Life is a journey to pay off debts! (after watching the epiphany)
Life is a journey to pay off debts! (after watching the epiphany)
Treasure will have, Thanksgiving will be Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

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people in this life, will meet thousands of people, in these tens of millions of people, reaped a lot of unforgettable beauty.

meet parents, harvest the most selfless love in the world; meet dignitaries, get help and advice; meet friends, harvest sincere companionship …...

every encounter is a gift from heaven, and every kindness should be kept in mind and repaid in time.

as the saying goes, it is only natural to repay debts; if you receive favours from others, you should know and repay them.

how many favors you get, you must return how much you owe, so that you can have a clear conscience.

the grace of parental upbringing

some people say that the people we owe the most in our lives are our parents.

our lives are given by our parents;

We grow up healthily and are raised by our parents.

our parents' kindness to us is more important than Mount Tai, and it is worth our lifetime to repay it.

when we were young, our parents selflessly gave all their love to us;

when our parents grow old, we should also try our best to repay their love.

there is a saying in Xian Yu Jing:

"it is difficult to be kind-hearted and filial to support your parents."

filial piety to parents is the greatest blessing for children.

to tolerate the shortcomings of parents and take good care of their parents is to accumulate their own blessings and maintain their own merits.

you know, everyone will grow old one day, be kind to their parents, is it not to be kind to themselves?

filial piety to parents is to set an example for their children, and their children will be filial to you when they grow up.

it is said that the kindness of upbringing is greater than that of heaven, and filial piety comes first.

it is never too late to show filial piety to your parents; it is urgent to be kind to your parents!

Don't wait until the day when you want to raise your children, but don't wait for them to feel sorry that you owe them so much that you didn't pay more attention to them and cherish them.

people owe too much to their parents in this life. They give and ask for nothing in return. They give and ask for nothing.

as a child, you must repay your parents' love and kindness.

parents are old, be more patient with them and less impatient with them;

while your parents are still around, go home more often, accompany them more, fulfill your filial piety in time, and don't leave yourself any regrets.

the meaning of being promoted by dignitaries

there is a long way to go in life, and everyone will inevitably encounter some insurmountable difficulties.

whenever this time, you will see clearly the people around you, who is true and who is false.

there is a lot of disturbance in this world, it is easy to add icing on the cake, but it is hard to get help in adversity.

the most expensive thing in life is not wealth or status, but when you are deep down, there is a person who supports you and a light that illuminates you.

some people are nice to you because you are profitable, and when you have no use, you are bound to be kicked out.

some people treat you well, not because of anything else, but because they think you are worth it, so they are willing to lend a helping hand to you.

in life, those who are not good to us should stay away as soon as possible, and those who are good to us must be kind to us.

as the saying goes, the grace of dripping water is rewarded by Yongquan.

when we are in distress, those who reach out and give us a hand should be grateful and give them back in time.

after all, no one has an obligation to do so. Those who have helped us are all dignitaries on the road of life.

they will give us strength when we are helpless;

will show us the way when we are confused.

it is because of them that we are who we are today.

the feelings of dignitaries are true and sincere, which are worth keeping in mind for the rest of our lives.

the kindness of honorable people is the most profound, so you must remember to give back and cherish it with your heart.

everything in the world is mobile, to get goodwill, but also to pay goodwill, back and forth feelings, can be long-term.

Friends know each other

when people are alive, there are always many grievances that cannot be told to their families and pains that others do not understand.

there is no place to vent, no one to tell, but to bear and digest it silently.

sometimes, it's not tired or difficult, but so what?

everyone has their own sufferings, everyone has their own difficulties, and few people will really care about your inner feelings and are willing to listen to your complaints and share your worries.

most people, on the surface, are polite and talk about scenes at the dinner table;

as Bai Juyi said, "how many people can bend the fingers of those who know their hearts all their lives?"

in the world, not everyone has the opportunity to meet, let alone everyone will be like-minded with you.

people who don't understand you will not really know how you feel. They will just sit on the sidelines and throw stones at the bottom of a well.

only bosom friends are willing to understand you, trust you, stand by you unconditionally, and be your strongest backing.

like a sentence very much: mountains and rivers are not enough, the most important thing is to meet a bosom friend.

Life has a long way to go. With the company of a bosom friend, you won't be alone.

when tired, there areBody T-shirt; when aggrieved, someone comforts.

when you are happy, someone cheers; when you are down, you have someone to rely on.

if you can have a bosom friend in life, you can be lucky.

if you can have this luck, please cherish it.

you should not only remember the kindness of others to yourself, but also repay the sincerity of others with practical actions.

Life is a journey to pay off debts. If you get warmth, you must return it with sincerity, and if you get the truth, you want to return the truth.

in life, I often hear people sigh that it is so difficult and complicated to get along with others.

in fact, it is not. Between people, it is nothing more than a process of exchanging hearts for hearts.

Life is an echo. You will get what you give back, and you will get as much as you give.

knowing how to give back is a treasure to a beloved;

to repay gratitude is to attach importance to true feelings.

MiyazakiHayao has a saying, which is very good:

"meeting and knowing each other in the vast sea of people, no matter who will not be plain sailing, only a heart willing to give and know how to be grateful can have a lifetime of love and happiness."

Life is a journey to repay debts. When you get it, you must know how to repay it in time. Only by not procrastinating can the friendship continue.

you will have it only if you cherish it, and Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) if you are grateful.