Living an interesting life is the best way to live.
Living an interesting life is the best way to live.
For the rest of my life, I chose to live like fun.

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if God offered you three "life options", what would you choose between being rich, being beautiful and having fun?

Mr. Liang Qichao should not hesitate to make a choice-to live an interesting life.

he once wrote:

"I think that mortals must always live in interest in order to have value in life; if they live with a sad face for decades, then life will become a desert. What is the use of him?"

I think so.

the length of life is limited after all, and we should make it a wonderful and rich journey, not a long austerity.

living an interesting life is the best way to live.

interesting, more advanced than beauty

Wang Xiaobo said: "interest is the premise of feeling a better world."

A person who has great wealth is nothing but a year if he is not interesting.

if you only have a good appearance and don't know how to taste, you can't escape being a depressed, self-pity vase.

the person who can really be happy must be the one who loves life and is willing to bury his head in life and explore the fun in it.

Yang Jiang has written many interesting stories about Qian Zhongshu, the most famous of which is Qian Zhongshu helping her cat fight.

the couple once had a cat. Once, their own cat got into a fight with another cat in the middle of the night. Qian Zhongshu, fearing that his cat would suffer losses, ran to the yard with a long bamboo pole to help his cat fight.

as a result, neighbor Lin Huiyin's cat is often beaten to death by Qian's cat. What a "big accomplice".

on another occasion, Qian Zhongshu played a lot of sex while Yang Jiang was sleeping and painted her face with ink.

unexpectedly, Yang Jiang's face ate more ink than Xuan paper, washed and washed with clean water, her skin was washed as quickly as paper, and the ink marks on it had not yet been washed off.

from then on, Zhong Shu no longer played a prank on Yang Jiang's face, but only painted her portrait on paper, then added glasses and beard to the portrait, giggling and chatting.

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isn't that what life is like? happiness has nothing to do with wealth, appearance and knowledge. Everyone who has light in his heart and loves life will taste the fruit of happiness.

A good-looking skin is the same, and an interesting soul is one in a million.

when a person no longer pays too much attention to the pursuit of appearance and money, but really pays attention to life itself, it can really improve the quality of life.

Oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, full of fun

Wang Han once said, "what is the meaning of live type, one tongue plus three points?" Eat something good, drink something good, and talk about something interesting. "

many people always think that the real interest is in the distance, in fact, in the present life, there is no lack of beauty, but the lack of eyes to find beauty.

some people happen to pass by a video store and will be moved by an old song they haven't seen for a long time.

some people will make a detour to experience a new situation when they go to work or go home from school.

some people do nothing on weekends, just make a pot of tea and have fun in the tea world.

with an interesting heart, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, life is full of joy and poetry.

Yuan Mei in the Qing Dynasty was an interesting man. He doesn't like serious learning, and he is sloppy in calligraphy and poetry. When he was in his thirties, he simply resigned naked, thinking about how to eat at home all day.

he put forward foodie theories such as "other people like to use soft-shelled turtle with sea cucumbers. I tasted it and thought it was best to cook it alone."

he ate and drank all his life, wrote recipes and ghost stories, and occasionally had pen fights with literati. He lived to the age of 82.

an interesting heart cannot be stopped.

Rosalind Cascio said: "for those who are filled with happiness, all the process is wonderful."

there is a sentence in "Jump": "interesting people, life is always diverse."

boring people have similar boredom, while interesting people have their own tastes.

Cai Lan said, "A stable life must be boring. I can't stand it. I decided to live an interesting life. "

Yes, living an interesting life is a choice.

the rest of my life is long, and I choose to live to be interesting.