Men really can not let go of a woman, there will be these three kinds of performance, is "pretend" can not come out!
Men really can not let go of a woman, there will be these three kinds of performance, is "pretend" can not come out!
I hope everyone can meet the person who gives you 37.2 degrees of love.

above the point

do you have this feeling:

when I am in love, I say everything, because I love passionately, so I have sweet words to tell you;

when the "fresh period" is over, the days become commonplace, and we begin to have nothing to say to each other.

many people will wonder whether this love has come to an end.

give you a unique spoil

A few days ago, "wife's Romantic Journey 5" was broadcast and was sprinkled with dog food by Qin Hailu and Wang Xinjun.

who would have thought that the cold and domineering Qin Hailu was a little princess "spoiled by her husband" in front of her husband.

they have been married for many years, but the relationship between them is still as sweet as when they are passionately in love.

Qin Hailu likes to sleep late, so Wang Xinjun prepared a delicious breakfast in advance and gently coaxed her to get up.

in the face of Qin Hailu, who didn't want to get up, he didn't get angry. Instead, he said, "Why don't I give you a shelf and you can eat in bed!"

there is sweetness everywhere in the usual relationship between the two people.

away from home, they always hold each other's hands tightly.

as soon as Qin Hailu pouted, Wang Xinjun understood and took out a tissue to wipe her sweat.

when Qin Hailu is tired of walking in high heels, Wang Xinjun will kindly take out his sneakers and change them on for her.

even with three points of heartache and seven points of indulgence: "make our baby tired."

has become a beloved wife maniac! With infinite tenderness, Wang Xinjun spoiled Qin Hailu into a coquettish little girl.

even her best friend Qin Liu Tao could not help exclaiming, "I love being coquettish too much. That's not the way I know her!"

in the vast sea of people, we are just looking for someone who knows your joys and sorrows.

he can read your duplicity, can see through your stubbornness to overexert himself, can see through your desire to stop, and can understand your worries about gain and loss.

when someone advises you to be strong and brave, he just wants to give you a unique favor.

I agree with a sentence: "if you like someone, you always feel that she is the stupidest person in the world, and you have to worry about taking care of her everywhere."

Love the right person, no matter how vigorously you act, you need to be cared for in his eyes.

in front of him, you can drop all your guard, cry when you should, laugh when you should, and be yourself comfortably.

because he will not find your actions childish and ridiculous, but will regard you as a treasure, feel sorry for your fragility, accommodate your capriciousness, and spare no effort to give you warm happiness.

give you meticulous sense of security

Zhang Xiaoxian once said:

"what does a girl want? Isn't the answer simple?

whatever she looks like, there are only two things she wants:

one is a lot of love, the other is a lot of sense of security. "

my friend Mandy is getting married soon.

at private gatherings, many people ask, "Why him?"

she smiled and replied, "he is not the handsomest and the best, but he is the one who can give me sense of security."

Mandy told me a little thing that completely reassured me that she made the right choice.

once, Mandy was taking a bath in the bathroom. When she came out to change her shoes, she couldn't stand still and stepped on a water stain. She fell to the ground and skinned her knee.

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my boyfriend was watching TV in the house. When he heard the sound of falling, he rushed over and asked anxiously, "how's the baby? where does it hurt?"

tone exposed his nervousness and heartache.

since then, there has been an extra foot mat in the bathroom. My boyfriend will also pay attention to the water stains on the ground and mop it up as soon as he finds it.

when Mandy sends a message, he will reply as soon as possible;

when Mandy is aggrieved by her work, he will call to comfort as soon as possible.

when she is on a business trip, she will report her itinerary to Mandy in time, so as not to worry her.

it is not that there has been an argument between them, but often the next second, he can make Mandy laugh.

he kept every little thing of Mandy in mind and gave Mandy the biggest sense of security with sincerity and trust.

the man who really loves you will never talk about it, but on the actions that are really good to you.

Let you feel the taste of being loved and gentle peace of mind in the dribs and drabs of life.

even if you are at the bottom of your life, as soon as you look up, you can see the lamp he left for you. No matter how big the wind and rain, it seems that you have nothing to fear.

compared with romantic, passionate and thrilling love, such a spring breeze and drizzle moistens the silent love of all things, which is even more commendable.

if you meet, please cherish it.

give you constant companionship

in the journey of life, it is not rare to meet the person who likes you and the person you like.

it's rare to meet someone who is willing to spend your whole life with you.

Chu Xun, a retired professor at Yangzhou University, and his wife Lu Zhongyun have been working together for 56 years.

the two were childhood classmates, and then they met in college. Love quietly sprouted, and they came together.

but unexpectedly, after graduating from university, Lu Zhongyun was assigned to work in Xinjiang.

Lu ZhongyunTurn sleepless, struggle to accept this job, continue this relationship that is about to be thousands of miles apart.

after knowing this, Chu Xun not only supported his sweetheart's dream without hesitation, but also put forward the sweet proposal of "flash marriage".

so, without holding a wedding banquet, the two hastily obtained a marriage license.

during the years when Lu Zhongyun worked in Xinjiang, Chu Xun visited her many times.

it takes 3 days and 3 nights from Xuzhou to Urumqi and another 3 days and 3 nights from Urumqi to Yining. Although it is a long journey, it is a pleasure to save and train.

later, both of them returned to work in Yangzhou, and their days gradually settled down.

after Lu Zhongyun's operation in 2014, he briefly lost his memory. In order to help his wife out of trouble, Chu Xun decided to accompany her to travel around.

Chu Xun also encourages his wife to keep a diary every day. Over the past six years, the wife has written 16 travel diaries.

Today, Lu Zhongyun has gradually regained his memory and can sing and dance.

behind these photos and diaries is a husband's deep love for his wife.

the so-called love is to be patient, knead thoughtfulness and tenderness into trivial daily life, and accompany the person you like, from green hair to white head.

the more beautiful love, the less gorgeous decoration, love or not, time will give you the answer.

when you are in trouble, people who love you will not abandon you, but will stay with you, protect you from the wind and rain, and solve all the problems in your life.

"companionship is the most lasting confession". The companionship that never gives up can be better than thousands of illusory vows.

some people say that 37.2 ℃ is the best temperature for love.

Let each other feel the temperature of the two hearts approaching slowly, neither hot nor cold, but enough to render all the colors and illuminate the lonely night.

as the lyrics say:

"you give me love that I don't want to lose contact with all my life, believing that the journey of love is the sea of stars."

the rest of my life is long. I hope everyone can meet the person who will give you 37.2 degrees of love.

from the time you met him, you were affectionately not disappointed and went to the world to see the bright stars.

, good night.