Liu Tao revealed the truth of marriage: what kind of husband you marry, you have what kind of life!
Liu Tao revealed the truth of marriage: what kind of husband you marry, you have what kind of life!
There must be a person worthy of your efforts, with a lifetime to protect you!

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some time ago, Liu Tao's new play "growing up with you" caused widespread discussion, and many netizens called "the reality of the world"!

the story of "Chicken Baby" of four families has torn apart the faces of family education. at the same time, the play is also a portrayal of real marriage.

Buffett once said:

"the most important decision in your life is who to marry. In choosing a partner, if you are wrong, it will cost you a lot. And the loss is not just about money. "

what kind of man a woman chooses determines what life will be like in the future.

these men must not marry, or they will regret it for the rest of their lives!

A husband who is too controlling

in marriage, too much control is a terrible thing, and its lethality is even worse than domestic violence.

as soon as the name "Gu Jiawei" appears, it is the standard of a good family man in the hearts of the public:

he is rich and handsome. He buys clothes, bags and cosmetics for his wife. He doesn't need his wife to go to work, as long as she takes good care of her children.

his wife Lin Yunyun is also a standard good wife and mother, who can be described as "up to the hall and down to the kitchen."

the two are golden boys and girls in the eyes of outsiders, and they are also enviable marriage templates.

but behind Gu Jiawei's bright love, there is a heart with a strong desire for control.

Gu Jiawei is capable but very frugal. He does not allow his wife to have a penny of extravagance and waste. Even his wife buys her mother a bag as a birthday present, and he scolds him for spending a lot of money.

if his daughter's exam results are not satisfactory, he will blame his wife for not educating her well, yelling at his wife and showing no respect for her at all.

this kind of day, which is fully controlled from life to spirit, seems beautiful, but in fact it is extremely painful.

over time, Lin Yunyun also broke out and filed for divorce.

Men are extremely controlling, and such behavior is undoubtedly selfish.

he has to ask about your job, your phone, your circle of friends, and even what you should and should not do.

he felt that it was good for you to do so, but he didn't realize that the relationship had begun to deteriorate.

some people say that this is a sign that a man loves you to the bone. If a man loves you at the price of breaking your wings and keeping you in captivity like a pet, won't such "love" suffocate?

A good relationship is about making two people feel comfortable and finding the best self, rather than one trying to be above the other.

as Carina Lau said, "it is impossible for two people to get along completely according to the will of one party. The most perfect control in love is not control." This is the way to get along with intimacy. "

the man who really loves you will respect everything about you, instead of restricting you and manipulating your life.

Marriage is not a workplace, let alone a court, and there is no need for arbitrariness. Only when both parties can be seen in the marriage, the marriage can be harmonious and lasting.

A husband who is not motivated and has no sense of responsibility

there is a saying quite right: "Happiness makes people gentle, misfortune makes people full of grievances."

Shen Xiaoyan is the best example in the play.

as a migrant worker, Shen Xiaoyan has no education or connections. She married Li Xiang, a native, before taking root in Shanghai.

I thought I had found a local native, so I didn't have to run around and was driven away by the landlord, but I didn't want to find out the true face of Li Xiang only after marriage.

Li Xiang is an unprofessional Neet who lives in the school district room left by his parents and is addicted to gambling because he has no intention of working all day.

I couldn't stand it. Xiaoyan divorced him.

but in order to protect their children, the two lived a life of "divorce without leaving home".

it's just that these days are more difficult. Shen Xiaoyan not only has to take care of the family, but also has to pay rent to her ex-husband. Even if she is beaten and bleeding by her ex-husband, she turns her head and says "nothing" to her neighbor.

in marriage, if men do not take responsibility and have no sense of responsibility, then women are doomed to suffer for the rest of their lives.

Marriage itself is a kind of spiritual practice, and even if it is a match made in heaven, it may not be worth tea, rice, oil, salt and chicken feathers all over the floor.

A long-term marriage needs not only love, but also a sense of responsibility. A marriage without a sense of responsibility is destined to be empty.

Carnegie said:

"Women can never identify jewelry or clothing, but they must learn to identify men."

the worst choice in life is to pick the wrong partner.

therefore, when you get married, you must choose the right person, and don't let it make do for a while and ruin your happiness for the rest of your life.

oppose your husband everywhere

one of the happiest things in the world is to have a choice at all times.

after many women get married, they give all their hearts to their families and can't find their own figure at all.

do not know that a man really loves you, he will give you freedom and support you to pursue the life you want.

in growing up with you, Liu Tao's marriage to her husband Xi Bin is the most enviable.

although the two are not very rich, they have been married for many years and have always had a good relationship.

when Xi Bin woke up anxious about his children's study, Xi Bin took turns between his wife and son.Send flowers and go to the movies while taking the children out to get some air.

in addition to being able to support each other in life, they can also achieve each other in work.

during a project inspection, awakening found that there was a serious pollution problem in the hard installation of a storefront, but the shopkeeper refused to cooperate with the rectification and directly sued the store.

when the boss found out, instead of paying attention to the contribution she had made to the company over the years, she was fired.

after her husband Xi Bin asked why, he supported the act of reviving justice, and at the same time helped her sort out the problem, adjust her state of mind, and finally wake up and return to work.

it was precisely because her husband unswervingly supported her behind her and gave her the strongest encouragement that she was able to say confidently, "self-development is as important to me as my children."

marry the right person, he is your greatest strength, no matter what wind and rain you encounter, he will stand in front of you to protect you from the wind and rain.

with him, walk hand in hand with you; with him, the road ahead will not be lonely.

Chernyshevsky once said: "the meaning of love is to help each other improve, but also to improve yourself."

A good husband-wife relationship is always neck and neck.

someone asked Bill Gates: "the smartest decision in your life is to build Microsoft or to do a lot of philanthropy?"

Our collection of black prom dresses is designed to make you look ravishing. We are your one stop shop for a perfect choice.

Bill Gates replied: "neither, but to find the right person to marry."

Marriage is not just about taking precepts and making light promises, it determines the way you live for the rest of your life.

when you are with a positive man, your life will look like a quiet time.

when you are with a gentle and kind man, your days must be surrounded by warmth and love.

and with selfish and narrow-minded men, your future must be chicken and dog jump.

A really good love is when two people support each other to get better, rather than letting them consume and waste your life.

so, no matter which husband you choose, please keep these three pieces of advice in mind:

A kneeling wife cannot raise a qualified husband;

what is more important than family income is the values;