Men do not want to love you, will frequently say these three words to you!
Men do not want to love you, will frequently say these three words to you!
Floating on the surface is the scenery, sinking the heart comes from the answer.

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I like this sentence very much: every drop of sweat you have shed will not be in vain, and every step you take will count.

it can be said that anything in the world, as long as you make efforts, will get a satisfactory result.

but only love, no matter how much you pay, do not love is not love after all. It is better to let go than to force it.

if you meet a man who says these three words to you frequently, there is no doubt that he really doesn't want to love you anymore!

"are you bored?"

Love has thousands of shapes, but the best one is that two people have endless topics to talk about, want to share everything with each other, and never get bored.

Wu Zun, a famous beloved wife in the entertainment industry, once said on a program that the way to keep his love fresh with his wife is to share the little things in life. Even what happened to him on the set every day, he would tell his wife everything.

teacher he once said:

"in a relationship, the most important thing is not appearance, nor bread, nor even loyalty, but sharing."

I think so.

sharing is the lubricant in the relationship, so that the independent me and you have become intimate with us.

A person who is willing to share his life with you, there is no doubt that he loves you.

but sharing is never an one-person thing, and if only one person talks and the other gets bored, the relationship is coming to an end.

after all, those who love you will not think you are lazy, and those who have you in their hearts will not hate you.

every time you chat with each other, the man who has you in his heart will respond positively to your every topic, while the man who doesn't have you in his heart will always say, "are you bored?"

this is the difference between loving and not loving.

people who love you will find it funny to say anything, while those who don't love you will only feel noisy even if you talk about it.

"I'm busy at work!"

there are always some men in life who like to use "busy at work" as an excuse. But only he knows whether he is really busy or not.

my friend Maomao broke up with her boyfriend last week because her boyfriend was "too busy".

Valentine's Day is busy, the anniversary is busy, even if Mao Mao is sick, he is still busy. Finally, Mao Mao found that what he called busy was either playing games or flirting with the opposite sex.

Girl, you have to understand that a man who cares about you can never be busy all the time. Even if he is busy, he will find time to accompany you.

A man who always uses "busy at work" as an excuse can't say he doesn't love you, at least not most.

once read on the Internet: the time to reply to a message is 7 seconds.

I think that no matter how busy a person is, he should be able to spare 7 seconds to reply to your message, instead of always perfunctorily saying "I'm busy at work".

there are 24 hours a day, in addition to working time, there is a lot of free time.

to put it bluntly, it's not that I don't have time, I just don't love you, and I don't have your place in my heart, so I don't want to spend time with you.

if a man always says to you, "I'm busy at work!" Well, then put it down early, he's not worth it.

as the saying goes: you can never wait for a ship at the airport.

only by saying goodbye to the wrong person can you meet the fate that belongs to you.

"stop it!"

when two people are together, it is impossible to mix oil in honey forever, and it is normal to have some disputes once in a while.

but what is terrible is not the dispute, but the indifferent attitude of the other party after the dispute.

when you have an argument, he always replies "stop messing around", so you must think carefully about whether he really has you in his heart.

after all, a man who has you in his heart will know how to apologize and put down his posture to coax you, rather than an impatient "stop it".

A man who often says this to you may no longer love you in his heart, but just wants to force you to break up in a cold and violent way.

as Zhang ailing said: "when a man no longer loves a woman, it is wrong for her to cry, it is wrong to be silent, it is wrong to breathe alive, it is wrong to die."

when he loves you, whatever you do, he feels extremely cute; once he doesn't love you, no matter what you do, it is unreasonable for him.

how much he liked your little temper, now he will think you have done too much. Every "stop messing around" is from the bottom of my heart tired of you.

when you meet such a man, you must see his true face as soon as possible so as not to get deeper and deeper.

in heterosexual relationships, if you meet a man who often replies to you with the above "four words", it will be over.

you should know that the most important thing is to love each other. If the other person doesn't have you in his heart, he or she will not be happy even if he or she is forced to do so, but will only add sadness to himself. It is better to let go early and give yourself a new future.

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