More than 7 shows that your body is very young.
More than 7 shows that your body is very young.
Staying young is a sign of love for life.

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Life is good, and life is short. With a strong and young body, you will have more time to love life and enjoy the most beautiful life.

if you have a good lifestyle, you will live longer if you are healthy; if you have a poor lifestyle, you will suffer from serious and minor illnesses, and your body will become worse and worse unconsciously.

some people are twenty years old, lifeless and old;

some people are eighty years old, energetic and full of youthful vitality.

if you have achieved more than 7 of these lifestyles, your body is much younger than your peers.


I am young in mind and don't think I am old

as the old saying goes: if one does not think of the old, the veteran will not come.

people grow old, not from the first wrinkle or the first gray hair, but from the moment their mind grows old.

A survey also shows that people who live longer tend to feel much younger than their actual age.

Youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind.

people with a young mentality love life, make every day a little more wonderful than yesterday, and enjoy life happily, naturally much happier, more interesting, and more energetic.


sleep well

Kant said, "there are three things that help ease the toil of life: hope, sleep and smile."

Life is really hard, and your body will be tired after a day's hard work.

but only

after a deep sleep and falling into a sweet dream, the body can repair itself in a deep sleep.

when I wake up, fatigue and discomfort are dispersed in exchange for full energy and vitality.

people with good sleep quality are energetic, their faces are bright, and their faces tend to be younger than their peers.

people who can't sleep well are listless, depressed, and sometimes irritable all day.

Sleeping is the cure for everything and the best nutrition.


eat meat reasonably

when many people reach a certain age, they are especially afraid of the "three highs", so the three meals are served with green vegetables with white porridge. But the lighter the diet, the better.

too light, just like growing vegetables only watering without fertilization, the body can not eat enough nutrients, but can not grow well.

eat meat properly, eat the right amount of meat and vegetables, and your body will thank you.


has a "playful heart"

when a person is no longer interested in every plant in the world, no longer cherishes it, becomes more and more depressed, and admits that he is old, he is really old.

A funny person, youth never grows old.

in your lifetime, you should enjoy what you want to play, try new things in the world, and spend every minute happily.

have fun, live freely, waste your life on fun things, and live happier every day than you did yesterday.


have a sports hobby

there is a famous saying: the best doctors of mankind are air, sunshine and exercise.

I often see Hale and hearty old people, bathed in the morning light every day, jogging, climbing, dancing tai chi, and looking much more energetic than some listless young people who yawn repeatedly.

think of those people's protruding belly and floppy flesh, and the gap between people is reflected in this way.

exercise is not only a natural maintenance secret, but also the best way to build a body.


pay attention to image

as the saying goes: always be fashionable and less well-behaved.

when you are out of bloom, you should love beauty more. Let oneself beautiful, pay attention to the image, is a positive attitude towards life.

comb your hair and immediately look much younger; shave frequently and trim your eyebrows to make your face neat and radiant.

if a person is confident and clean, his body and mind will be healthy.


smile often

some people have done a survey, more than 80% of centenarians think that keeping a happy mood is the best way to maintain good health.

smile more, spend every day with joy, and illness will shy away from you.

as the saying goes: smile for less than ten years, sorrow makes your head white.

people who love to laugh give people the feeling that they are full of vitality. No matter how old they are, they are always young.



there is an old saying: "work at sunrise and rest at sunset."

it means that people's activities of the day have their own rules, what kind of time should do what kind of things.

the same is true of work and rest.

regular work and rest can improve the immune ability of the body, promote metabolism and make the body run normally and healthily.

if you have a regular schedule, your body won't fall off the chain and get rusty.


live a simple life

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Sanmao said:

"I don't eat greasy food. I'm not too full, which makes my body clean.

I don't have unreachable dreams, which makes me sleep peacefully. I don't want to be profound, I just want simplicity. "

the more people want, the harder it is to be satisfied, and the less happy they are.

what is supposed to make you happy makes you feel depressed.

live a simple life, don't just ask for more, you can be content and happy.

if you think too much, you will be confused. If you think about everything simply, it will be easier to be happy and happy.


emotional cleanliness

people's various states are closely related to negative emotions.

or it can be said that illness is an unresolved emotion that cries out with the body.

people with clean emotions are positive, optimistic, peaceful and stable in the face of all situations, do not complain, do not get angry, and do not let depression harm their health.

face and deal with negative emotions correctly, you will be healthier and live a happier life.


sit down soon

more physical activity has a lot of benefits.

stretch, twist, high leg and so on are relatively simple and easy to do, the time is not too long, a few minutes can fully relax the body.

"take a walk after a meal and live to 99". Taking a walk after a meal can not only keep us healthy, but also help us keep our mental health.


have several bosom friends

there is an apt analogy: a friend is a happy bird.

in life, friends bring us laughter and laughter, just like a ray of sunshine in life, warming the time.

sharing pleasure with friends doubles happiness;

sharing hardship can halve sorrow.

with our friends, we get support and keep healthy habits together.

like to make friends, can make the body younger.

staying young is a sign of love for life.

May everyone be physically strong, young, and enjoy a beautiful life.

how many of the above tips for staying young have you achieved?