Men do not love you, so they are not willing to give you these four things!
Men do not love you, so they are not willing to give you these four things!
You will eventually meet someone whose eyes are full of you, the night is in a hurry, and the twilight is you.

above the point

the best state in a relationship is that you happen to love me when I love you.

many women are not sure whether men really have their own heart, do not know whether this relationship is a person to give or two-way.

want to know whether a man really loves you, in fact, it is very simple, a man who does not love you will not be willing to give you these four things!

unwilling to accommodate and tolerate you

recently, the TV series "Little willing" has been a hit, and the couple played by Nan Li and Tong Dawei, played by Song Jia and Tong Dawei, have become a marriage model that everyone envies.

the two get along in harmony and at ease, and they can hardly be seen complaining about each other.

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Nan Li is at odds with her half-sister Tian Yulan because of her child's affairs. Xia Junshan will tolerate her small temper and praise her for her tolerance and generosity.

the most important thing is that in the face of some problems encountered in the growth of their children, they will discuss and find solutions and face them together.

on the contrary, Yan Peng, a rich second generation played by Li Jiahang, and his wife will laugh at her "dressed like a queen" when they go back to their father-in-law for dinner.

if his wife makes trouble with Nanli, she will blame her for not keeping abreast of the times and spoiling the atmosphere.

the reason why Nanli's marriage is recognized by most people is that she has a good husband who is tolerant and accommodating to herself.

about love, I have heard such a sentence:

"it's great to be liked by a gentle person. He is like the softest breeze in the transition of spring and summer.

everything becomes soft after you, and then you begin to love the world. "

everyone is imperfect, there are always some advantages and disadvantages, and so are two people in love.

some people like to be short-tempered and sulk easily when they encounter unpleasant things;

there are people who are jealous and always like to compare with this and angry with that.

but a man who truly loves you can be accommodated and tolerant when he knows that you have shortcomings, and is willing to take care of you when he knows that you are not perfect.

even if he is a rough man, he will give you all his tenderness, willing to improve himself slowly with you, and willing to join hands with you to make each other better.

and when he has no love for you, he is not willing to take care of your little emotions, your loveliness and coquettish behavior is annoying and vexatious in his eyes.

even if you just call him a few more times, he will feel that you limit his freedom and even treat you as a punching bag.

A lack of tolerance in love is like a boat without its oars, and a desperate row on either side is always spinning in place.

it's not worth spending time with the wrong person!

not willing to spend time for you

asked a friend, what is it like when a man loves a woman deeply?

the friend thought for a moment and replied, "give her love, give her time, and climb to her side even if you climb."

I couldn't help laughing at this, but the words were not rough.

in this world, there is no one who is not hard, and no one is busy. Everyone's time is very precious.

but if a man really loves you, then you will be his exception.

even if I don't have time, I will find time to accompany you.

the love story between Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang has always been well received by the outside world, while Huo Qigang, as a rich-family elder brother, is not only enterprising, but also caring for his family.

Guo Jingjing once said in an interview that Huo Qigang is usually very busy, but even if it is only an hour, Huo Qigang will take the time to go home to accompany her and her children.

even when you introduce yourself on the program, you can't hide your love: "I'm Guo Jingjing's husband, Huo Qigang!"

the relationship between the two can be seen.

many people must have heard this sentence from their partner: "I'm so busy, how can I have time to accompany you?"

ask yourself, are you really that busy?

maybe he's not really busy, he's just not free for you.

all say, "companionship is the longest confession."

when a man has true feelings for you, he is willing to spend time for you and pay for you.

he can take an hour by bus to take you home, and then take an hour's bus by himself.

and when he would rather sleep at home than go out with you, most of these men no longer love you.

whose day is 24 hours, no one will be too busy to insert a needle, the so-called busy and idle, but the heart thinks which thing is more important.

when I love you, I will come for you even if I have a long way to go, but if I don't love you, the word "busy" is the best reason.

so when the other person starts to say, "I'm busy, I don't have time", don't pay foolishly.

those who are willing to spend time on you may not really love you, but a man who is not willing to spend time for you must not really love you.

not willing to give you trust

the most basic respect between husband and wife is mutual trust.

but not in Cai Juying's marriage.

when I was chasing Little willing, I was impressed by such a plot in the play.

and Nan Jianlong, as the retired vice president of the design institute, is essentially not short of that little money.

every time Cai Juying handed the account book to Nan Jianlong for inspection, he said that you had decided and you just watched and bought it, but when Cai Juying left, Nan Jianlong quietly checked the account with a magnifying glass.

he talks about trust, but there is no trust at all in his behavior. it can be seen that Nan Jianlong married Cai Juying not because of "true love." they just take what they need.

but Nanli's husband Xia Junshan hit the nail on the head:

"when he was young, he needed piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and then he needed to cook porridge and grow flowers, so he found a nurse, which is understandable."

put aside the TV series and return to reality, how important is the "trust" in the relationship?

in any relationship, blaming and mistrusting each other is like a sharp arrow in the heart. every minute you go deeper, the pain doubles.

A man who really loves you is bound to fully trust you and will share or confide in you as soon as he has anything on his mind.

and the man who is hypocritical to you, he will be wary of you everywhere, have no trust in you, keep saying sweet words, but never consider your opinions and ideas.

once you find that a man is always deliberately alienated from you, he will haggle with you for the sake of big trifles, be sure to stay away as soon as possible.

not willing to work for you

there are many kinds of expressions of loving someone deeply, and the most direct one is "worry about you and enjoy you".

in the TV series "Little willing", Xia Junshan should be the "perfect husband".

he will skillfully braid his daughter's hair, hold parent-teacher meetings for his children, and even take the initiative to take on the important task of tutoring their children.

when Nanli came home from overtime late at night, Xia Junshan was used to serving a bowl of Tremella soup....

as a husband, although Yan Peng is humorous and funny, he is completely like a child who has not grown up. He can't take care of his own life and work, so he just plays games and lets his wife Tian Yulan take care of everything.

and Tian Yulan knows that marriage is not as good as Nanli, so every family dinner, she can only bring out the children.

some netizens said,

everyone envies the marriage between Nanli and Xia Junshan, but in the end they all live to be Tian Yulan and Yan Peng.

this is not an irony, but it nakedly shows a "widowed" marital state.

many people will have this feeling: why do most women become resentful women after marriage?

in the final analysis, it is mainly men who do not do well.

Women want men to take care of their children together, but he says that raising children is a woman's family business and will not.

A woman wants a man to wash the dishes after a meal, but he says he has never done housework and won't.

such minor contradictions accumulate little by little, and over time, a complaining woman is "fresh".

if a woman has lived to the vicissitudes of life at the age of 50 at the age of 30, the man she meets must not love her enough;

and the man who really loves her, thinks about her and worries about her, is nourished by love every day, and even at the age of 50, he will still be as beautiful as he is at the age of 30.

there is a good saying:

A man who loves you, even if he doesn't say a word, sees you in his eyes.

A man who doesn't love you, even if he keeps talking about you, doesn't show that he loves you at all.

if a man really has a woman in his heart, he will be willing to do a lot of things that are difficult to do for her.

so, when you doubt whether the other person really loves you, you often don't.

because the people who really love you will never let you wait, let you lose, and keep you awake over and over again.

you have to believe that you will eventually meet someone whose eyes are full of you, the night is in a hurry, and the twilight is you.