Low-level people always like to show off these three things
Low-level people always like to show off these three things
The more you lack something, the more you want to show off.

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as the saying goes, the most important thing is to have self-knowledge.

people who know their own strengths and weaknesses can always find the most suitable position in society, and there is no need to boast too much about their talents.

and the more a person lacks something, the more he wants to show off, just like covering his ears and stealing a bell.

sensible people all know that people who like to exaggerate tend to show their appearance and have no real ability.

low-level people, love to show off these three things, your fine taste!

show off one's wealth

I have to admit that the real rich know the truth that money does not leak out.

they never need to show off their wealth by showing off their wealth, because what they have

Yes, it is his daily routine.

only those who have good face and no strength need to be filled by showing off. in fact, their inner inferiority complex has long been exposed.

because the more self-abased you are, the more you want to show off through showing off.

I have seen a video on the Internet before, which appropriately illustrates this point.

it is said that a man spent all his money on buying a new car to go back to the village and deliberately stuck in the middle of the road trying to show off to the villagers.

but who thought that when he entered the village, he found a car parked in front of many homes, each of which was of a higher grade than him.

and they usually ride tricycles, battery cars, very low-key, how can we see that they have such strength.

he was shameless in front of the whole village, and his previous pitiful sense of superiority was gone.

as the saying goes: a bucket of water is dissatisfied, half a bucket of water is sloshing.

people who are far-sighted know that there is a wider unknown world outside their own world, and the more humble they are, the less they show off and the less arrogant they are.

and the less knowledgeable he is, the less he will be able to make a little money.

A frog in a well, no matter how much he jumps, he will only be laughed at like a clown.

show off your cleverness

some time ago, I read an article in which the author used a sentence from Mr. Yang Jiang, which naturally did not deliberately lead to his own point of view.

the whole article is also novel and clear. I like it very much, so I turn to the following and read the comments.

among the more than 100 messages, one comment is eye-catching but frustrating:

"did you come out to cheat without even doing a good job in primary school? Do you know that Yang Jiang is a female writer?

and 'sir', who says women are not as good as men? Does a celebrity have to be a man? Go back and read more! "

the author's reply is very interesting:

"in order to avoid misunderstandings among many primary school students who read the article, I would like to give a brief explanation here.

the term "sir" in the article is a respectful title for a person of high moral value, which means to show respect, and does not necessarily refer to a man entirely. I'm not a maverick, an original noun.

and the respect for Mr. Yang Jiang is beyond words, for fear of humiliation, so I think twice when quoting it.

but I never expected that the article, which had been revised many times, led to such a lovely and ridiculous question. It was really a shame. "

show off in exchange for a real slap in the face.

and think about how conceited it is for a person who is so confident to ask such a question.

for things you don't understand, you can ask and understand.

but people with shallow knowledge always think they are right and are eager to show off their cleverness.

in fact, people who are really wise look clumsy on the surface, but disdain to show off. People who are really talented seem dull, but they actually hide their edge.

people are most afraid of being "smart and mistaken" and end up laughing and being worthless.

show off your past achievements

as the saying goes, "A hero does not mention his courage."

repeatedly mentioning to show off your past success and glory can only prove that your life is not as good as it used to be.

A relative has a brother who doesn't have much contact with each other.

however, we are all about to memorize his glorious deeds in junior high school.

A few family gatherings in a year, as long as you meet, you must take the trouble to listen to him say it over and over again:

although he was not a sports student at that time, because the sprint was very good, the coach of the school team paid special attention to him and often used him as an example to teach sports students

every time the school held a sports meeting, he won the sprint event, and even broke his own record again and again.

later, he represented the school in the city's sprint race and won the first place in the middle school group.

was later chosen by key high schools and sent him as a sports specialty student.

speaking of this, those who do not understand think that he is about to go further and further on the road of sports. As a result, the story has taken a sharp turn for the worse.

refused to walk because he felt that the sports students were too tired and didn't want to train.

I went to study in Pu Gao, but my grades were not very good. In the end, I only went to a junior college.

now he is living in a small county, opening a small supermarket, his figure is getting fat every year, and his weight is soaring year by year. Last year, he saw that he was over 200 jin.

when he told the story of that year, he was beaming and showing off his past achievements as the talk of his life, but we have never seen these.

and the reversal of the story is right in front of us, so helplessness and contempt are inevitable.

remember, always live in the past, chatter about the past, will not be admired or regrettedIt will only make people speechless and embarrassed.

Long for a perfect modest bridesmaid dresses that flows around your curves, flattering your height? This is a selection of what you need to shine.

after all, if you are doing well now, how can you think of once?

We are all pursuing a higher level of life, and everyone has a different understanding of the "level".

in my opinion, the level is not

lies in the amount of wealth, the difference in status, but in a person's pattern and self-cultivation.

A person's bearing will naturally attract people around him to follow, and will make people sincerely admire and respect.

and grandstanding, nothing but pretentious people, will only make people stay away.

because people with real strength do not need to show their sense of existence by showing off.

what we pursue

those better lives are happiness firmly held in hand, rather than "pseudo-excellence" that deceives oneself and others.

what is really powerful has never been a matter of lip service.

I hope each of us can clearly realize what the good life we want is like.

Don't live in fantasies and cover up your inner deficiencies by showing off.

after all, the more you lack something, the more you want to show off.

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