woman, don't think how rich you are, find someone who is good to you and live at ease, and be nice to other people's parents."

later, she met Yuan Hong, who is one year older than Yuan Hong. Netizens were not optimistic about this pair at first.

she passed on what her father said to Yuan Hong, who had red eyes and promised to be kind to her.

in one program, Yuan Hong showed his kindness to his wife, cooking and cleaning at home and taking care of the children.

will also do romantic things, such as calling all her friends over on Zhang Xianyi's birthday, partying together, and finding autographed photos of her favorite stars.

some people say that when you meet someone in love, your eyes will shine and the corners of your mouth will be full of smiles. That's what their love is like.

even if you have had the experience of failure, it will not affect a person to continue to pursue love.

Don't lose your most beautiful self.

divorce is not terrible, the terrible thing is that you give up yourself and give up the pursuit of happiness.

Marriage is not the yoke of life, but the icing on the cake.

the best marriage does not require the sacrifice and accomplishment of either party.

find yourself and shine your own light.

just be yourself and someone will love you.

, may you find someone who knows your joys and sorrows and protects you thoughtfully. He understands your past is not easy, understands your hard work, shares family chores with you, and gives you a sense of ceremonial romance.