Life, what do you want (profound)
Life, what do you want (profound)
Live well in the present and live a life worthy of it.

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before, I always thought that as long as I had more things, I would be happier, so I tried my best to pursue everything.

do not realize that there are some things in this world that you can't get the results you want if you work hard.

after half a lifetime, I began to understand that sentence:

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

there are all kinds of things in the world, and things are changeable, but in the end, it is nothing. What can the husband ask for?

do not ask, high friends are full, but ask, bosom friend two or three

A passage that Yi Shu said:

"people in the city look glamorous, but in fact, they all hide loopholes. High-ranking friends are full, and guests come like clouds, but there may not be three or two who can really talk to each other. "

if you think about it, it is true.

people live a lifetime, people around us come and go, but most people are casual acquaintances, and there are only a handful of people who can really walk into our hearts.

A daughter is easy to get, but a bosom friend is hard to get.

in the vast sea of people, it is enough to have two or three bosom friends.

Fan Zhongyan, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, when his official career was smooth and prosperous, many people came to curry favor with him.

but later, Fan Zhongyan was devastated.

when Fan Zhongyan left the capital, none of his friends who usually knew him very well were willing to come to see him off.

only his good friend Wang Li was ill in bed that day, but when he knew about this, he completely ignored his illness and resolutely came to practice for Fan Zhongyan with illness.

after the event, many people asked Wang:

"now no one dares to get in touch with Fan Zhongyan for fear of being mistaken for an accomplice. Aren't you afraid?"

Wang said calmly:

"wouldn't it be an honor for me to be an accomplice of Mr. Fan, who has both ability and political integrity?"

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I have experienced so much that I have just realized that it is not expensive to have a heart-to-heart relationship with others.

as the saying goes, "if you know people all over the world, how many bosom friends are there?"

people make countless friends in this life, but it is impossible to find people who really know you and know you.

the true confidant never lies in quantity, but in quality.

making two or three bosom friends is far better than a thousand nodding acquaintances.

do not ask, everything is perfect, but ask, have a clear conscience

as the old saying goes, nine times out of ten there are unsatisfactory things in life.

Life is never perfect, and regret is also the normal state of life.

how can anyone be perfect in everything?

when people live in the world, they will inevitably have all kinds of regrets.

as Goethe said:

"perfection is the yardstick of heaven, and to achieve perfection is the yardstick of mankind."

in many cases, imperfection may be another kind of perfection.

No matter what you do, do your best, have a clear conscience, and don't be too rigid about the results.

so he decided to give up and stopped climbing.

seeing that the peak is not far away, many onlookers can't help feeling sorry for the youth.

when the young man came down, someone went over and asked him:

"We are about to climb to the top. Why not grit your teeth and hold on a little longer?"

the young man replied:

"my own state, I know very well that 6800 meters above sea level is my limit. I don't feel sorry at all, because I've done my best. "

you know, the most painful thing in a person's life is to blindly insist on something that should not be persisted.

in the end, when you can't get what you want, you tend to get yourself into endless chagrin.

in fact, life is like climbing a mountain, climbing over a mountain, there are countless mountains waiting for you.

there are always peaks you can't climb, and there are always a lot of problems that you can't solve.

you can get a lot of things if you don't want them.

there are many things you can do if you don't want to.

very often, no matter how hard you try, you will inevitably leave regrets.

but it is because of this that our lives are more colorful.

there is a good saying: "how to live life will have regrets, the key lies in how you understand."

living, there is never a perfect life, many things, do not have to force, do your best, no regrets.

instead of worrying about gain and loss, it is better to accept it with a smile and face life optimistically.

No, rich and expensive, but simple and happy.

Life is a long marathon, and we are all chasing desperately on the track of our own lives.

how many people trap themselves in the cage of desire in order to pursue too many material conditions.

Tao Yuanming once said, "Don't focus on wealth, don't be sad about being poor or humble."

everything in life, whether poor or rich, is a cloud.

Don't worry about poverty, nor do you need to pursue blindly for the sake of wealth.

Health and happiness are the most important things when people are alive.

during the Ming Dynasty, there was a teacher named Hu Jiushao.

although his family is not rich, he can barely make ends meet;

but he comes to his house every day to burn incense and worship Buddha, thanking God for his blessings.

one day, his wife laughed at him and said:

"how can we be regarded as a blessing when we eat three meals a day and have some light meals?"

Hu Jiushao said leisurely:

"first of all, we were born in peaceful times, and we should be glad that we did not have to suffer from war.

secondly, as a family, with food and clothing, we should be glad that we do not have to go hungry and cold.

again, our family is in good health, no one has done anything wrong, and is it not a blessing to be sent to prison by going the wrong way? "

greed, the heart will be tired, indifferent, is the blessing.

you know, there is a lot of disturbance in this world, and the more you pursue, the more worries you have in your heart.

but never thought that we live to be happy, not to worry.

things are changeable, life is no more than a hundred years, fame and fortune, but they are all things outside the body.

there is a good proverb: "if life is simple, it is charming, and if people are simple, they are happy."

Happiness is never because of how much wealth you have, but because you are open-minded and never care about gains and losses.

put aside your desires and concerns, and you can feel at ease only if you have nothing to worry about.

from now on, be a simple person and have simple happiness.

the poet Bai Juyi once said, "looking back at the bitterness in the world, you can't ask for it."

when you want too much, you will feel pain when you ask for it but don't get it.

people, what are you asking for?

you and I are just passers-by in life, and in the end they are all in vain, so there is no need to pursue too much.

Life is only a few decades, cherish life, live the present, live a life worthy of life, so, it is good.

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