Just now, Li Zongsheng is 63 years old: from young to white, I finally understand these 8 songs
Just now, Li Zongsheng is 63 years old: from young to white, I finally understand these 8 songs
Everyone has his own song Li Zongsheng.

"since I can't keep my youth, I'll still be an uncle.


on July 19, 2021, Li Zongsheng celebrated his 63rd birthday.

the singer, who has cried for countless people, never returns on his way to bid farewell to his youth.

and we are no longer young when we grew up listening to his songs.

I have waded through the long river of time and tasted the hardships of life. I used to listen to Li Zongsheng's stories, but now I find out:

those simple and straightforward lyrics are also real life.

"people who race against themselves"

you seldom beat others

but this time you surpass yourself

although when you leave school

all people think that you will not be successful

you don't complain about it and give up.


this is a song written by Li Zongsheng to others, but he sings his own story.

for his dream of music, he carries gas to give gas to the company during the day and sings to others for free in the restaurant at night.

he has always been the one who raced against himself, and even if he could not see the finish line, he never thought of giving up.

browsing Zhihu some time ago, I saw a question: "the realization of the dream is a long way off, do you still want to stick to it?"

one of them replied: "many things do not persist only when there is hope, but only when they persist."

Xingguang does not ask the passers-by, time does not lose the dreamer.

only those who stick to their dreams can meet their dreams unexpectedly at some point.

as Li Zongsheng mentioned in his recollection:

"every city I have experienced in my life is connected, and every footprint I have tried is connected, and it has brought me to where I am today step by step."

"when love is a thing of the past"

Don't mention the past

Life has been full of ups and downs

even though the memory can't be erased

Love and hate are still in my heart


speaking of Li Zongsheng, I have to mention Lin Yilian.

the two came together because of this song, and when they broke up, they also ended with this song.

Li Zongsheng said in a divorce statement: "I wish you happiness and find what you want, what you think is worth it."

Lin Yilian replied, "We are all fine and have made some preparations for our own future."

they do not struggle or embarrass each other, but they are calm and open to each other.

there is a lyric that reads: "I love you without regret and respect the end of the story. Goodbye is to meet you."

it is a pleasure to meet you, even if it is sad and sad.

when feelings come to an end, choosing to let go is the last tenderness to each other.

"late marriage"

I never want to be single

but have a premonition of late marriage

I'm waiting

the only thing in the world that fits the soul


A few words express the feelings of many people and sing and cry countless people.

Marriage is everyone's freedom, but there are always some people who would rather have none than make do with it.

one day in May 1991, tie Ning braved the rain to visit Bing Xin.

"do you have a boyfriend?" Bing Xin asked.

"I haven't found it yet." Tie Ning answered.

"Don't look for it, you have to wait." Bing Xin told her.

so tie Ning really waited until she was 50 to get married.

she waited for the first half of her life in exchange for the happiness of the second half of her life. Although it was hard, it was worth it.

there is a good saying: "there is no age to marry, only feelings that should be married."

A low-quality marriage is not as good as a high-quality single.

there's nothing wrong with getting married late, as long as it's the right person, it's okay to meet later.

"New and Old songs"

I'm not afraid that you know

how stupid that former Xiao Li used to be

first worry about being useless

and then go to great lengths to think of surprises

wait until it seems to finally understand

it's too late


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Li Zongsheng often mentions his mother in his lyrics, but his father's name never appears.

this song is something he once had a chance to say but didn't say.

after the song went online, netizens wrote this comment:

"this is a newly written old song, and it is a worry that has been buried in the eldest brother's heart for many years.

this is a settlement letter that has never been sent, put it in the bottom of the drawer and wait for the time to come to understand.

this is the conversation that never happened between the eldest brother and his father, the eyes looking at each other from afar, the hands finally stretched out, and a long-lost hug. "

the relationship between many people and their father is just as Li Zongsheng wrote: one is silent and stern, the other is stubborn and silent.

when we are young, we always try desperately to prove ourselves.

when I seem to understand and understand the meaning of the word "father", I find that I have missed too much.

the third Sunday in June every year is a holiday for fathers.

while it's still here.And said to him, "Dad, I miss you."

"I am a little bird"

sometimes I feel like a little bird

No matter how you want to fly, you can't fly high

maybe one day I will rest on the branches and become the target of hunters

I flew to the blue sky to find myself helpless from now on


many people have heard the saying: "rely on your parents at home and your friends when you go out."

We used to rely on our parents and friends, but we later found out that our parents will grow old and our friends will not help us for the rest of our lives.

it is inevitable for everyone to "find themselves helpless" one day.

growing up is destined to be a lonely journey.

as the writer Martin said:

"every strong man has clenched his teeth for a period of time when there is no help, no support, no one to ask for warmth."

No one will always protect you from the wind and rain. If you don't want to be embarrassed in the wind and rain of life, you can only try to be your own eaves.

like a sentence very much: "if you want to grow up by yourself, one person is worth thousands of troops."


I'm leaving tomorrow

familiar places and you

to detach

my tears fall

I will remember your face

I will cherish the thoughts you give


every time this familiar song is played, countless pictures of differences come to mind.

once thought that friends, once acquainted with each other, is a lifetime.

now I understand that life is a process of constantly losing friends.

like a classmate at graduation, he swore to see you next time.

but later, because of busy work and different topics, contacts began to become less and less.

even the transcript of the last chat was still fixed on the greeting of the Spring Festival.

the distance between time and space makes them lose their familiarity and intimacy.

Zheng Zhan wrote in "eating alive": "breaking up partners is the norm of life, and we are no exception."

Life is a grand farewell.

but we do not need to regret, because farewell, is to better move forward.

"mortal songs"

you and I are both mortal

born in the world


Zhou Guoping once said: "all the extraordinary things in the world will eventually return to the ordinary, and their value should be measured by ordinary life."

many people try their best to get rid of mediocrity, only to find that mediocrity is the only answer.

I remember someone asked the painter Huang Yongyu, "what is your philosophy of life?"

Huang Yongyu replied, "ordinary."

the word "simple" has already revealed the true meaning of happiness.

the pain of the majority of the National people's Congress is because they compete with themselves and become enemies of the ordinary.

accepting the ordinary and learning to reconcile with the ordinary is the beginning of happiness.

"True Hero"

Don't experience wind and rain

how to see the rainbow

No one can casually succeed


many people admire Li Zongsheng's boundless scenery, but ignore the thorns and mud he has experienced along the way.

there is no casual success in this world.

behind all the splendor, there is the polishing of countless setbacks.

Li Ka-shing said: "if you want to live an ordinary life, you will encounter ordinary setbacks."

if you want to live the best life, you are bound to encounter the strongest harm.

the world is fair. If you want the best, it will give you the most pain. "

there are always people who complain that success comes too late, but they give up too early.