Men will only mention these three excessive demands when they miss you. Don't refuse foolishly.
Men will only mention these three excessive demands when they miss you. Don't refuse foolishly.
There is a sentence behind every meeting: I miss you very much.

Ling Jiu GE


"he doesn't even miss me. He doesn't love me."

sometimes women get confused like this.

missing is the most excruciating thing in the relationship between men and women.

Men express their thoughts more euphemistically than the straightforward "I miss you".

when a man asks you for these three requests, he says he misses you. Don't refuse foolishly.


"have you eaten?"

"are you asleep?"

"what are you doing?"

check your phone to see if you have received these messages from men.

sometimes too often, it gives people the impression that he has nothing to say, but in fact, it is a man saying: I miss you.

because I am not good at expressing myself, my missing for you turns into a simple greeting.

because I can't be by your side all the time, I always pester to chat with you.

most men are rational and don't pay too much attention to people who have average relationships or don't like them.

but you are different. You are the one he likes, and he wants to be a part of it every day.

so in a clumsy way, men pour their thoughts and love for you into every word they talk to you.

at this time, we should also respond in time.

what have you eaten, what have you done, and what is new, to tell him that I have received your thoughts, and I would also like to share my every day with you.


chatting across the screen is always like scratching through boots, not happy, only one opinion Acacia.

Men miss you and always try their best to ask to meet you.

remember when you were in love, your boyfriend often came to see you, either asking out for dinner, watching movies, or taking you to and from work.

ask him if he is not tired, he just blushes and shakes his head or says that he will not be tired when he sees you.

it actually means he misses you.

people who love you are on their way everywhere, and those who miss you will come to see you at the ends of the earth.

obviously he is tired at work and has a long way to go, but he wants to come to you more than having midnight snacks with his brother and lying at home watching football games.

it's all because he cares about you.

Men's thoughts may be silent, but there is a sentence behind every meeting: I miss you very much.

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if you can, don't refuse a man's request to meet, face to face, feel how much he misses you.

make out

sometimes, men are still not satisfied when they meet, and they will ask for intimacy with you.

Women are reserved and feel that men are too impatient.

there is even a question: does he just want to do that with me?

this is not the case. Intimacy is the way men use to make sure you exist.

A man always looks confident and strong, but in fact, when you are not around, he also suffers from loneliness and lack of sense of security, worrying about whether you still love him with all your heart.

so after meeting, he is eager to hug and kiss you.

A man is a gluttonous child in front of the one he loves.

in a relationship, some men don't say much sweet talk.

but as long as you pay attention, their every move is telling the love and yearning for you.

I want to talk to you a lot and meet you a lot.

if a man has these three demands on you, it shows that he loves you very much and must cherish it when he meets it.