Life is not easy. You have to work very hard.
Life is not easy. You have to work very hard.
The world is not worth it, but you are worth it.

when I came home from work two days ago, I found a girl squatting in the corner of the roadside and crying. She wanted to hand over a tissue and chose not to disturb me.

there are stories in this city every day, joys and sorrows are the norm.

maybe she is separated from the person she likes, maybe there is something wrong with the project in the company, or something is wrong at home.

the answer is unknown, but with each collapse, there is actually a groundwork and accumulation.

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every day of adults is a battlefield, and we have no choice but to face it.

occasionally when someone asks, they will only smile and say "nothing". They are already used to it. They don't tell people the stories behind their emotions, and they even have to cover for their collapse.

when I was a child, I always expected to grow up one day so that I could make all my own decisions and make money and spend on my own.

Mom said: "when you work, you will know what is hard to eat and life is not easy."

at that time, I thought she must be exaggerating and scaring people, but when a person faced life, he suddenly realized that it was really like the lyrics: "it's easy to do homework, but it's hard to be a man."

the years did not let me live the life I wanted, but saw clearly how many pounds I had.

the world of adults, rents, credit card bills, children, parents, bad jobs, and chicken feathers in life.

there are no insurmountable hurdles in life, but there are always endless hurdles in life, one day after another.

it's not that I'm not tired, I'm just putting up with it.

Zhu Deyong has a cartoon called "when I jump off the 11th floor":

We are tired, but we can't stop; we suffer, but we can't avoid it.

when I jumped from the 11th floor, I saw the loving couple on the 10th floor fighting with each other.

saw the normally strong Peter on the ninth floor crying secretly.

I saw my sister on the eighth floor and found her fiance with her best friend.

saw Dan Dan on the seventh floor taking her antidepressants;

see that Ah Xi, who is unemployed on the sixth floor, still buys seven newspapers a day to look for a job.

saw the respected teacher Luo on the fifth floor stealing his wife's underwear.

saw Rose on the fourth floor break up with her boyfriend again.

saw that Uncle on the third floor is looking forward to someone visiting him every day.

before I jumped, I thought I was the unluckiest person in the world, but now I know that everyone has an unknown dilemma.

it turns out that there are so many beautiful things behind it that it is impossible to speak to outsiders.

No one in the world lives easily.

A young man on the subway nibbling at bread while holding back grievances and tears.

the girl who gets off work late at night goes to the subway with high heels.

A friend almost fainted with hypoglycemia on the subway the other day, but she told me with a smile and said:

"at that time, the first reaction was to put the phone in the bag as soon as possible. I was afraid that if I really got dizzy, I would lose a lot of money if I lost my phone. I didn't have the money to replace it."

I looked at her as if she were telling other people's stories, but there must be grievances in her unspoken subtext.

We try our best to live, but life always refuses to be kind to us for a long time.

I remember someone saying that people live to suffer. Otherwise, who do you think is born not to cry, but to laugh? Tribulations are always the norm.

after falling and getting up countless times, I finally understand that adults are more tired because they have to clean up the mess by themselves.

No one can stand behind them all the time, only themselves are the most reliable.

the adult world is not taken for granted.

if you want to tide over the difficulties, you can only grit your teeth and stick to it. If you want to have a superior life, you can only redouble your efforts. If you want not to be knocked down by life, you can only be strong.

there is a sentence in one hundred years of Solitude:

"We tend to walk in the ancient journey of life, running in ups and downs, Nirvana in setbacks, sorrow all over the body, pain floating all over the place. We are tired, but we can't stop; we suffer, but we can't avoid it. "

Life is hard, but everyone is trying to live. There is no happiness without suffering.

teach you a way: when you are depressed, you might as well make some achievements first, and then emphasize your feelings, and then you will find that the breeze comes after it is in full bloom.

when we come to the world, we can't take a trip in vain. Every rough sea is saving energy for a better future.

when you can't hold up, you can shout to yourself, "I'm so tired", but never admit in your heart that "I can't".

Life has only the past that cannot go back, and there is no present that cannot be passed.

the world is not worth it, but you are worth it. Life is short, and regret is more terrible than failure.

May you still have the courage and optimism to look up at the stars after going through hardships and bitterness, and may you have less insincerity in your life, have joy as soon as possible, and spend your life in a loving way.

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