Live well first, then live hard
Live well first, then live hard
Stay happy and pay attention to rest.

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there is a lot of pressure at work these days. I often stay in the basement for a while before I go home.

because the phone doesn't have a signal, Wechat won't pop up messages and the phone won't ring, so I'll put aside the tedious stuff for a while, listen to music, or sit in a daze.

I think maybe this is also one of the ways that many people decompress.

I suddenly remembered that the last two words I chatted with my friends the weekend before last were:

"Let's make a phone call tonight."

"Yes, you can."

then we have a tacit understanding with each other, and the dialog box is still on top of my Wechat.

there are always a lot of unexpected things and emotions in the adult world.

some difficulties will suddenly upset your plans when you are happy, and some pressure will not care if you are already worried about what you are doing.

when you are stressed to a certain extent, you will feel that you really can't hold on any longer, but if you are busy and boiled, you will continue to live on.

in fact, we are all the same, hold on first, and then pursue it.

first live well, then live hard.

I have seen a particularly heart-stirring question and answer in Zhihu before.

"the difference between a hard seat and a sleeper on a train is nearly 100 yuan. Why do so many people choose hard seats?"

the high-praise answer was produced in 2019, when the girl was 21 years old, she said:

"when I go to see a doctor every month, I work alone as a hard seat for the late night shift. When I get there, it will be dawn, saving both the fare and the room fee."

in the early hours of the morning, there are people lying on the floor of the railway station who save money but do not stay in the hotel. There are always empty berths and full hard seats in the train at night.

there are already many people in the world whose time and comfort are cheaper than money. "

all living beings suffer, and some people have tried their best just to live. Ordinary people like you and me, who has not been stung by life?

Today, there are many 23-year-olds who have bought their own cars and houses and started companies.

there are many 23-year-old young people who have traveled more than half of China with poetry and distance in their hearts.

there are many 23-year-old young people who have just entered the society and play games and eat midnight snacks after two or three o'clock every day.

but compared with a smooth career, wealth and wealth, the only thing I want to wish her is that she has overcome the disease and will be healthy from now on.

I don't know if you have noticed, but we are all becoming more and more anxious.

in the sharing of many people, the secular definition of success seems to be a very easy thing, those prosperity let us also look forward to, but the reality is that most of the efforts just can not see the results quickly.

so we stumbled here for a while and there for a while, only to find that we didn't know where we were.

introspection, how long has it been since you first thought about it and its meaning?

once during a workout, the coach shared with me something that happened to him.

he went to the hospital for a physical examination and was misdiagnosed.

he said:

"I didn't know how I got home that day. I hardly went out for a week. I was scared, remorseful, reluctant to give up and collapsed. I really couldn't tell how I felt, so I thought that if I could be saved, even if I didn't want anything, it would be good to be a beggar every day and spend my time on the street."

what else do you want to work overtime and raise your salary, what do you want to have a bright future? when the joke of fate is played on your head, the only thought is to live.

he went for a review in the second week, changed to another hospital, and learned that he was in good health. He, a strong man in Northeast China, burst into tears directly in front of the doctor.

since then, he has also given up staying up late. He still goes to bed at 10:30 every day, gets up at 06:30 and has three healthy meals with a regular schedule. He said that apart from health, everything is really floating clouds.

I remember someone saying that the three best words in life are reunion after a long separation, recovery from loss, and false alarm.

the greatest wealth in my life, actually I

people already have it, and taking good care of themselves is the top priority.

because a healthy body and a happy mood are the prerequisites for a better future, only by living well can you be qualified to live hard.

when we have it, it is easy to overlook the value of time and life.

but when you settle down, you will find that only if you live well can life go on forever.

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maybe when we were young, we all expected to be different when we grew up, but when we grow up, we will find that it is no longer easy to be an ordinary person.

most people only look at whether you fly high or not, talk to you about work, salary, and the future, but the people who really care about you talk to you about common food, whether you eat well, whether you are tired or not, because that is the long-term and important thing.

so there's no need to flaunt yourself like someone else, you have your life, you have the way you love.

your future paper can only be scribbled by yourself now.

, stay happy and pay attention to rest.

take a rest when you are tired, sleep when you are sleepy, turn on the light if you are afraid of the dark, get in touch with each other when you miss, and love yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance.

encourage it.