Let's stop today's unhappiness.
Let's stop today's unhappiness.
The calmer the state of mind, the simpler life, the happier the talent will be.

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I saw a paragraph in my message yesterday:

"I don't know what's wrong with me. Perhaps it is too depressed, there is no way to adjust their negative emotions, that is, they will suddenly feel sad, and tears will fall as soon as they lower their heads. "

everyone has a time like this.

me, too. When I am unhappy, I will choose to go to the movies alone, choose the kind of shows where there are few people, and comedies can poke tears.

in fact, it is just an excuse to quietly vent the grievances and tiredness hidden in my heart. When I go out the door, I still have to cheer up and continue to face life.

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the world is always contradictory when you grow up.

We seem to have become a little numb, dealing with endless chores, dealing with constant communication, the tsunami in our hearts is unknown, on the contrary, we are always smiling lightly.

We seem to be more emotional than before, just in time to catch the bus, rain happened to bring an umbrella, a stranger's thank you, are happy enough for a long time, empathy, empathy, love those small small luck.

sometimes crying and laughing are normal, but don't forget that depression and depression will only torture you, and only the rationality and strength of your heart can help you sort out the complexity and confusion as soon as possible.

so, after facing up to those grinding emotions, we should come out of them gracefully.

patiently allow yourself to grow into an emotionally stable adult.

speaking of Yang Mi, many people

Love her to be calm and self-contained. Indeed, she is really a very strong person in her life.

once she said on a program, "Why should others understand your hard work?" It's hard for everyone.

that's true, she said. one's attitude towards difficulties is very important.

"you made a cut here today. If you think it's just a wound, it will be all right in two days." But if you think I'm hurt here, will it leave a scar in the future? will it be ugly? What if it becomes inflamed? will it be amputated? If you magnify infinitely, it will become a big wound that bothers you. "

emotional ups and downs are such a big wound.

Don't overestimate your place in the hearts of others, and don't underestimate your ability to withstand real life. Lower your expectations, keep growing, refuse to worry about yourself, let alone worry, and everything will be easier.

to put it bluntly, happiness and sense of security are all given to themselves.

as Rob White said:

"at any time, people should not be slaves to their own emotions, should not subject all actions to their own emotions, but should, in turn, control them."

inner strength and stability are really important.

I bought a knickknack some time ago and put it on the desk in the office with two words on it: meditation.

in fact, external reminders and a constantly strengthening good state of mind are the key to pulling yourself out of negative emotions.

my mother often reminds me to put a mirror in my heart, no matter what happens, look in the mirror, good or bad, ups and downs, let it happen in front of the mirror.

that is to say, jump out of the mood to see what is happening at the moment.

as a bystander to persuade yourself, it is not a matter of life or death, so as not to sulk with yourself, and there is no need to affect the good mood of the whole day because of a few minutes of unhappiness.

the vast majority of people's unhappiness are idle and imagined, so when you feel a little upset, you might as well get up and walk, or listen to a favorite cheerful song, or silently count from one to fifty in your mind. are very effective, immediate results.

blind comparison will only lose their own mood, think too much, can only lose their own life.

time is limited, life is rare, to be an emotionally stable adult, do not be guided by emotions, even if things are impetuous.

, the calmer the state of mind, the simpler life, the happier people will be.