Life is short, don't love too much, don't stay up too late
Life is short, don't love too much, don't stay up too late
Lovers love themselves first, love others seven points, and leave the remaining three points to themselves.

some people say that seven percent full love is just right.

Life is short, don't love too much, don't stay up too late.

Don't be too full of love, things will turn back at the extreme

when the water is full, it will overflow, and if the moon is full, it will lose. Everything should be limited, otherwise things will turn to the extreme.

Xiao Li and her boyfriend met at a party, and they fell in love less than two weeks later.

at first, they were bored together every day, very sweet, but the good times did not last long, the relationship between the two became weaker and weaker, and their boyfriend thought that Xiao Li cared too much about him and felt that he had no personal space.

but Xiao Li felt that she had paid so much, took care of her boyfriend and devoted herself to her feelings, but she could not get back the same treatment as her boyfriend.

later, when they often quarreled, Xiao Li asked, "do you not love me so much?" I've been so nice to you, can't you be nice to me? "

Xiao Li is very distressed. She feels that she has become more and more lost during this period of time. She is absent-minded at work, can't eat, and it's hard to sleep.

there is nothing wrong with loving someone, but if you give everything because of one person, you will lose yourself and suffer a lot.

Love yourself first, love others seven points, and keep the remaining three points to yourself.

as written in the lyrics of "the wrong person": "Love too deeply, too easy to sacrifice, too easy to sink, too easy to be desperate and full of scars."

A really good relationship doesn't need you to work too hard to maintain it. It's yours, you can't get away, it's not yours, and you can't catch it.

it's not terrible to meet the wrong person, the terrible thing is to let yourself get deeper and deeper. To stop loss in time is to love yourself.

Don't be too full of love, things will turn back at the extreme.

Love needs each other's understanding and space, to calmly accept the mediocrity of life.

for us, reducing our dependence on others, lowering our expectations and loving ourselves are three particularly important things.

first be calm, then love.

in this life, no one will love you until you learn to care about yourself.

when you love others, you must also reserve time and space for yourself and use it in your life and career.

live a serious life, don't stay up too late

Night gods are quiet, and it is always a good time to express their feelings.

recent stress, sadness and sadness will emerge at this time.

people also become vulnerable and sensitive.

have seen netizens share their stories:

she used to go to bed at about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning during her work, in poor condition.

she liked a boy at that time, waiting for the boy to send her a message every day, waiting for him to say "good night".

so that he is often sleepy at work and not in good spirits.

the whole person is very depressed and looks very sloppy.

then she suddenly woke up and realized that only by living a good life can she attract the boy she likes, and only in this way can she be worthy of herself.

she began to plan a new life:

go to bed before 11:00 every night and get up at 6 o'clock in the morning.

learn to wear, take care of your skin, exercise every day, and continue to learn professional skills.

half a year later, she changed greatly, becoming the counterattack "goddess" of many people and many suitors. At this time, the boys she liked also began to notice her and often talked to her and dated her.

she said: "instead of letting yourself fall into a vicious circle, staying up late every day, being decadent and depressed, it's better to spend your time going to bed early, and then plan your day to enrich your life and attract male gods!" How good is this move? "

when you stay up late, you will let your emotions fly freely and finally immerse yourself in your own emotional world.

stay up late at night, move affectionately, overdraw your future and mood.

Zhang Xiaoxian once said: "learn to live your own life, fall in love with yourself, treat yourself like the one you love, and spoil yourself."

A good sleep is the most important thing in life.

when you say goodbye to staying up late and getting up early in the morning, you will be full of energy, live a good day full of energy, and enjoy and plan your life.

sleeping is the best investment.

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Let nature take its course, don't push too hard

in a relationship, don't push too hard.

my friend Feifei told me that she was afraid that her boyfriend would fall in love with other girls and that a girl would suddenly appear, beautiful, capable and gentle, and then her boyfriend dumped him and ran away with someone else.

when she is not with her boyfriend, she always thinks that her boyfriend will have an affair with other girls and imagines a lot of betrayal in her mind.

so she always asks about her boyfriend, and often checks her boyfriend's cell phone and goes through his clothes, trying to find clues that her boyfriend doesn't love her.

on the face of it, Feifei lacks sense of security, so she keeps asking about her boyfriend for reassurance.

but what is more behind her is her own lack of self-confidence, excessive fear of the unknown, and over-judgment of the feelings of two people.

I analyzed it for her so that she didn't have to scare herself, because her boyfriend is actually veryThose who love her have been accommodating her, and there is no "cheating" behavior, as long as two people live a good life, the relationship will still be better and better, just let nature take its course.

after hearing this, she also thought it was reasonable, so she began to adjust her state of mind and no longer love as hard as before, so the relationship between the two became more and more stable.

most of the time, we are always preoccupied with too many chores, worry about all kinds of unknown things every day, and make ourselves uneasy all day long.

Lu Yao wrote in "Life": "Life is so unpredictable, there is no eternal pain, there is no eternal happiness, life is like running water, sometimes so flat, sometimes so tortuous."

if the future is unpredictable, at least live well in the present and cherish the present.

reduce your expectations and be content with the present. Happiness is not how much you have, but how satisfied your heart feels.

as the poem says, "there are flowers in spring and moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world."

if there are no chores, you will feel at ease.

Don't love too much, your heart will be dark; don't sleep too late, dreams will be short; don't work too hard, your feelings will hurt.

not confused, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, do not think about the past, so, safe.

, may you love yourself, be lucky enough to meet the right person, and accompany you from dusk to dusk, from poverty to wealth, from youth to old age, and from meeting each other for the rest of your life.