Life is "nine but nothing", every sentence contains a secret!
Life is "nine but nothing", every sentence contains a secret!
Grasping the rhythm of life is the most important way to live a happy life.

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there is a ruler in life and a degree in being a man.

whether it is to be a person, to deal with the world, or to keep in good health, you all need to have a limit.

as the saying goes, if you go too far, you will only harm others and yourself if you ask for too much fulfillment.

I still remember that Jin Yong wrote in "Book and Sword, gratitude and Revenge":

"deep affection is not longevity, strong extreme is humiliating, modest gentleman, gentle and moist as jade."

in life, only those who do the right thing can live a good life.


not too angry

anger is inevitable when you are alive, but if you are often angry, you will become a slave to your emotions.

how many people will be so angry that they will tremble all over, their blood will countercurrent, and even feel their lungs explode with anger.

if you can't control your temper, it will only disturb your mind and hurt your body.

so, no matter how angry you are at the time and how angry you are now, don't vent your anger too much.

the body is your own, and having a good state of mind is the greatest protection for yourself.

as the Bible says, "he who is slow to anger is better than a brave man, and it is better to control his temper than to take a city."

be kind to yourself, starting with anger.


name is only sought

die by name, birds die by food!

there is nothing wrong with the world's pursuit of fame and wealth, but if fame and wealth is the only goal pursued in life, it is doomed to pay a higher price!

as the Tao Te Ching says, "if you love very much, you will spend a lot of money, and if you hide more, you will die."

I remember that the King of Chu Wei invited Zhuangzi to be his prime minister with a lot of money. In the face of such rich fame and wealth, Zhuangzi calmly refused. He said to the envoys who came to meet him:

"daughter is indeed a large amount of attractive wealth, and the position of minister can also be called a high and powerful position, but haven't you seen those used for sacrifice in the suburbs?

whenever they are carefully fed for many years, they will wear ornaments into the temple and can not escape the fate of being slaughtered. By that time, even if you want to be a pig rolling and playing in the mud, it will no longer be possible. "

if one can look down upon fame and wealth like Zhuangzi, life will be much happier!

Nietzsche said: "all troubles come from excessive desires."

Life is so short that there is no need to waste all your time on a false name. If you look down on everything, everything will suddenly become clear.


profit is but greed

I saw such a story on the Internet earlier.

A wealthy businessman lost control of his emotions after finding out that he had advanced cancer. He dropped money in the hospital aisle on the spot, crying and saying:

"the money I earned all my life, but now I can't save my life!"

the saddest thing in a man's life is to trade his life for money.

for the sake of the so-called high-quality life and his vanity, he sacrificed his health and lived a life of subverting black and white every day, making him almost crazy.

as everyone knows, money is not everything. It can buy food and drink, but not good days and good health.

A life of contentment will not be exhausted.

as the ancients said, "A gentleman loves money and takes it wisely."

Don't be too greedy, the choice is moderate, it is the best state of being.


clothes are not too warm

as the saying goes, "keep warm and think of lust."

it is easy for people not to make progress when they have no worries about food and clothing.

especially when food and clothing are warm, not only is the body's immune function easy to be idle due to over-reliance on the external environment, but its morale may also be affected.

so sometimes, properly allow yourself to "freeze" and maintain a "sense of dissatisfaction" can make people constantly alert.

"when you wear it to seven minutes of warmth, God will be at ease." that's what he said.

and from a health point of view, wearing too warm is easy to catch a cold, too cold is easy to catch cold.

GE Hong of the Eastern Jin Dynasty once said: "We do not want to be extremely warm in winter and cold in summer; if we do not lie under the stars, we will see our shoulders in sleepless days."

keeping clothes not too warm is the best maintenance for body and mind!


can't eat enough to eat

"not having enough to eat" means that you should not eat and drink too much. The body is at its best when it is seven points full.

as the saying goes, "there is often one-third hunger, and all diseases do not attack each other."

if you often overeat or overeat, it is not conducive to health.

the great poet Bai Juyi is a man of moderate diet.

on weekdays, he advocates that vegetarian food is light, that the meal is half full; although he likes to drink, he will never drink too much, and stop drinking until he is slightly tipsy.


Ming Franklin also said in his autobiography of Franklin:

"what I eat is very simple: often a piece of biscuit or a piece of bread, a handful of raisins or tarts bought from a bakery.

before they came back, I used the saved time to read and study.

usually, abstinence from diet can not only make people more clear-headed, but also think more agilely, so I have made great progress in my study. "

Life needs to be left blank, so does the stomach.

take one less bite and give it to the stomachIf you make a little space, there will be room for your soul.

this is the truth of everything in the world.

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but not safe

Life is rarely comfortable.

but in a leisurely life, you can't relax completely.

if you have requirements for yourself, pursuit of life, and expectations for the future, life will always go uphill.

otherwise life is like sailing against the current, not to advance or to fall behind.

once read such a story:

A young man mistakenly entered a space.

here, there is endless food and money.

he thought that this must be heaven, so he lived happily here.

until one day, he was tired of living such a life, and when he wanted to go out, he found that he couldn't find an exit.

then came a voice:

"do you think this is heaven? Actually, this is hell. It's easy to get in, but hard to leave. "

as a man, never indulge in comfort and muddle along. What can protect you from the wind and rain can also keep you from seeing the sun.

as the saying goes, "the banquet is safe and poisonous, so don't harbor it."

when you have more time for comfort, you naturally have less time to struggle, and people naturally become decadent.

only by making yourself stronger, can you really prop up the sky.


lazy but lazy

people can be lazy, but they must not be lazy.

because once laziness becomes a nature, they will only complain, depressed, and do nothing all day. Such people are doomed to accomplish nothing.

I still remember that someone once asked such a question on Zhihu: "what is a person who does not strive for progress?"

one of the answers tells the truth:

"the most unmotivated people are anxious about the status quo every day, but do not have the willpower to practice the determination to change themselves. It will always be hot for three minutes."

they are buried in the crowd in the most common identity, but they live the most miserable life. "

the most terrible thing about laziness is that it becomes a habit, and once it starts, it's easy to make excuses for yourself again and again until it becomes an ingrained behavior.

therefore, things should be embalmed and people should be careful not to be lazy.

the philosopher Kant once said: "True freedom is not self-control, but self-control." Self-discipline is freedom. "

when you put laziness aside, everything you want can be achieved through your own efforts.


not too happy

the journey of life, more or less, always goes through some great sorrows and joys.

but sad but sad, happy but not happy, it is a way of doing things when life steps into a leisurely state, and it is also a kind of state of mind extracted from the depths of time.

the highest state of being a man is to be indifferent and quiet, and there are no waves of joy.

the story of "Fan Jin Zhongju" at that time must be familiar to everyone.

Fan Jin, an impoverished veteran scholar, was painstakingly selling chickens for rice in the street when he suddenly learned that he had raised a man in high school.

the good news from the sky made the old man overjoyed. After shouting "I won", he went crazy on the spot and ran outside with his hair on the spot.

if the old father-in-law hadn't hurriedly slapped him, Fan Ju-ren, who had come through all his hardships, would have been extremely happy and sad, and would have been a poor madman for the rest of his life.

when you are alive, you still have to learn not to be happy with things and not to be sad with yourself.

as the saying goes, "Life is not up to me, happiness is not from my heart." as long as you have peace of mind, no matter where you go, no matter what happens, it will be a peaceful life.


work is not too tired

people often say, "I'm so busy, I'm exhausted!"

when a person is too busy to rest, eat or think, what's the difference between that and an emotionless machine?

what's more, there are times when the running machine breaks down day and night, not to mention flesh and blood.

so we can see the news of so-and-so's sudden death every three or five times, and we can also see that so-and-so is seriously ill or suddenly dies.

learn to work too hard in order to extricate yourself from the tedious life.

Cai Gentan says: "if life is too idle, don't try to steal it; if you are too busy, the truth will not be seen."

this tells us that people should not be too idle, but they should not be too busy. If they are too busy, they will be physically and mentally exhausted and prone to distortion.

the best state is a degree of relaxation between half busy and half idle.

grasping the rhythm of life is the most important way to live a happy life.