Life, as long as it suits you
Life, as long as it suits you
​ remember not to live in the eyes of others, the most important thing is to make yourself satisfied.


A seeker felt very confused and didn't know what to do, so he went to consult the Taoist.

the Taoist asked him, "do you think it's better to have a piece of gold or a pile of mud?"

the Taoist asked him with a smile: "what if you are a seed?" The seeker suddenly realized and left with laughter.

Life is never absolutely good or bad. What suits you is the best.

No matter how elegant and gorgeous a dress is, if it doesn't fit and comfortable, it won't suit you;

A job, no matter how high the salary is, you are not interested in doing it, you do not have the ability to do it well, and you cannot achieve results, it will not be suitable for you.

only when a person is in the right environment and around the right person can he maximize his potential and live a comfortable life.

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Don't live in other people's eyes

everyone is just a drop of water in the sea, a grain of sand on the beach, others are not so important, so why care about what others think.

live here, not elsewhere; in your eyes, not in other people's mouths.

everyone has their own unique way of life, and everyone has their own wonderful life.

in Zhuangzi, there is a man named Shi Chengqi, a scholar who thinks he is knowledgeable. When he heard that others often praised Laozi's wisdom, he walked across mountains and rivers for more than a hundred days just to see him.

when he finally came to Laozi's house with great effort, he saw the house as messy as a rat hole, so he said to Laozi angrily:

"I often hear people praise you as a saint of great wisdom. You have come such a long way to visit you, only to find that it is too bad that you do not even clean the house."

Shi Chengqi then left angrily. I just saw him off with a smile on his face.

the next day Shi Chengqi felt that he was wrong and what he said went a little too far, so he came back to apologize to me.

then Laozi said calmly, "what does it matter if you call me a cow, a horse and a mouse?" If you say I'm a cow, am I? Whatever you say will not affect me, nor will it change me. "

Life is like drinking water, knowing whether it is cold or warm, you don't have to care too much about the eyes of others, life is just a process of pleasing yourself.

Life is only a few decades. If you still need to live against your own will and look at the faces of others during these decades, isn't it too painful?

remember not to live in the eyes of others, the most important thing is to make yourself satisfied.

Don't compare with others, be yourself

Zhuangzi said: "if the world is famous without persuasion, the whole world will not add to it."

the whole world thinks that I am doing well, and I am not more diligent; the whole world says that I am not doing well, and I am not depressed.

do not compare with others, try your best to shine.

once I saw a story about a poet and evening primrose.

there is a poet whose fame has greatly increased after he has written a lot of poems, but he is still unhappy.

because there is still a small part of his poems that have not been published, if others cannot see them, they will not be able to get their approval.

so he went to consult his Taoist friend, who smiled, pointed to a plant outside and said, "do you know what plant it is?"

the poet looked at it and said, "Night incense."

the Taoist said, "this plant is called nocturnal incense because it only blooms at night, and no one can notice it at night, so it blossoms just to please itself."

the poet was surprised: "please yourself?"

the Taoist said with a smile:

after hearing this, the poet suddenly enlightened.

We live in this world, not to compare with others, not to please others, but to be ourselves.

only by focusing on yourself can you find your own light and beauty in such a complicated world.

everyone has his own life in the world. No matter how good other people's life is, there is no need to envy it, because it may not be suitable for you; only a life that suits you is the best life.

Zhuangzi said: only communicate with the spirit of heaven and earth, but not in all things, do not judge right and wrong, in order to deal with the world.

No matter what kind of life you live, there will always be people pointing fingers at you; no matter what kind of person you are, there will always be someone who doesn't fit in with you. You might as well listen to your inner voice and live out the beauty of your life.

May you do not care about the opinions and opinions of others for the rest of your life, do not compare, do not fight, do not anger, live a good life.