Knowing to stop is a great wisdom.
Knowing to stop is a great wisdom.
Every day that you try to live well is a good day.

in the continuous flow of time, days are like the waters of the Yangtze River, day after day, month after month, year after year, never to return.

often in a trance, to look back on the past, only to know that in fact, has gone through life, seems to be very short, in fact a long way.

is also such a moment, inexplicably to time, there is more treasure, but also often afraid of too late.

people you don't have time to meet, things you don't have time to do, and sometimes you keep thinking and asking questions on your way forward.

because you are not sure, the so-called too late, exactly where to go, only then.

people often run forward almost recklessly when they are young.

because they always think that there are more things they want ahead, maybe they are a job to settle down, a companion who knows each other, or an ideal life in poetry and afar.

it is impossible for a person to live without desire, but people often lose themselves in desire.


you will find that many people already have enough things, but they are still unhappy.

and happiness is a very stubborn word. Maybe you can use money to buy short-term happiness, or you can use power to buy short-term vanity.

but you should never attempt to rely on any material luxury to buy true peace and calmness at the bottom of your heart.

the writer Leo Tolstoy once told a story.

God wants to reward a man with land.

so, let him go as far as he can from sunrise to sunset in a day, but one principle is that he must go back to where he started.

then the man just walked on, or even ran forward, thinking that he would get more land before sunset.

but just as the sun went down, he realized that he couldn't go back because he had gone too far.

and at last this man fell to the ground, and God said with regret, in fact, this is the land that a person really needs.

sometimes, knowing to stop is as important as knowing and doing.

it's just that there are too many moments, and we are easily seduced and held hostage by money, fame and fortune, so we keep chasing and asking for it.

it is not until we drown ourselves in the sea that we find that what we have spent all our lives of time and energy turns out to be a futile and empty possession.

in fact, for most people, all their pursuit of utilitarianism is not only for immediate survival, but also for fear and worry about the future.

therefore, being prepared in advance has become our only shield.

We have to keep planning for tomorrow in order to get some peace of mind and a little confidence and confidence against the unknown.

but in many moments, in this endless, even endless preparation, it is easy to overlook many of the really important things in life.

for example, some people try their best to earn money in order to prevent them from getting old and sick, or they may be trapped on the money bank.

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but in fact, there are so many hurdles in life that no matter how many Jinshan and Silver Mountains are used to fill them, it won't help.

of course, money can delay life, but it can not save life, because where life is used to save, its final outcome is to go straight to death.

the accumulation of matter can help us remove some of our worries and solve some of our difficulties, but we cannot attempt to cross all the shores by pulling only this straw and reins.

there is a sentence I particularly like: "I do not beg God to help me withstand all suffering, but I beg God to give me the courage and strength to face it."

be serious enough to work, live and love, but don't be held back by too much material and unknown.

because the fallen leaves of tomorrow will be swept tomorrow, and the ultimate goal and meaning of life is not to sweep the fallen leaves, but that we can bear it calmly even at the moment when the fallen leaves fall.

people have been running forward since they were born.

whether you want to stop or not, at least it won't stop for time, so we feel scared and flustered about it.

We try to make our lives better, or at least less bitter and difficult, in our limited lives.

but hardship and difficulty are the essence of life. You don't need to escape, and you can't escape.

since you have to be like Sisyphus every day, and you have to move the stone until the end of your life, you might as well calmly move this stone now and now.

then in the continuous uphill and downhill, enough to feel, to appreciate, even if a moment of pause and beauty.

A person can't muddle through this life, but he always has to work hard, fight and fight for the life he wants.

but one should not be too eager to live this life with quick success and instant benefits. after all, the so-called good life has never lived in any secular standard.

whether it's for the necessary survival or for a better life, every day you try to live well, every day you try to fall in love with, is a good day.

in terms of material desires, one knows what is enough and what is full, so that he can get more physical and mental freedom and freedom, and then he can have more spare time to become himself.